What is kick boxing?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by New Guy, Jun 8, 2005.

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    For Christ's sake...
    get the phone book and find a kickboxing gym and go down and observe a class... whatever anyone here tells you it's going to be 'general' at best... whatever gym you end up at may have a different regimen.
  2. Shadow boxing/shadow sparring:

    Throwing shots and combos by yourself against an imaginary opponent or in a mirrow.

    Basically, sparring/boxing with your "shadow" :)
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    Ok... maybe I should do that... but I can't untill July... sorry guys... just one more question, is a uniform usually required for training/join?
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    no, but for kickboxing you will probably want a pair of MT shorts or kickboxing pants. theywill probably expect you to buy some gear as well such as gloves and mouthguard
  5. It's random. If you're gonna train at an organised class, you could be made to wear all sorts.

    At a gym, just anything, but you will probably want to buy the club trousers or whatever they have.
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    I am a kickboxing instructor.

    Sparring is mandatory in my class. EVERYBODY SPARS no matter what skill level they are at. Sparring is the only way to learn your strengths/faults,
    and then the fighter can get training on the areas to improve.

    TNT Tommy :cool:
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    Thats a good line :D

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