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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Rand86, Sep 5, 2011.

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    ^ Yup, always nice to see one - even if it's belatedly. ;)
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    Ran "out and back" style - as much distance as possible in fifteen minutes, then see how long it takes me to get back. 21 minutes for a total of 36 minutes of running - a small break in-between notwithstanding.

    Unfortunately, my checkpoint failed to check out so I can at best guesstimate; but I'm pretty sure it was somewhat less than 4 km. Hey, what can I say - nowhere to go but up, right? :rolleyes:
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    is a good way of measuring how far you go on a run. There are other, similar, sites available if you don't like this one.
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    I actually used it in the past but it didn't like my previous browser. Gonna see how it works now...


    http://www.walkjogrun.net is the website I use.

    Just mapped out total distance and it adds up to 2,3 miles or 3,68 km. Meh, could've been worse, I guess.
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    Okay, before anyone places a call to the nearest mental asylum, here's what prompted the outburts:

    43 kg on both lifts!

    And I think I can safely load up the snatch a little bit further. Dunno if I will BUT it's always an option.


    43 kg on the dumbbell

    Clean and Jerk 6x1

    Snatch 2x1 (bear with me for a while)

    Goblet Squats 3x8 (just for t3h lulz)

    BW Circuit, five reps of each in 20:04

    A-yup, that's one more PB today. Chin-ups were 3/1/1 in rounds 4 and 5 but now I think it's only a matter of time before I get clean reps all across.

    I think it's high time I separated Church and State, so to speak. So starting next week I'll be working C'n'J on Monday and Snatch on Thursday, with a few sets of goblet squats thrown in to fix the iron deficit in my diet. Reps, sets and weight are up in the air but I REALLY need some squatting. Lunges just don't compare. Sorry guys.

    Off to have my dinner, and eagerly awaiting whatever snide remarks Fish of Doom will probably make on the subject. :p
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    30 minutes on exercise bike

    Resistance setting: 6/8

    Distance covered: 15,52 km

    Exercise bike may be just about the only machine worth the raw materials that went into making it.

    Wanted to cap it off by doing 100 push-ups for time in as few sets as possible, but I'll be damned if THAT'S gonna happen any time soon. Meh, there's still some hours left in the day.
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  7. nekoashi

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    I don't like cardio machines at all! I jog on the treadmill to warm up at the gym, but that is all I use them for.
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    I like the exercise bike for one very simple reason - when I improve on it, it shows on the real thing as well. Every other cardio machine, well... I don't have that much of an experience with them. And the treadmill reminds me uncomfortably of a hamster running in a wheel inside its cage. So no treadmill for me. :p
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    Don't get me wrong, I think a bike would do me well. Heck, any cardio machine would do me well and I should be doing some. But I just hate doing machine cardio, even the treadmill.
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    Meh. Exercise bike, rower, even stair-climber... I can understand. But treadmill? C'mon, everyone has some place to run on without playing the hamster.
  11. nekoashi

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    I only use the treadmill for 5 minutes to get my heart rate up, synovial fluid warm, etc. before lifting weights. I don't use it to for cardio, cause like you say, I could just go outside and run. For cardio I pretty much rely on kata in karate class and outside usually I go swim or jump rope.
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    Well, didn't get to go to class yet again. Family matters of the rather unpleasant variety got in the way.

    Some more astute readers may also notice that those 100 pushups for time didn't happen. Well, I got kinda ****ed off at myself so I decided to have one bonus workout this week

    Goblet Squats w/ 31 kg

    5x2-3-5-10 in 29:23

    Inspired by various bits and pieces from Dan John's writings and put together in such a fashion that I was ready to keel over during round four but was fine half an hour after the workout was over. All in all, not bad for a bonus quickie; I might make it a regular feature, if only because I could REALLY use more pushups.
  13. nekoashi

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    Hope the family stuff smooths out, we all go through rough patches. You probably need to work out even more! At least you got something done.:cool:
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    Turned out there was a capoeira group - albeit different than mine - a walking distance away from my house. "Was" is the operative word here, as it appears it has gone missing some time this summer, and no one has heard from it since.

    What with that, and a bout of cold looming over my head, I've postponed my workout and decided to do away with the circuit for today at least.

    Clean and Jerk w/ 43 kg 6x1

    Goblet Squats w/ 47 kg 10, 10, 8

    Suitcase Walks w/ 47 kg x5, across the room, switching hands after every pass.

    I might try and get the circuit done tomorrow, but seeing as how I'm going hiking on Thursday (yay!) I might be too busy packing. Oh well...
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    So the circuit never materialized, but I spent three days hauling my sorry butt up some absolutely beautiful mountains. Since I acted as a supervisor to a bunch of unruly teens I have nowhere near the number of photos I'd have like - but I'll be sure share some that I do.

    Depending on whether I can be bothered I might try to get some training done later today. If not, back to the swing of things on Monday it is.
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    Woohoo, got myself a bit of a cold of the "saps your strength" variety; today I got the dumbbell all the way up to "clean" then nearly dropped it on my foot trying to jerk it. Decided not to push my luck any more than necessary.

    So yeah, I'm having me some rest days. :rolleyes:
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    This is where you start eating cake :)
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    ^ You lie!
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    Had myself a bit of a lay-off and a think-through (the shelter's to the left, if anyone's interested; room enough for everyone), and decided to try something slightly different

    DB Snatch 6x2 w/ 41 kg

    Bulgarian Split Squat 3xAMAP w/33 kg (5, 5, 5)

    HeSPU/Neutral Grip Pull-Ups superset 3x3

    Kneeling Roll-outs 3xAMAP (10, 10, 10)

    Experimenting a bit where I probably shouldn't have, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Decided to lower the weight on the snatch, as I didn't feel up to 100% just yet; by contrast, upping the reps really got my heart rate up. If I keep the BSS up, I think I'll lower the weight a bit.

    The HeSPU/Pull-up thingy would've been better, but something just kept getting in the way. After the third interruption I said "screw it" and moved on to roll-outs. Gonna work it more, though. I forgot how much I liked headstand pushups. :love:

    Rollouts were just me seeing how many I can get. Quite happy about the score.

    Gonna do the circuit as a stand-alone workout tomorrow; might add a little something extra. Stay tuned.
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    I actually did the workout yesterday, but didn't have the energy to put it up here. Funny how that works.


    BS One-Arm Rows x5
    KTE Push-ups x5
    Cossack Squats x5
    Knee Jumps x5

    AMRAP in 30 minutes. 8 round plus rows.

    I was kinda concerned about the knee jumps as a substitute for tucks, but they worked out alright.

    Today I'm having myself a rest day, looking for some are that ISN'T especially sore, and failing. Life is good.

    The overall score could be better but oh, well.

    Also, my depth in cossack squats seems to be improving. Yay!

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