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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Rand86, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Rand86

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    Okay, let's get down to brass tacks.

    25 years old
    181 cm tall
    85 kg
    Fan of one-arm dumbbell lifts, sandbags, and bodyweight stuff. Capoeira practitioner, hooked beyond all hope.

    The title line is an excerpt from a quote from one of the greatest books (whew...) ever written - Frank Herbert's Dune:

    I'm pretty happy about my weight, which is about as low as I can go while not feeling like crap - any time I went lower, I ended up getting sick. My body composition could stand to be better though - which is kinda a given, considering that for the past six months capoeira was about all I did training wise. That I haven't ballooned out of proportion is really a testament to how physically demanding the training is - or to how poor I had been for the past half year. :rolleyes:

    I'm currently away from regular capoeira training, though I do practice the moves regularly throughout the day - think "grease the groove," except I don't call it such since Pavel's "Evil Russian" shtick makes me want to stab something. So I'm focusing on lifting and bodyweight stuff, with occasional conditioning session thrown in for spice.

    the plan of attack is two-fold:

    1. On the lifting front, I'm following an approach I figured some time ago worked quite well for me - I'm picking a weight I can do for, say, three reps, and doing as many sets as I can as fast as I can. Once I can hit ten sets I start timing them; once I can hit ten sets in as many minutes, I can confidently bump the weight up by a considerable amount. Presently I'm testing this theory with regards to singles. I'd like to hit 47 kg on both one-arm snatch and clean and press (or push-press or jerk; once I get it up, the rest will sort itself out) some time in the future.

    2. On the bodyweight front, I'm messing around with a variation of Chad Waterbury's PLP program:


    No, I'm not content to leave a good thing bloody well alone; I always tend to tinker with stuff.

    What I'm doing is to have a circuit that looks like this:

    Chin-ups x3
    Push-ups on blast straps x3
    Reverse Lunges x3
    Kneeling Roll-outs x3
    5 rounds for time.

    Any time I go through it - which will be probably around twice every week - I will try to add one rep across all exercises, hopefully working up to 10 reps of each for all five rounds.

    Today's workout was:

    41 kg on the DB

    Clean and Jerk 6x1
    Snatch 4x1

    The BW circuit, three reps of each. Just to make a crap day worse, my timer broke down on me around round four but I finished in around 10 minutes.

    I don't know yet how exactly will I partition each of my sessions; my schedule is still far from settled at the moment. Hopefully, I can get Monday/Thursday devoted to lifting/bw; then I could do a harder/longer conditioner on Tuesday (deck of cards, hill sprint session, distance run, the works) and have a shorter one on Friday before hopefully going to capoeira practice. I may have to settle for Monday/Wednesday , in which case it'd be something short but sweet on Tuesday - I can usually spare a 15-20 minutes without impeding my recovery much - and longer/harder one on Thursday. But I mostly tend to go by feel in regards to conditioning, so I can end up skipping a session here and there; quite frankly, I'd rather have the energy left for training cap.

    I can't really do much about cap at the moment - hopefully, I can make it back to my old school for the weekend training sessions; if not, there is another school within a driving distance and I may be able to make it there weekly. Solo practice, while important, will only get you so far - I'd rather get as much time in the roda as I reliably can.

    Feedback and such is more than welcome; a good talking to if I'm behind on my posting would be appreciated as well. ;)
  2. Seventh

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    Sweet, I'm doing the PLP program too. I'm thinking of adding onto it but for now I'm sticking with the original Anyways, nice of you to join us :D

    Another mapper converted :evil:
  3. Frodocious

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    Woohoo another log!

    I'd have had a nervous breakdown if my timer packed up during a session!

    I volunteer to give you a good talking to if you fall behind with your posting! :yeleyes: ;) :D
  4. Rand86

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    I had a log going on on another forum for a year straight - so I know the benefits of keeping myself accountable to a wider audience pretty well. ;)

    And you never know - someone may end up getting something out of it.
  5. Rand86

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    Luckily, there were no children within earshot!

    Just no Batman-appearing-behind-you kind of stuff. Please?
  6. robertmap

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    Hi 'Rand86',

    Got to say that I love "Mood's a thing for cattle" - It's been part of my personal training philosophy for well over 30 years, I don't remember exactly when I read Dune - but it was a loooooooong time ago.

    Yes there are days when you should listen to your mind or your body and if one or the other says "NO" then no it is but there are many many more times when you get off your butt get into the gym or dojo or whatever and (to use another line) Just Do It :)

    Good luck with your workouts !
  7. Frodocious

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    I'm lucky, my garage is isolated enough that I can swear to my heart's content when things go wrong (obviously, as a lady, I would never really swear :Angel:)

    I'll try, but I can't promise anything... :vanish:
  8. Rand86

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    This kinda reminds me...

    My group had Mestre Jogo de Dentro as a guest during a batizado this year. Just one more reason I'm ****ed off at myself for not attending it but I had things to take care of things that I'm glad to finally have put behind me.

    Now, the thing about Mestre Jogo de Dentro is that he is a HUGE guy. Apparently, he tops my 6' 4'' buddy by a good inch and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of well-muscled 230 pounds. And he's not exactly inconspicuous appearance-wise.

    And yet, a guy like that could come and go as he pleased and no-one had a clue where he was until he came back to give classes.

    Damn, but these angoleiros are a tricky bunch. :Angel:
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  9. dormindo

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    Good on you for starting the log, Rand. It's true that training capoeira with others is the ideal, but--as I'm sure you already know--you can always refine movement, invent and train various sequencias/combinations just to improve coordination, 'shadowbox', improve footwork, striking power, etc. The list goes on. Unfortunately, of course, time is finite.

    I think Frodo's ninja skills more than cover it, but I do have a rasteira waiting in case of infrequent posting. ;)


  10. Rand86

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    I tend to watch out for rasteiras - it's cabecadas I'm more worried about. Do unto others and all that stuff. ;)

    And you are correct, obviously, but the last time I've been out of training I found that, for all the improvement in technique from solo practice, it barely translated into the game itself. Amazing how having people move against you can cramp your style. :rolleyes:

    What worries me most is that my already not particularly stellar ability at takedowns will go out the window completely. It's the one aspect I REALLY want to be good at and I just don't see training it without a partner. I can't go around applying vingativa on random people, can I?

    Can I? :thinking:

    But hey, I ain't the one to whine about things beyond my ability to resolve. So I'll just do what I can and worry about the rest when the time comes.
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  11. Rand86

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    Wanted to do a spot on an exercise bike (oh, shut up...) but found the batteries in the timer ran out. Oh well...

    Minute Drills
    inspired by dormindo's warm-up. One man's warm-up - or approximation thereof - can be another man's conditioner.

    :30 burpees
    :30 mid-height ginga
    :30 l-r escalas (straight palm strikes) w/ sprawl
    :30 parallel position (balanco/cadeira/whatever) into negativa
    :30 jack-knife sit-ups
    :30 rest

    And here I thought about doing five rounds...

    My heart is racing. My lungs are burning. I have trouble catching my breath and my dinner feels like it's considering a trip upstairs.

    Sigh... I forgot how good it feels to be spent like that.

    I actually managed to maintain a proper guard all the way throughout the ginga portion which is good. Ecalas could be better - not enough hips in them for my taste. :p

    I wanted to do the negativa drill but then I realized I don't have the room to do it justice. This particular brilliant invention served me more than adequately, however.

    And no, I won't put my numbers out there. Too embarassed, sorry. Come to think about it, I could hardly keep track past round three anyway.
  12. dormindo

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    Good job. Keep it up, camara!


  13. Rand86

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    Rest day so far - for a given value of rest at least. I'm teaching at a public school, working with 10-13 year olds, so I'm getting heck of a workout just trying to keep them in line. But I don't mind; funny thing about kids - if you're nice to them most of the time, then when you tell them to stop doing something stupid or annoying they tend to listen.

    I'm just the tiniest bit sore from minute drills yesterday. Sigh... if I had a heavy bag I'd be slamming these escalas into it for all I'm worth. But hey, if wishes were fishes...

    Also, my knee was acting up a touch in the morning. I need to pay more attention on those negativas. Funny thing is, I never actually found the negativa to be particularly hard on my knees; then again, I was a HUGE pistols fan before taking up cap. Live and learn, eh?

    I have an idea for several sequences I might try out later. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Rand86

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    Sequences were worked. Sweat was shed. No track was kept though:

    Queixada (outside crescent kick) into a martelo (roundhouse);
    Various esquivas into a martelo;
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIipe05THLs]Queda batido[/ame] into a rasteira into a negativa with role into a closed au - repeat on the other side;
    Central guard, headbutts, cotoveladas, palm strikes - might have popped a few knees as well but can't remember;
    Standing rasteira with one leg, martelo with the other (I need to start using a chair for my rasteiras regularly);
    Ponte or what dormindo calls "role de banco" - I often do this movement just for fun, besides it always gets big whoops when a guy does it in the roda for some reason. :love: It's also crazy simple to follow up with a cabecada which automatically makes it aces in my book. :evil:
  15. Knight_Errant

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    see, capoiera just looks so much cooler than what I do...
  16. Rand86

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  17. Knight_Errant

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    Wado ryu.
  18. Rand86

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    I didn't really feel like training today but I figured that following my discussion with Bigmikey at "fixed reps" thread about the little steps and one rep more it wouldn't be right for me to bail out like that.

    Well, it turned out okay.

    41 kg on the dumbbell

    Clean and Jerk 8x1
    Snatch 8x1

    BW Circuit:

    5 rounds of 4 reps each in 15:03

    I struggled a bit on the last single of the snatch but felt like I could go on forever with the C&J. At some later date I may have to split the two apart in the interest of progressing further but for now I'm happy to have the two back to back.

    The circuit doesn't seem like much but it's a real ass-kicker, what with doing it on top of all that iron hoisting and trying move through exercises as fast as possible. I find it best to have a back-up plan in case something goes south, so if I fail to add reps all across, I'll just add them progressively - one round, or even one exercise at a time. It's all about the little steps after all. ;)

    Next time round I will time the lifting portion just to see how long it takes me. Today, the whole workout took around 50 minutes (I wrote down time at the start but not at the finish. Sometimes I'm just dumb like that. :bang: ).
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  19. Rand86

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    Sigh... once I finally decided to get my workout in there were suddenly a dozen things to do, not least among them doing a bit of translation for a friend. Hey, at least I'll be getting paid for that one.

    One-Arm Row on straps x5 l/r
    Cossack Squats x5 l/r
    KTE Pushups x5 l/r (changing sides each rep)
    Single Leg Curls x5 l/r

    AMRAP in 20 minutes.

    Got five rounds and the timer beeped as I finished squats in round 6. Still did the push-ups and the leg curls.

    Normally I do either tuck jumps or lateral jumps here but that may have been stretching the neighbors' goodwill a tad too far. Still a good workout. Funny thing about the circuits - it doesn't matter WHAT you do, as long as you do it hard and fast.

    Still, not impressed with my score here. I guess I'm still just the tiniest bit fatigued from yesterday's session. Oh well...
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  20. dormindo

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    It's all about the consistency, Rand. Keep it going.



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