Wec 34

Discussion in 'Fight Discussions' started by wazzabi, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. wazzabi

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    this was aired for free on cable. anybody watch it? the 2 main fights were amazing. WEC might be the minor league of the UFC, but they have the best fighter in the lighter weight classes that aren't in the UFC, featherweight and bantamweight. Urijah Faber seems unbeatable, taking out Jens Pulver, the only other guy who could beat him is Kid Yamamoto, but given Zuffa's stupid exclusive rules, i don't see this fight happening soon. Miguel Torres is pretty much unbeatable at bantamweight.
  2. narcsarge

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    Yep! Watched the whole event. The 2 title fights were marvelous. Non-stop action from the opening bell! Since the title of the thread does not have the word "spoiler" (and the spoiler tags on holiday) I won't say more on who won or who lost. The whole show was well done even if WEC is now like UFC's minor league. Good 2 hours of MMA for free and good fights. Can't complain at all...

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