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  1. psbn matt

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    does anyone know/or their instructors know what the 24 weapons in kuk sool acctualy are? i know a few. i.e
    sword/short sword/short,middle and long staff/chucks/trowing knives/archery/spear/fans/belt/cane/trident. but this is only 14! anyone know the other 10?
  2. KSW_123

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    Add axe and spear sword (wol do) to that list. I think the different disciplines of sword are counted seperately as well, so that give you two more; inverted sword and double long sword. The double jul bong is probably also counted seperately as well.

    I heard of a cool weapon from a hapkido guy that he said the ladies in the royal court used. They would tie a steel ball in their hair and use it to strike with. This guy had the technique done on him (by his instructor) and said it hurt like hell. I don't know if they were really used or not, but it sounds plausible, and definitely cool.
  3. JKN-Taylor

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    rope (Po Bak) - guess that's the same as "belt"
    3 sectioned staff (Sam Jul Bong)
    I seem to remember "Stone throwing" (?)
  4. KSWDragon

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    I did some rooting aroung and found these.....think thats all of them? I heard that on top of the 24 Royal Court weapons there were many more taught at higher master levels. Can't find any info though :confused:

    Bong (staff)
    Dahn Bong (short staff), Ssang Dahn Bong
    Joong Bong (Middle staff)
    Jang Bong (long staff)
    Jool Bong (rope staff - nunchaku), Ssahng Jool Bong
    Sam Jewel Bong (3-section staff)
    Gum (sword)
    Sang Gum (double sword)
    Yuk Gum (inverted sword)
    Jung Gum (straight sword)
    Ssahng Dan Guhm (Twin Short Swords)
    Too Gum (throwing knife)
    Dan Doh (knife)
    Gi Pang Ei (cane)
    Po Bak (rope)
    Bu Chae (fan)
    Chang (spear)
    Wol-Doh (crescent spear)
    Sam Chi Chang (3-point spear)
    Doh-Ki (ax)
    Too Suk (throwing stone)
    Korean archery
  5. Choiyoungwoo

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    24 weapons

    Consider this possibility

    The 24 weapons are the 18 shaolin weapons plus the 6 royal court weapons. Peasant weapons such as tonfa, Jool bong, and other farm tools are not included. remember there is no clear definition put forth as to what are "buddist" weapons. The borders of China / Korea are not always what they were.

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