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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by BGile, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. BGile

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    Thought I'd like to start a new thread regarding the life and times of Walter Godin.

    Chuck Liddell is a legend in the MMA UFC of today. He has been proud to display Walter Godin's name in his lineage, so I figure it is time to give the man his due...

    Anyone want to start?

    Regards, Gary
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  3. James Kovacich

    James Kovacich RENEGADE
    Former Hawaii boxer John Hackleman, center, was promoted
    to 10th-degree black belt and given the title of "professor'' during
    last night's ceremony at the Miramar Hotel in Waikiki. Presenting
    the certificate is professor Walter Godin, right, of Godin's Kempo-
    . Also receiving their 10th-degree black belts were Billy
    Takeuchi, left, and Delilah Luis. Hackleman is a kempo-
    karate instructor in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

    It appears he left his system to 3 of his students.
  4. BGile

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    Kenpofist good information, would you have known what akja mentioned before?

    Good stuff.

    I hope someone at the Chow Memorial will have some information about Walter. If he was given the title "Professor" by Chow he deserved it? I believe rank was not something he gave out if not deserved?

    GM Hackleman mentioned that Chuck Liddell still puts on a Gi and Belt and works out and has for about 16 years in his backyard. I don't know if it has been off and on but he still does it, Kool.

    When talking to him (GM) I got the feeling he is top dog at this point and time. But he did mention he disliked the politics.

    He mentioned train and that is what is important. Good idea. I like the fact that he use's the M in Kempo.

    That glitch has caused a real stir...

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  5. RevIV

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    I hope people keep this thread going, i would like to know more about this person and his training.
  6. BGile

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    I agree I hope we can discuss this and find out the knowledge he had and how come he was able to have a school for so long where others were unable to. Must have been good.

    Here is a question that I think is important. If you are in the lineage of a group and then get a promotion to a high rank by someone who is senior does that mean you should be forgotten by the other system?

    Sort of like the thought about women marrying into another family and the originator just writes um off, LOL. That has been the way of many women from the dawn of time. But not in Hawaii.

    I asked John about Walter not being mentioned in the lineage any more?
    His reason for not including Walter is because he was given his "Professa" rank by Chow???

    I do know that John has a disclaimer at the start of the Book about he was just the messenger and Sijo really is where all the information comes from. That should give you some hint.

    What is wrong with that picture?

  7. SifuJason

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    I think you are trying to stir up politics and issues where there are none. A book has finite space, and Professor Bishop's isfocused on people currently doing Kajukenbo (and those who did it until they passed away). Walter Godin has the respect of his Kajukenbo family, but he doesn't profess to teach it currently, so it isn't appropriate to have him featured in a finite book.
  8. BGile

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    Walter Godin is with his maker. Why he should have been featured. He should not be forgotten.

    That is the reason for this thread and nothing more.

  9. SifuJason

    SifuJason Valued Member

    Again, he went his separate way. Another book about the influence of Kajukenbo would an appropriate place to feature the late Mr. Godin.
  10. RevIV

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    lets not bring this into a Kaju thing, I am down the Prof. Godin lineage now with Prof. Kimo. I just want to know some more things about him. I have his old curriculum manuals and some journals. If Kaju does not recoginize what does that matter. Lets keep this a Prof. Godin thread and if Kaju people who knew him would like to help others learn more about him then that is great if not others will find this thread and tell us.
    In Peace
  11. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I agree, hopefully others will respond, about the late great Walter Godin.

    Jason your first post was what you knew, now you are changing your story why I want to talk about Walter Godin. I may be irritating more than just Kajukenbo people, it may be a sore spot for others also.

    I am truly interested in Walter Godin. His background, his Kempo and his life.
    Why I am doing this and following up with a visit to Chow Memorial and to San Luis Obisbo. To meet GM Hackleman, it is part of the research on the time frame of the 60's and what I was involved in with the school of John Leoning.
    I will be contacting Robert Conrad also, I am currently working on that angle.
    Along with some other things... But right now I am looking for those who want to add some information, and not argue with me about my motives.

  12. John Bishop

    John Bishop Valued Member

    I knew the man and liked him. I first met him around 92 in No. Calif., and also visited him at the Palama Settlement (Hawaii) school in 1995. He was an exceptional martial artist, and teacher. My very good friend Prof. Eugene Sedeno, was one of his early black belts.
    He had the opportunity to learn from some top notch instructors, Joe Emperado, Adriano Emperado, William Chow, Abraham "Brother Abe" Kamahoahoa.
    Brother Abe had the distinction of being both a senior black belt with William Chow and Adriano Emperado. And at a time when none of the Hawaiians would teach "Lua" to non-family members, Brother Abe taught it to a select few. Godin being one of the few.
    Godin did like many of the Hawaiians, in that he worked out with everyone he could. He always considered himself part of the Kajukenbo family. His system was Kajukenbo with some additions and modifications that he would call "Godin's Chinese Kempo".
    He received a 10th degree black belt from Professor Chow in Kempo. Like most of the Hawaiian's in the 70's, Godin also adopted the ke"m"po spelling. William Chow had adopted the ke"m"po spelling to differentiate his system from the Parker and Tracy systems of "American Kenpo".
    Like a lot of the Kajukenbo people (the Urquidez clan, Dennis Alexio, Cecil Peoples, ect) Godin got into kickboxing, at the trainer level. He had some very good kickboxers, John Hackleman being just one.
    Ed Parker loved to have competitions between teams of Hawaiians and mainlanders. Because of his relationship with Elvis Presley, Elvis would fund some of these events.
    Same thing happened when kick boxing (full contact karate at the time) was first getting started. They took a kickboxing team to Hawaii to fight a Hawaiian team in a tournament called the 1975 "World Series of Martial Arts".
    Well most of the Hawaiian Kajukenbo and kenpo people were smaller Filipinos or Asians, so they didn't have a black belt to fight the heavyweight division against Everett "Monster Man" Eddy. One of Godin's purple belts named Victor Raposa voluntered to fight the world rated heavyweight. Well Raposa won by a knockout.
    Jesse, if you want to learn more about Prof. Godin, I can put you in touch with some of his early students.
  13. SifuJason

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    Professor Bishop,

    You continue to impress me with the wealth of history knowledge you have.


    I didn't change my story at all. I was mistaken in assuming Godin was still with us; however, my point about his lack of significant inclusion in the book did not change at all.
  14. KempoFist

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    I still say my original reply to this thread was the most meaningful. No offense Mr. Bishop ;) :rolleyes:
  15. BGile

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    KenpoFist I did like your reply but it is one I have heard over and over. I am looking for some stuff and things, you have not in your crystal ball what I am after. John has an idea maybe.

    Jason you are incorrect again, and yes you were wrong before. As far as a book on the subject I figure that has to be written by other than who has been mentioned. GM Hackleman mentioned that Walter had some things started but it never got finished. Heck I figure the book John wrote had to be an extension of what Sijo was talking about years ago, but I am not sure. The disclaimer gave me a hint though.

    Jason again:
    You might want to sit around and wait for one (book) but I am not going to, I have a granddaughter about your age.

    Thanks John, for submitting something.

    Regards, Gary
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  16. BGile

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    Hi, I looked at your profile and followed it up with a view of your website, real nice stuff. You are showing a real nice tree, one to be proud of IMHO...

    I will say a thing or two about who you might contact. Sifu Eugene Sedeno, I think he will talk to you since you are both pretty similar in your background (but you might have already) and in the Kajukenbo group.

    I have talked to Sifu Eugene in the past, in reference to the Mitose association and Hanshi Bruce Juchnik. Sifu Rick Alemeny could be a good one also.

    I am not sure...but I would think they are both, still part of Hanshi Juchnik and the SKSKI.

    Regards, Gary
  17. RevIV

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    thank you very much. After i do a little more digging on my, I will take you up on this offer. This way when i make contact with these students i can at least have something behind the questions.
  18. SifuJason

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    Gary, please don't patronize me. I have been nothing but civil and attempted to provide a hypothesis other than a "grand conspiracy" for observations you had made, and being so rude is unwarranted.
  19. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I am sorry if you think I am patonizing you. To me it is just being honest.

    As far as a "grand conspiracy" I don't believe I am doing that either. So if I disagree with you regarding this, does not mean I am wrong, and you are right.

    By going to the Chow Memorial and discussing several of the topic's that we have been talking about of late, I still feel I am on the right path and will still continue to try and find out about the man and his life and art, his ups his downs that is what life is all about, I figure there are a few out there who just want his story to go away.

    Several things happened in Walters life that had huge impacts on him. First and foremost is he was there when Joe Emperado died (stabbed). Much has been mentioned about that. Second his problems with his ability to stay out of jail. That was mentioned also. Now since he is gone and his name lives on it is only appropriate to talk about him...IMHO

    To tell me my discussion should not be had and I should wait around for a book, tell's me quite a bit about your thought's, so I mentioned it.

    I have been as civil as it get's when you made a mistake and chastise me, then say you were not wrong but just pointing out that I needed to listen to another story until a book is published, regarding the accepted story that want's to be presented buy eliminating a person that was a major figure for about 50 years LOL....

    I am not sure what you already knew, but it was shown that you did not know Walter was dead. So you learned something. But still want to tell me not to go on with the discussion.

    That is fine with me, don't participate. Or better, don't expect me not to come back with my own thoughts. It is sort of like I saw at the Memorial yesterday regarding discussion and the Kajukenbo way...You touch me I touch you. Seems only fair.

    Blatantly obvious that party views are what makes a good solider. Sorry I have been there, and I prefer the truth. I have no reason not to want the truth and it will come out, whether you call it a conspiracy or not.

    Newspapers are sold for the story they tell, not the one that they cover up.

    Again, there is no bigger name right now in Kenpo than Walter Godin...Why? Because of Chuck Liddell and his teacher, and his teachers, teacher. Strike when the iron is hot is what I have read.

    Yes, it might look like I am digging for dirt, but I am not... I know all about it and am looking for what else he did, besides go to jail?

    Several people are said to be part of the group who made up the art for Kajukenbo. But one of them that was hailed as a founder, when he died not one person from the group showed up for his funeral, or so I have heard.

    Message sent to tell others, you had better stay in line or else you will be forgotten also...IMHO

    Freedom is a two edged sword, it cuts both ways.

    I am not trying to be rude to you, but you started it.

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  20. SifuJason

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    1) I don't have a party line, as I honestly don't know what the Kaju party line is. WHKD is very much a part of Kaju, but the politics don't always cross over.

    2) You are right that I didn't know Godin had passed away--this supports my point number 1.

    3) I was in no way saying the discussion shouldn't be had; rather I was merely suggesting the Prof. Bishop's decision not to include more on Godin was not maliciously political, but rather was a result of his book being focused on people who are still with Kaju or had been with Kaju actively when they passed. A whole other book (or 10) could be written on the people that grew up with Kaju and that Kaju directly influenced.

    4) I never chastised you. I simply suggested you stop looking for trouble/politics/"story-telling"/conspiracies where there aren't any.

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