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Discussion in 'Silat' started by khafra, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Noodlesoup

    Noodlesoup New Member

    Some Silat practitioners use Guna Guna (black magic) to become faster and stronger.

    Guna Guna involves the use of Krissen (a Kris is a dagger with a wavy blade). Most Silat practitioners don't want to have something to do with it, because the "gift" you receive has a "price".
  2. krys

    krys Valued Member

    There are better ways to become faster and stronger, true pesilats only use their faith in God's protection....
    I heard that some Balinese pesilats use "Black magic"......... I have doubts about it's efficiency, anyway this goes against our code of conduct....
  3. tang_sou_dao

    tang_sou_dao YoU cAnT sEe Me!

    ive heard of the kris, but the story i heard was that it shook every time something bad was about to happen and the owner of the knife could talk to crocadiles, but ive also heard of a story of a man who was challenged to a fight ny another silat guy and b4 they fought, the guy that was being challenged said, i will show u sumthing and if u can match it i will fight u. anyway he jumped like 2 storeys high or something. this could be bull@*%$ tho.
    my dad has experienced the thing u was tlkin about in point 1 where u can repeat a chant to call a dead spirit to enter ur body and it gives u speed, strength etc. but u have to be pure, e.g. like a strict muslim (and u had to be muslim) but that was about35 years ago.
  4. krys

    krys Valued Member

    This ("sorcery") goes against the teachings of Islam (and other religions as well), a strict muslim would never do that.....
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  5. tang_sou_dao

    tang_sou_dao YoU cAnT sEe Me!

    my dad isnt strict but he had to be when he wa a child. some saw it as ok tho
  6. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Ahh - devil's advocate time - but relabel the "sorcery" as "divine gifts" and you'll find that most religions have, at one time or another, had a place for it.

  7. krys

    krys Valued Member

    In the Philippines crocodiles are symbols of evil.... I also heard of the story of vibrating krisses in Indonesia-Malaysia, then you have the local enchanted puppets made to cast spells on your ennemy or the woman/man you want to marry...

    You are right pesilat, I was refereing of practices invoving "invocation" of (evil) spirits, dead warriors, charms .... this is found in some systems of Malaysia-Indonesia, in the filipino silat system I study it is more on religious rituals (kind of suffi practices) associated with qiqong...
  8. tang_sou_dao

    tang_sou_dao YoU cAnT sEe Me!

    yep, and little tiny baby spirits that u can buy that brings you money and it nicks things, but also whoever buys one meet very bad luck at one time. my dad is from singapore and i am familiar of everything being said, it is nice to know that others believe or have heard of this. most think its complete bull
  9. butterfly_knf

    butterfly_knf New Member

    Please remember that there are no such thing as Black & white magic

    All is neutral, the subject is the matter

    Actually, a pesilat HAS to be a faithful person. It is ital to his inner practice.
    But The Keris itself, has nothing to do with the magic. It is made by nature and sometimes through us, humans.

    Yes, there are spirits, genies, whateer you called it... but please do not comprehend it as a "magic".
    It's not.

    It'a a science of metaphysics. It came from God.

    But the practitioner was the one who lead it. It depends on the pesilat itself.
  10. krys

    krys Valued Member

    I was initiated to the inner practices of silat recently... The exercises I learned invoved dynamic tension exercises that have to be done while meditating-thinking of the creator...

    Other exercises I didn't learn yet involve calling "powers" while you keep postures and breath, a.o. the power of the dragon...I am a little confused by this as I dont know how it is possible to concile calling the power of this beast (dragon) and religion ..... I didn't ask my master because he didn't teach it to me yet, maybe somebody can answer me in the meantime.
  11. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    "power of the dragon" = "tenaga dalam" = "inner dragon"

    As far as I know, it's not really a religious thing. This is simply the term used to describe internal energy. Like the Chinese word "chi."

    I don't personally consider chi or tenaga dalam to be religious or against religion. But others may take a different view.

  12. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Ah that could be the meaning, tenaga dalam.... actually he mentioned also the power of electricity......I was just imagining a dragon like a crocodile....

    I once saw peoples getting in trance and behaving like animals, one of them a crocodile (pesilats of another system)... they fought each other like beasts.. at the end of the fight their GM had to slap them on nerve points in order to bring them back.....
  13. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    There are 2 types of "internal" training (We'll call it that for simplicity).

    One of them is the Tenaga Dalam, which incorporates the body's own energy and power, and harnessed via a series of tension & breathing exercises.

    The other is a more esoteric aspect, which "calls" upon other things for qualities such as speed, power, etc...

    An understanding of Indonesian culture is necessary to understand that they are very mystical people, and a lot of their practices have been incorporated into the many styles of Silat available. Over the years, these mystical aspects were interwoven with established religious practices, hence some of the things mentioned in this board. However, it is not necessary to partake in these disciplines in order to become a good Silat fighter.

  14. Fist Of Legend

    Fist Of Legend New Member

    I practice PS for quite some time now. What you guys are talking about(the black magic stuff) is true. But my guess is that you can only learn it in Indonesia self. But what I always say if you want to become faster and stronger, TRAIN. Hard and intensive training is all you can do, and if you believe in youreself you can accomplish a lot!
  15. krys

    krys Valued Member

    :) You can fight using only external methods but I think you will miss a lot of what the art could teach you...
  16. Fist Of Legend

    Fist Of Legend New Member

    a question

    I have been thinking about something I don't understand. I want to learn a meditation technique that gives you energy. I can meditate as long as I will, mostely one's a week I go to a forest and meditate there for about 3 hours to find inner peace. I got a lot of books about meditating but none of them has some kind of a technique for energy meditation. Can someone help me? thanx
  17. butterfly_knf

    butterfly_knf New Member

    Krys is right... there just might a miss in learning the art.

    But it doesn't really matter whether the time or place.
    What matters is how hard you trained yourself to diminished the lack of skills.
    Whoever said you can only learn it in Indonesia?
    You can always go back to India-- that's where it all start though
    :D well yeah- hehehe that's pretty far from here~~

    Every MA-st will eventually reach a certain point- a cross of path they had to choose. And it doesn't concern the place. When you do this (meditation) the spirit is all that gain control, so don't feel hopeless.. there's always a chance.

    And regarding the meditation of energy...??
    Hmm, I thought every meditation gives you energy--

    It doesn't only concern the mind but the inner being as well.
    Every meditation is connected to a levelled breathing process.
    And combined with the sub-conscious movement, each of this stage presents you with the opening of Chi, Kundalini, little by little.

    I doubt it that you received nothing from the peace you had in it.
    Maybe it doesn't seem to appear cos' you doesn't seem too feel it that way.
    It's a matter of realization, though- anyhow...I'm might be too young for this, I hope someone would give a more brighter explanation.

  18. Fist Of Legend

    Fist Of Legend New Member

    If I meditate I feel myself reborn yes. I feel energy flowthing within my body. But what I mean is a certain technique that can be used to get stronger and faster at that moment. I it exist...?
  19. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Well said butterfly_knf

    So you believe silat comes from India?
    Have you seen hindu silat?
    I know Bakti Negara is one of the balinese systems, but I was to busy visiting the island to look for it's pesilat's...
  20. butterfly_knf

    butterfly_knf New Member

    Ah no, Silat came from Java, but the origin of meditation was said to born in India. oc, there are theories that the Javanese culture create the respiration technic on their own. Still, if it's true... the actual concept is the same because it's meant to unified with the higher ground.

    And you mean meditation to create certain energy at once? It very possibly was like a hypnos to your own subconscious mind, either way, it's called Sugesti. I believe there's certain ways to do this, and if I'm not mistaken- you need to do several rituals in some lenght of time (including fasting)-- this is the old ways, just like the Buddhist though.

    The Javanese has renewed their methods by giving sesajen, etc...
    The point is, it is strongl concerned with your faith. It can be various form of how the power swallowed in and reacts to your body. Because when meditating, with the perfect stage of breathing and amount of "vanishing yourself", you controlled all the things that happens on your body. Including multiplying the activation strenght of human anatomy.

    And since it can be dangerous...
    If you had a good supervisor, you should ask more.

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