Upcoming absence from training

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Jaydub, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Whatever you do don't get on a train to Busan. :)
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  2. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Great movie :D
  3. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I took a train from Busan to Seoul in 2009 for a DMZ tour. I wish I was training back then. I also visited Okinawa during the same deployment.
  4. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I'm a 290 lb (~131kg) 35 year old (So definitely a fat 35 year old :D), and I train at a place that has pro fighters in Muay Thai & MMA.
    In my experience sports-oriented gyms/clubs (I've trained in 4) are very friendly.
    The only issue my age brings me is how frustratingly long it takes to heal from minor injuries.

    I think if you have passion & motivation to train, that everyone else will recognize that and you'll fit right in.
  5. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I just finished a class at Master Yoon's Hapkido School. Master Yoon was very welcoming and personable. I was almost a bit disappointed, as I take pride in my visiting etiquette (I even brushed up on my Korean terminology, and successfully fought the natural urge to say "OSU!") but he was very down to earth and it did not seem necessary. He seemed a bit surprised that I chose to wear a white belt instead of my brown Karate belt. I explained that I am brown belt in Karate, not Hapkido, and I always wear it while visiting other schools. He nodded, but I'm not really sure he understood.

    Anyway, the training was great. I worked up quite a sweat. We did some striking drills and small joint manipulation. It made me appreciate the general universality of the martial arts. While Hapkido's method of application may be a little different than I am used to, the principle is basically the same.

    All in all, it was a great class. Coincidentally, there was a student there who was also from my home town. I'm going introduce him to my Dojo when he's finished teaching English overseas. I thanked everyone afterwards and presented Master Yoon with a small donation for a training fee. In an unmarked envelope, of course.

    I am currently enjoying some Korean BBQ, and a bottle of Soju, while I post this. What a great way to cap off an amazing evening.
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  6. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    Does anyone have any Karate connections in the Kure/Hiroshima or Tokyo areas of Japan.

    I'm annoyed because I was supposed to take the train to Osaka from Kure and train at a Dojo associated with mine back home. I was as excited as I was to visit United MMA in Hawaii. Now, my work schedule has shifted, and that no longer appears to be an option (at least out of Kure). Maybe I can jump on the Shinkansen in Tokyo and head into Osaka.

    Like my experience in Korea, I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding a Karate Dojo in Japan.
  7. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I'll ask on our Twitter page for you.

    Edit. Done.
  8. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    So, I did manage to make it out to Osaka. Tonight, I trained at Seienjuku Dojo with Masataka Wakutsuki Sensei. A Japanese full-contact Karate class is quite the experience, and not for the feint of heart. After two gruelling hours, I was sweating buckets.

    As I said before, this Dojo is associated with mine back home. I actually met Wakutsuki before on one of his official visits. He split from the Yoshukai organization, with the blessing of Soke Yamamoto (founder of Yoshukai), to form Seienjuku. I was made to feel very welcome, which is a great change of pace from my experience with other Karate Dojos.

    Anyway, I'm almost home. I'll probably hit up United MMA one more time before returning to my Dojo back in Victoria, BC. Thanks again for all the advice and support. It made my deployment a little easier.
  9. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I'm going to be in San Francisco next month for Fleet Week. I've connected with a Dojo to visit while I'm there, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

    Out of curiosity, do any MAPers reside in the San Francisco area? Would anyone be interested in getting together for training and/or a couple pints?

    I've been known to frequent the Saloon and the Stinking Rose when I'm in town. Anyone from MAP is welcome to join me.
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  10. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    *Erronious post*
  11. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I had an excellent time in San Francisco. It's a beautiful city with friendly, welcoming people.

    I had a great class Saturday morning at World Oyama Dojo. Shihan Saito is an amazing instructor and was very welcoming. He was familiar with my organisation, as some Seienjuku fighters came from Japan to compete in their Fighter's Cup a few years back.

    It's a small world.
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  12. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I just finished a class at Seiyu Karate in Vancouver, B.C. The instructor, Shihan Tats Nakamura is a friend of my instructor in Victoria.

    It's always a great workout, and the people that train there are so friendly and welcoming. It's become kind of a Dojo away from home for me.

    I hope that they visit my city one day, so I can reciprocate on the incredible hospitality that they've shown me.
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  13. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I just finished a Catch Wrestling Class at HAVOC JKD in Calgary, Alberta. We learned some extremely effective grappling techniques. I can't thank Sifu Jay Cooper enough for taking me in. The students were great and the school has an awesome dynamic.

    Hannibal is an outstanding intsructor, and a great guy. I can't wait for JKD/Kali class on Friday!
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  14. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    It wad an absolute pleasure having yoy mate...I will show some fun stuff friday ;)
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  15. Hannibal

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  16. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    You know duplicate accounts are against the rules Hannibal? ;)

    Great to hear of MAPpers meeting up around the world :)
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  17. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    This is great thread, jay dub.
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  18. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Friday Fight Night! Was great having you here for the week @Jaydub 20180323_210741.jpg
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  19. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    Thanks again for having me. Friday class was awesome.

    Please let me know if you make it out to Victoria.
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  20. Jaydub

    Jaydub Valued Member

    I’m preparing to go back overseas again to a heavily-disputed area.

    Unfortunately, as a result of the Pandemic, there will likely be no opportunities to train in other schools while I am away.

    My plan is to just use this time to get in shape, and maybe hit the heavy bag a little while I focus on strength and conditioning.
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