UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2 - Fight Card *Spoilers*

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  1. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Event: UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2
    Date: August 28th, 2010
    Time: 10PM ET/7PM PT/3AM GMT
    Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

    UFC 118 brings us the long awaited rematch between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar for the lightweight belt. Also on the main card is the highly anticpated fight between Randy "The Natural" Couture and heavyweight boxer James "Lights Out" Toney


    Preliminary card
    Welterweight bout: Mike Pierce vs. Amilcar Alves
    Welterweight bout: Nick Osipczak vs. Greg Soto
    Middleweight bout: Dan Miller vs. John Salter

    Televised Preliminary card
    Lightweight bout: Andre Winner vs. Nik Lentz
    Lightweight bout: Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger[1][12]

    Main Event
    Welterweight bout: Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis
    Lightweight bout: Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard
    Middleweight bout: Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda
    Heavyweight bout: Randy Couture vs. James Toney
    Lightweight Championship bout: Frankie Edgar (c) vs. B.J. Penn
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  2. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    I'd be interested to hear people's picks for this, I'm especially looking forward to the Couture/Toney fight for sheer entertainment value.
  3. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    something doesnt seem right about the james toney fight. he claims to have been training for 9 months, but has said in interviews he's not worrying about the ground very much, because he believes he has the ko power to take guys out from his back. If he believes he has that kind of power, why would he train for 9 months. It just seems like the whole Billy the Jet routine. " pretend you dont know anything about this grappling stuff, when actually you've been training for years" I know tony's not a genious, but i just dont believe that he is gonna be that dumb. I really hope couture doenst underestimate him.
  4. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Toney is always going to have a punchers chance. He's been in the boxing game for ages and has always been a tough nut both in and out of the ring. Couture isn't any different he's been a top level athlete for most of his living days. Both know they can't underestimate each other. Their trainers both know this. I don't see Tony staying on his feet too long... reminds me of the early days of the UFC or Pride. Well looking forward to it.

    @ronimaster - Tony is well comfortable with his knockout power - he's been training for 9 months... so maybe he truly isn't that worried about the ground game or consequences of the fight going there. It wouldn't be the first time for a stand up striker to say he's not all that worried about the ground game... yet still spend time training it. This is nothing new at all.
  5. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    understood, but claiming to have enough power to knockout people from your back is very idiotic. at least on the pro level. not to mention the mechanics and force of a punch come from your proper footwork. Tony being a boxer should know this. So i think that he only saying this to make couture lower his guard.
  6. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Toney has nothing to lose in this fight and everything to gain. I think everyone is expecting Couture to win, and if he doesn't I think it will be quite the upset (and possibly a reality check for a lot of the UFC fanboys who irritate me a lot). It's not impossible that he could loose, if Toney catches him with a good punch and stuns him, it could be all over very quickly after that.

    I'm still rooting for Couture though :D BJ Penn's getting his belt back too I reckon.
  7. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    I have a nagging feeling Toney will win. I haven't seen many of Couture's fights so whats his shooting like? I've known him mainly to clinch and I imagine Toney has good power in dirty boxing.

    Other than that i forgot all about ufc so thanks for reminding me this should be a good night. Kind of bummed Marquardt got pulled off the Maia fight though
  8. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    Coulture's main expertise was in Greco-Roman which uses upperbody takedowns so he doens't tend to shoot that much. What he does do is press guys up against the cage and then take them down with singles, doubles or body locks. And he's very very good at doing that.

    As you say Toney prob does have good power for dirty boxing but thats an area Randy is also very good in. And I think if Toney starts thinking too much about landing shots in the clinch he'll find himself slammed onto his back if he's not careful.

    Having said all that Randy is not young. His stand up isn't what it was a few years ago and Toney is definitely dangerous, if he can land something early on it could change everything.

    I don't usually bet I'm very tempted to put a tenner on Toney at 5-1...
  9. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    If I could bet I'd consider it but hopefully toney will come out swinging and get taken down but I am getting nervous about this one :p

    thanks for the info dude
  10. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    This is also being fought at catchweight, Toney is substantial heavier than Couture, by about 17lb I think. That could make taking him down harder, but if Randy is used to taking down heavyweights maybe not.

    I'm really looking forward to this fight :D
  11. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Couture would of taken Brock down if he didn't grab the fence though and Brock's a far superior wrestler to tony
  12. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    What weight is it being faught at? Is it basically at open weight? Its a good point, cos Randy is really a LHW these days. Even against Brock he was only 220ish.

    I ended up putting a fiver on Toney to win, a fiver on their fight going the distance (14 to 1! and I think it could easily happen) and a fiver on Maia getting the fastest sub of the night (5-1).

    Hopefully at least one of those will come through!
  13. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Were there odds on couture getting fastest sub?
  14. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Randy weighed in a 220lb with his jeans on, and Toney weighed in at 237lb in his boxers

    The weigh-in is here. You may want to avert your eyes at around 0.49 lol

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU7CcEUS-5g"]YouTube- UFC 118 weigh in Randy Couture vs James Toney[/ame]
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  15. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    There were but they seem to have taken them down now, must be too near the event, think it was about 2-1.....yeah....thinking about it......:rolleyes: might not have been a bad shout lol
  16. GracieFan

    GracieFan Valued Member

    There's been a ton of talk that if Toney wins, it somehow subverts the entire sport of MMA.

    Bull, IMO.

    Toney has a puncher's chance, but he weighed in looking like a marshmallow.
    Plus if the Countdown show's any indication, he didn't even bring any grappling coaches in, just a "defense tactics" trainer.

    I want Randy to win just so we can see the humble, respectful fighter silence the punch-drunk braggart.
  17. Kwan Jang

    Kwan Jang Valued Member

    I would greatly prefer Randy to win and favor him realistically. However, Randy's weakness has been good counter punchers and Toney is on a whole other level from the guys Randy has faced in the past. Remember that Chuck Liddell basically ran Randy out of the light-heavy division and as a striker, Chuck was barely able to crack the top ten in ISKA and K-1 kickboxing. Toney might surprise a lot of people.
  18. GracieFan

    GracieFan Valued Member

    **********************SPOILER ALERT!********************
    He did it! The Natural choked him out in 3:19!

    Toney couldn't even tap properly! He just waved at the ref to show he was finished!
  19. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Spoiler button not working on my playstation so I'll just say what a night! Any thoughts I had of sleeping just went bye bye
  20. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Come on guys... use your spoiler tags. Seriously. Stop mucking up threads because you can't figure it out or are too lazy. Spoiler tags please!

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