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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Judderman, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Judderman

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    There are many different ways that robberies occur, however they can be broken down into 4 types:

    BlitzViolence is used to overwhelm, stun or control the victim prior to the removal of any property or prior to any demands to hand over property. Violence is the first point of contact between the victim and the suspect. There is no prior verbal exchange between victim and offender, though threats and abuse may follow the initial assault.

    Confrontation A demand for property or possessions is the initial point of contact between the victim and offender, e.g. ”Give me your money and your mobile phone.” This may be followed through with threats and on occasion with force.

    Con The suspect ”cons” the victim into some form of interaction. This typically takes the form of some spurious conversation, e.g. ”Have you got a light/the time mate?” This is the initial approach to the victim regardless of how the robbery subsequently develops.

    Snatch Property is grabbed from the victim without prior demand, threats or physical force. This is the initial contact between the victim and the suspect. Physical force is used to snatch property from the victim, which is nearly always on display, e.g. handbag. There is no physical search of the victim by the suspect.

    What do you think you would do in each situation? Have you come across any other methods not described above?
  2. Scarlet Mist

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    Yes, I have come across other methods ... a particular popular one is the "roll up, hop out of car, but Desert Eagle to back of victim's skull and blow four therein" ... of course you'd have to be in drugs to have that happen to you.

    There's also the gun to the back of the head followed by the demand "what do you have for me" or does that fall under confrontation.
  3. Nrv4evr

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    blitz - react as quickly as possible, and attack the weak spots

    confront - talk my way out, or if he's armed, give him the stuff. that's why it's best to take no more than 30$ with you when going out in a dangerous part of town

    con - be on guard, give him the actual lighter, not do it for him, etc.

    snatch - tackle him, watch for weapons, and call for help.
  4. Kagebushi

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    blitz- fight for your life. for all you know, it is for your life.

    confrontation- one thing ive heard on here several times is to carry a dummy wallet with 10 pounds or dollars(depending on your loc) and expired credit cards and license, and give that to him. if he wants you to go somewhere, dont. it means he wants more than items. he could just as easily rob you where you are.

    con- dont let anyone you dont know within arm's reach unless you have witnesses all around who are likely to help and/or call for help. even then, keep an eye on what he does and your surroundings. its just as likely that he's holding your attention for the guy behind you.

    snatch- tie everything down. wear a wallet chain. if you have a purse, use a strong shoulder strap and run it through a belt loop. if he decides to run, let him. if he doesnt, treat it like situation #1
  5. Judderman

    Judderman 'Ello darlin'

    I've wondered about the dummy wallet. I'm not sure a criminal would be convinced if you calmly hand over a wallet and walk away.

    Don't forget that, with the exception of Blitz, the methods used are descibing the first contact between criminal and victim. It does not mean that further violence may or may not occur. In addition to this an element of surprise is key. Most if not all the attacks will come from a direction of your own weakness, be that physical (eg behind you) or psychological (intimidation or distraction)
  6. budogirl

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    About 5 years ago I was mugged (didn't do MA then). This is what happened:
    I am at a bus stop under a railway bridge about 5am in April (it's still dark) waiting for a bus to go to work. I have a heavy hold-all bag which has my work uniform and equipment in. I have one five pound note in my purse and coins for the bus in my coat pocket. There is no one else around which I find unusual as normally there are some regulars at the bus stop. I am tired, still half asleep and thoughtlessly, put my bag on the floor next to my feet. A short while later I see a young man walk past me up the street - I tense, glance at him as he passes and relax again.
    The next thing I know, he's crept up behind me, bends down and picks up my bag. I am shocked and surprised. As I live alone and it is so early in the morning, I have not used my voice and spoken to anyone since waking up. I say, in a bizarre deep voice (must be the adrenaline/ shock) "Give me my bag back". I have stepped away from him to create space but he's still there and says "Give me your other bag", looking at me, thinking I must have a handbag as well. I put up my hands and show I have nothing else and say "I haven't got another bag - give me my bag back". I don't feel a threat of violence from him. The situation reminds me of when a school bully steals your hat or bag in the playground and I keep asking for it back. Then he runs off up the road.

    What I personally learnt from this snatch and then confrontation robbery is:
    Keep money/ house keys separate from main possession
    Don't drop your guard no matter how tired you are/ how familiar the surroundings are
    Don't bother fighting for possessions unless there is a physical attack
    Don't leave your bag by your feet
    Don't live in Hackney, East London or work unsociable shifts

    With regard to people asking for the time/ a cigarette/ light in the street, I always say "No - I don't have the time/ don't smoke/ haven't got a light" and keep walking. I know that is kind of rude and unhelpful to genuine requests but that's too bad.

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