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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Kobela, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I'm currently involved in a motor vehicle accident dispute. In the accident I sustained an injury which required surgery. It didn't heal well. After a lengthy attempt at recovery (well over a year) I resumed limited training, always being careful of the injury. The other side (in the dispute) is critical of this resumption in training. I am being vague here on purpose because I'm NOT looking for legal advice or comparison to any other legal situation. What I am looking for are experiences of others who continue to train in (whatever) martial art style who must do so while avoiding injury to a body part that is already compromised. Thank you.
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    Train Smart

    I have personally seen MA training do wonders in terms of rehab for an injury. You know your body better than anyone. Do what is comfortable to start. Gradually increase your intensity as you heal. You didn't give specifics on your injury so it's difficult to give specific advice. Let common sense be your guide and don't let fear prevent you from pushing yourself when appropriate. Best of luck to you.
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    I agree with you BentMonk
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    About 8 years ago i crashed my motorcycle (still ride though:evil:) and was told i'd never walk properly without the aid of crutches and after years of physio and just plain stubborn determination walked un aided back into my old training hall ,now dont get me wrong i really have to think about the technique i'm about to do in case i land the wrong way and i look kinda funny with all the ankle straps and leg brace but i wouldn't give it up for quids.
    If you truly love M.A you'll find a way
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    OOH RAH!!!

    OOH RAH!!! :evil:

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