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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Kiai Carita, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Sekaralas

    Sekaralas New Member

    No problem with me :Angel: . As far as I could tell there was no attack from Adik Kiai or me to begin with.

    GS, if your wife is from Blitar, did you also learn a style from Blitar?

    My ancestral home is between Ngawi and Sragen, not too far from Bengawan Solo ... on the foothills of Gunung Lawu :D .
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  2. silatliam

    silatliam Valued Member


    So now I'm a bully kiai I'm sure the silat moderator would have a few things to say about that. He is very albe to make up his mind on his own. That was a very silly and stupid remark. There are certain rules and ways of behaviour which people need to behave in and if you cant seem to understand them. That was why you were told off by the moderator. I dont force students to do anything. This thankfully is a free world and in places like this in Europe , USA and even now in East Timor we dont have to obey the word of Kiai (the almighty)
    I have read your reply and to be honest not sure what you on about
    1) if you here working in the Uk you are here for encomics reasons full stop.
    2) so you did contact people on this forum and use it to sell your goods !
    3) Kiai come on now, we know how many people turn up at the reharesal and the event itself. Dont say a great many when they wernt. What is your version of pleading / begging
    4) is ok at least thats honest.

    I have said in the past and will say again. We have never started any attack on any of these threads, you have very smartly sat behind a computer and made sniping attacks and try to belittle us. There are many truths and beliefs and for some reasons you keep going for us, either we dont buys goods of you, or you some beef with us, or you acting as spokeman for your friends Jeff and Gorka, but for what ever reason I will stand up to you. Any person on these threads who has a different view than you, you attack . Than you claim Im a bully. I have no interest in anything you say as what you talk about doesnt interest me. I dont make people go to my classes or seminars I teach and if people join they welcome. We dont have time to go on forums to write all day and translate poems. If you into that thats fine, when you doing that Im teaching, we have lots of articles on our website, we have a monthly column in Combat, so dont start on us saying we should write more on these forums.

    Kiai stop using these forums for your own needs and glory, and there never would have been so many attackes on you. When you belittle a teacher who you never met and belittle his work, than you stirring up a hornet nest. Silat is not a muslim art nor is it a christian art its a human art. If Indonesian are unhappy with the way westerners art teaching it' trhan let them come and do it them selves. But to be honest most of the problems these guys have is that they not getting a cut of the cake as we say. I have train with many Indonesian and Malay and never had a problem with training under them, nor did they have with me. I trust my teachers, I trust God to stearing me in the right directions. I have good students who are skilled warriors. We are only one version Silat and any one reading this can go to who ever they want and learn from them. Silat belongs to the world and its only sour grapes by you if you jealous of how the art had develop in the western world for each generations bring its knowledge and flavouring to silat as its blends

  3. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    You know what guys, I'm sick of logging in here to see nothing but bitching, and bickering in the forum I longed to be a part of, and was overjoyed to be ASKED to moderate, yes, asked, it was an honour to be choosen to help spread the good views of Silat, but is that what you do here? No, you make it a farce, a shambles, and overall is it any damn wonder the likes of the mma guys laugh at us. We bicker and complain like kids in the playground instead of training, and sharing.

    If the whining and harping on over old ground does not stop, I swear to every god known to man, I will do my damnest to get the admins to remove the silat forum all together.

    I'm not locking threads, nor am I advocating banning people, but I'll do my best to shut the whole show down.

    Kiai: STOP IT NOW! You know what your, doing, I know what your doing, we all bloody know what your doing, its not big, and its sure as hell not clever - your about as mysterious as a glass bowl - so stop it.

    SilatLiam: You are correct, you are not a bully, I am a free man, with my own opinions, and my own beliefs (which are mine). Thank you for your pm, and I will try to come up with a response...
  4. Sekaralas

    Sekaralas New Member

    To Liam,
    It is sad that there is so much mis-communication, and I feel compelled to defend.

    I have known Kiai for many years, and he is not how you portray him. He is a man of honour and integrity.

    To clear some things up.

    *He IS NOT in the UK for economic reasons. Yes ... he has to support himself while in the UK ... but that is not the REASON he is in the UK. The reasons are complex and personal.

    *He practices silat as part of his seni. He is the quinessential dalang, but typically you view silat through an extremely narrow lense. You think silat is only physical? Has he ever said that his silat was for fighting?
    One day maybe you can show me your wonderful indefensible throws?

    Sarge, I beg your pardon, I was not aware that I couldn't post in a different language on this forum.

    However, I feel that I waste my time in a place that preaches impartiality but doesn't have the beginning of a clue on how to practice it, nor is interested in well translated material which could provide additional insight in the art you profess to love.

  5. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    you see that little red X in the top right corner ..... see ya later. Dont let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out
  6. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    This thread's gone SO far past its usefulness, usefulness is just a dot on the horizon.

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