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    Exercise 1 - Squat Thrusts - 15lb dumbells
    Exercise 2 - 24 inch box step ups

    3x3min rnds :)30 break) - Heavy Bag Work, focusing on high intensity sparring mindset/punching.

    8x2 min rnds :)20 break) - Alternate every round

    4 rnds - Bag work - focus on consecutive, single arm punches. 2 rnds right arm only, 2 rnds lead arm only.

    4 rnds - Rope skipping

    2x2 min rnds :)30 break) - Arm Circles of death and suck for shoulder endurance.


    This will be my last post in this Training Log. My training is starting to get a lot more serious and there is a lot I'm not logging down in this thread because it's so cluttered and has no real format to it. New training log is going to keep track of my heart rate, pedometer program, and fitness vs. boxing training and specific goals I intend to reach every week/biweek.
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    The new training log can be found here.
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