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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by gemtkd, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    well no baby yet and I'm due Thursday. I'm really feeling it in my pelvis, I'm pretty sure the amount of pain I'm getting isn't normal but doc, nurse and midwives are pretty dismissive. I need things to move now like!!!
  2. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Don't take any rubbish off them Gem! Trust your instincts and don't let them just dismiss out of hand any concerns you have!

    All the best.
  3. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    It's really hard, at one point I went to the hospital every day and still no help!!

    After I've had this child, IF I have another I am going to no hospital!! I'm going alternative and will have a home birth.

    It's really getting to me. I honestly feel like when I attempt to give birth my hips are going to split!! No one here will help me, I'm not even sure if I'll be able to train after, cos' I seriously doubt all this pain and discomfort will go away after
  4. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about all the pain!! Have you looked into Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)? I have a friend who had it really bad with her last pg (lasted several months postpartum too) and had some issues with it earlier in her current pg (until baby dropped). She had chiropractic adjustments the first time after baby was born. This time she used a cane and avoided stairs (avoiding the stairs really seemed to reduce the amount of pain she had). Unfortunately nothing was completely effective though.

    There are pain meds available and I'm wondering if a steroid shot might help.

    Some discomfort is normal; out-right pain is not. I hope you're able to get relief soon; I wish I had some suggestions!

  5. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I think it might be that SPD. But who knows, Was due on Thursday so hopefully will go soon!! Then it might ease up a bit
  6. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    grrrr!! No baby yet!! as of this morning been throwing up a lot though, so could be a sign though not sure!! Seeing the midwife this afternoon, so she might give me a date for induction!!
  7. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!

    Hot Bath, Hot curry and Hot <removed>.

    not necessarily in that order.

    best of luck when it happens.
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  8. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    Well I went to the midwife this afternoon, I have a date for a scan then induction. My bishop's score is only 4 and I had a membrane sweep!! I still don't think I'm going to go in to labour anytime soon!!
  9. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I've been waiting to hear the news Gem!!!

    Well if you had a membrane sweep you can go into labor anytime within 48 hours so you never know!

    I had 2 inductions with my first 2 children ... and they are stubborn to this day!!! LOL
  10. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    well anything else you can think of to get things going let me know as I will try anything!!
  11. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Well, in that case.....enjoy your last days of childlessness :D

    .... and don't stay at home wondering whether you can feel anything happening just get out of the house-- but not too far!
  12. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    Hey Gem, I hope the sweep helps! Two herbs that might assist are Goldenseal and Blue Cohosh but you need to be careful with both since they can be over done.

    I don't like recommending herbs since one should have a certain amount of knowledge before using them (I've used both of the above herbs under my midwife's supervision in the past and only after looking into them myself).

    My experience with them has been under different circumstances (baby died...tried to induce miscarriage but it didn't work and I had to be induced in the hospital). So I have no idea how they would have worked had I been full term/overdue.

    Anyway, I figured since you're nearing an induction it's worth mentioning.

  13. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I tried to get blue cohosh but can't seem to find it. I've found black cohosh everywhere. What's goldenseal? I've never heard of it
  14. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I wouldn't touch goldenseal without talking with a doctor or VERY WELL-QUALIFIED herbalist.

    It's sold in herbal stuff all over the place, I think it's supposed to help immunity. What they don't warn is that it can also be an abortifacent.
  15. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I know I sound dumb, but what does abortifacent mean? I had a look and it doesn't look easy to get a hold of over here anyway!!
  16. ember

    ember Valued Member

    The spelling might be wrong. It's something that at 17 weeks I am going nowhere near. I don't know exactly what mechanism Golden Seal uses, whether it induces labor or something else.
  17. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    It's true that Goldenseal should not be used prior to your due date because it may induce labor. But at this point in your pg Gem, obviously that's what you want since you're facing a medical induction.

    Goldenseal is used as an immune system stimulant. The reason it can "induce" labor is because of the alkaloid component. It acts as a uterine irritant/stimulant (which is what many labor inducing medications do) and causes contractions in some women. It's action is not to harm the baby and therefore cause labor to start (ie, abortifacient...meaning "to cause an abortion"). And most Goldenseal products DO have a warning on the label not to take it during pregnancy (because it can cause labor).

    Goldenseal is very common in the states. Blue Cohosh is a little harder to get a hold of since it's used in labor and therefore doesn't hold a lot of consumer appeal. Many homebirth midwives here make it available to their clients.

    Neither will help though unless your body is ready and just needs a little boost. Also, for those who might read this later and think they can take either of these herbs to get labor going before their due date: these herbs can be very potent and harmful if not used correctly; do a lot of research before using them and know that with all things they need to be used responsibly.

    Anyway, I don't want to get reemed for suggesting herbs...I'm only sharing what I've done and would feel safe using myself.

    Thinking of you Gem!

  18. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    Thanks Kelly!!

    I've tried everything suggested apart from goldenseal and blue cohosh as I can't get a hold of them!! Nothing works for me!!! At this rate you'll have yours before I have mine!! I have a date for induction but would rather go natually!!
  19. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Didn't mean to ream, either :). Thanks for the info, you know a lot more than I do. I like herbs, but you know that they are chemicals too, and "natural" doesn't mean "safe".
  20. Visage

    Visage Banned Banned

    Good luck gem, hope everything goes well for you and baby. My wife and I are just over a month away from our due date now.


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