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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by cbraves85, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Bulldog

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    I think a man is worth his wage...

    I only pay 40 dollars a month and there are 5 classes a week that are available...break that down and it's 10 hours a week...4O hours of training time for 40 bucks...that's a good deal to me...1 dollar an hour!
    And it's good quality instruction with a good quality training facility...

    Excuse me while I go thank my instructor...

  2. 47Ronin

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    Haha, am I glad I left TKD.

    Tae Kwon Do= Take My Dough.
  3. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    I pay £20 a month, and the membership was... er I can't remember about £28 for the year I think.

    I could train 5 days a week if I could get to Andover.

    Ah well, 2 times a week is plenty for me.
  4. hocsr

    hocsr New Member

    I pay 78 a month for three classes a week in TKD with two Korean masters from yong-in university, one is a former tiger and this clown wants to charge you 123 a month for two classes a week? Shop around, sometimes you don't get what you pay for.
  5. WorldChampTKD

    WorldChampTKD New Member

    I have 3 classes a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and I pay 40 bucks a month for my classes
  6. Darkflames21

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    i pay $110 a month, but i can take as many as two classes a day discluding sundays.(he has four classes, but the first two are for children.)
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  7. zxrider

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    What a Deal!

    Can you belive that my ITF certified instructor (4th dan) charges only $15/month?! He holds 2 classes a week, typically 5-10 students show up each class. He conducts his classes within a fitness center, so he has no overhead. He derives his bread/butter from cardio kickboxing classes he teaches there, which he charges a more competetive price for.

    He conducts his martial arts training at cost and beleives that people shouldn't try to make ludicrous amonts of money off of martial arts instruction. Says that he does it for the love of the sport, not the $$. Obviously, not every martial arts instructor can afford to do it this way, but how fortunate for me!
  8. Derrick

    Derrick New Member

    I pay $30.00 a month for two classes a week.
    We are charged $40.00 for the first 4 gradings, after which it climbs with each belt to finally reach $500.00 for black belt. That is only the grading, not the actual belt of certificate of anything else.
    I have also encountered a slight problem concerning sparing gear. The instructor sells the gear and charges $250.00 for head, chest, hand and feet protectors. Since my daughter and I both take it this is a lot of money right now. I asked around about getting some used equipment, but my instructor really tried to talk me out of getting it.
    I hate to suggest anything negative about either the instructor or the sport, but it is getting expensive. None of this was mentioned two months ago when we started. Just the $120.00 each for uniforms. I wish all of the expenses had been explained to me beforehand.
    I guess I am wondering if these fees sound reasonable, and if there really is any problem using good condition used sparring equipment, and finally does anyone know a good Canadian site that sells new or used TKD equipment?
    Sorry to be so long winded.
  9. Yang Dae-han

    Yang Dae-han Realising the 'edit'

    Succinctly, no, the fees are not reasonable.

    First, check my post concerning WTF Dan/Poom testing fees. Anything above that is just greed from an instructor.

    $120CDN for uniforms, well, pricey for my I get Addidas 50% off (thankfully I get them AT the factory).
    However, I got curious and visited this site....seems your uniforms may be a fair price, depending on which brand. Vast differences in prices.|39.htm

    Your instructor tried to sway you into buying new equipment? No, don't. In fact, why doesn't the school have equipment? I would only suggest buying your own equipment AFTER you realise that you'll be in TKD for the long haul, and/or will be competing (even then, your school should supply). If you want to find used gear, I suggest stores like 'Play It Again, Sports.' I'm not sure how likely you'll have one about, but it is just a store that sells used (and new) sports equipment...sometimes at steals. If you can't find one, try the phone book, or even calling up a sports-related shop/association/group, and ask...they'll know where they are.

    Oh, and all this dosh for 2 classes a week, for sure you need not spend it on equipment. As for $30 a month for 2 classes a week, fair, I suppose.... as I pay roughly $68CAD for 5/6 days a week (10 hours-ish weekly).

    Though I have only visited the site once, possibly will have something for you.
  10. Derrick

    Derrick New Member

    Thank you Yang, Dae-han
    We live in a very rural area, so shopping is limited:D . I have however taken an ad out in the local paper and had a couple of calls already, and if that doesn't work out I did take a look on ebay and seen a few, so that is another possibility.
    It did occur to me that we have only been involved for a few months and it is early to be spending so much money. My daughter at 7 loves it now, but as with all kids that could change anytime. Myself at 40 am not going to be entering to many competitions :D , so I don't need anything fancy to get by in class.

    I would love to take more than 2 classes a week, but unfortunately that is all that is offered.
  11. hocsr

    hocsr New Member

    You are being taken for a ride. You can buy cheap sparring equipment and uniforms on line:

    Uniforms should be free with a contract. The most a student uniform should cost is $35 (check the websites). The most expensive uniform out there right now is the new Nike grand master uniform at $120 (way above the adidas in price and quality) and there is no way he is selling you one of that quality, nor do you need one that nice (I bet he is selling you an 8 ounce student uniform that cost him 20 bucks with a silk screen logo of his stupid school). So, $120 is pricey for anyones taste, unless you are a master and getting it for free. My school sells the sparring gear (including bag) for $150. The set my master sells is good, but I wanted better, so I bought an adidas set for less than than he charges for rhingo at the first site listed above (my master had no problem with that because he isn't a dink like yours). I pay 75 a month for 3 classes a week. My black belt is $500 as well, but includes an adidas or Pil Sung uniform with school name (at least $80), certificate, and 6ft trophy.

    Get two uniforms and beginner sparring gear from the sites listed above (new can be as cheap as used on ebay so forget that, look at lightning, macho, or proforce on line). Tell the clown that is running your school that I said he was a clown that is interested in nothing but taking your money. I am sorry if his rent or insurance is high, but he is soaking you. If he gives you crap about buying your gear elsewhere or what I said, leave. He isn't worth the time. If you don't have another school near you, than I am truly sorry that you will be missing out on all that a good quality TKD school has to offer.
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