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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by NaughtyKnight, Apr 8, 2005.

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    Was not as good as you hyped it up to be.
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    look at the guy on bottom, his facial expression. a grin and an anxious look, just waiting for this guy to pound the hell out of him.
  4. Sonshu

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    I think his MMA record was posted earlier and it looks like he has had 3 fights I think was said and lost 2 of them.
  5. Gizmo

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    Actually, his MMA record is 7-2-0. If somebody wants the names, just let me know (I believe I have most of them, if not all, on video).

    The picture above was made during a seminar in our club. It was really fun...


  6. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

  7. Sonshu

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    Depends are you counting his amature fights in with that record?
  8. Gizmo

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    His all MMA fights were fought during three editions of "Martial Arts Confrontation" in Warsaw's Hotel Marriott and televised in Poland by Polsat TV. I'm not sure which fights are considered professional and which ones amateur, but during this three tournaments, Juras won 7 fights and lost 2. I'm not aware of any other MMA fights by Juras, however AFAIK, he plans to continue with the MMA after recovering from a recent muscle injury.

    I'll chat with him later and get back to you asap.


  9. Albert

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    Yah i cant get the vid to work can yu get a link from somewhere with english? lol
  10. Sang

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    Good post. I think I'll finally reply to it after all this time. Thanx for the compliments by the way, very flattering. However, I am not on such a high standard as you think I am, if you think I am good then you've seen nothing. You've just seen very low standard TKD fighters so far. You have to meet my master one day. He beat the hell out of me today at training, got me a lovely turning kick to the head.

    I agree with everything else that you wrote in yr post. My students' punches are weak and so now I have to concentrate on improving this weakness. I think more hand techniques should be tought in TKD classes as they are essential in self defence. I love hand techniques and I use them during sparring but I think TKD kicks are very effective against knife attacks as long as you know which kicks to use and execute them properly.

    I don't think I would survive very long if I faced a Muay Thai fighter with the same length of experience as I have in TKD. I may be conditioned but not that conditioned.

    Hope yr back's much better now.

    Take care
  11. ManabiMashoMan

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    Everyone Bashes TKD because many of us have sparred with those that train in it or Hapkido. Yeah im sure somewhere out there is a training school that teaches its students to blast a punch and knock down a tree, and perhaps kick 8 times in less then 1 millasecond. But I don't see it anywhere. I see point sparrs and Gloved controlled fights.

    Sure you can be good and hit a guy first but now you have ****ed him off and here he comes.....this is where TKD fails because now your attacker isn't hitting and backing up...hitting and backing up....hit, hit, hit, hit, back up.

    I openly spar with other schools and students in alot of differnt styles that we travel to and going against a TKD student blackbelt or Master has never made me break a sweat once. Alot of other members on this forum have done the same thing I do, so Don't think im Bragging, the only reason its not being flooded with people telling thier victory stories is they are being nice, im being real.

    And when fighting against a TKD student or master you can expect two things to happen.
    #1 thier punches do nothing to you and often miss.
    #2 alot of arial kicks and spinning kicks.
    TKD is a waste of time for anyone, and most schools who have grandmasters and masters of 30 or more years are worthless from what I have seen. Rarely do any do throws, jointlocks, punches, pressurepoints, grappling, counters, and multiple enemy training.
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  12. MarioBro

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    Some bash Tae Kwon Do because they are unable to do it properly. Some bash Tae Kwon Do just because they can.

    But the majority who bash Tae Kwon do so out of ignorance. Ignorance of the art, of others, of much other than themselves.
  13. Taliar

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    Man your back must be so sore from all that bending over to kiss ya own ass.

    Bold added by Taliar.
  14. SCP_Kensei


    Can someone re-host the vid please? I i'd like to see it.
  15. Slindsay

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    I'd like to thank you for making some of the stuppidest sounding posts I've met on MAP. Why don't you just admit that your 14? I hope your 14 'cos if you aren't then I have no idea how the personal skills that most addults intuitively aquire have slipped by you.
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    whahaha... that last line just made me laugh real hard
  17. MarioBro

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    Love the response, but please use a spell checker to gain credibility... ;)
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    Okay, Okay now, calm down geez. We all have our own Martial Art's style and that is to be respected. I appreciate every Martial art for the simple fact that is offers a World of health both physically and mentally. I personally love Tae Kwon Do because that in itself has changed my life in so many positive ways. I also practice Judo, and Aikido which I think is helpful in any situation. I mean if we are ever in a street fight then it is critical to know a few styles of Martial Art's. But overall I respect each of your Art, for it is precious and meaningful to you. You will never hear me judge another Martial Art style and make comments about them. I feel that every style holds it's own value and for anyone to say that, " my style is better then yours", or " I can win up against Tae Kwon Do" is truly a false statement. A person who knows one style is not any better then the other, believe me, I should know. In fact during a huge Competion I sparred with a women who knew Kungfu and she broke my ribs. I however continued to fight and I eneded up winning in the end. So you see, she broke my ribs with one of her Kung Fu techniques and I ended up winningthe match. We both ended up with a pain of some sort so I can't say I was better then her just because I know Tae Kwon Do. This is just my opinion, " what is yours on my Post"?
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    Needs more paragraphs.
  20. Angelus

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    Ive gotten sick and tired of people saying "kung fu is crap thats why you dont see it in tournaments... it doesnt work... its a waste of your time...learn a REAL martial art ... blah blah blahhhhhh.... TRY Muay Thai INSTEAD"
    Well here is the logical question... If KF didnt work why is it still aroud after hundreds upon hundreds of years?!?! Even if there are some flaws in it... it must work... or why else would people practise it?

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