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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by spongedavid, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. spongedavid

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    hi, i just started tkd and i'm having a hard time doing the splits. when i spread out my legs, alot of pressure is going to my knees. is this supposed to happen? i think i'm doing something wrong...haha thanks!
  2. Hakko-Ryu

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    your knees? if you feel too much discomfort you should stop...just take stretching slowly! it takes time to loosen up joints and muscles you don't normally stretch. don't worry about not getting "low" enough when you're doing the want to avoid injuries when you've just started. and attempting to go low on the splits too fast too soon might rip some muscles. So yea take it slow and you'll see progress. Welcome to MAP!
  3. spongedavid

    spongedavid New Member

    hahahaahahha i found my answer. if nebody else has this prob...

    "For side splits, you can either have both kneecaps (and insteps) facing the ceiling, which puts more of a stretch on the hamstrings, or you can have both kneecaps (and insteps) face the front, which puts more of a stretch on the inner-thigh (groin) muscle. The latter position puts more stress on the knee joints and may cause pain in the knees for some people. If you perform side splits with both kneecaps (and insteps) facing the front then you must be sure to tilt your pelvis forward (push your buttocks to the rear) or you may experience pain in your hip joints."
  4. Taeho

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    There is an ebook out there with more inforation on stretching than you could ever hope to need, and it's free....

    It's by Brad Appleton, I have it on my TKD website:

    TaeKwon-Do -Flexability

    It helped me in my flexability training. Most of the ways we normally try to attain flexability are not the best.

    TKDshane Ÿ
  5. totalkayos

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    there is a older thread on here with so much info on steching. you might want to dig it up and read though it.
  6. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Also the work that Appleton uses is from Kurz's work. Who also provides very useful information, especially in the area of strength training and flexibillity

    Thomas Kurz's column

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