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    I've noticed a lot of people have questions regarding Islam and as a Muslim, I feel it's my duty to help clear the misconceptions surrounding it.

    As such, I'd like to provide a very valuable reference which I personally use all the time myself. It's a VERY detailed and versatile website/app. You have several options on how to navigate.

    For those interested, here are some tips to help you:


    1) A "surah" is a chapter

    2) An "ayah" is a verse

    3) If reading through for the first time, the chapters must be read in order as every verse and every chapter is in sequential order and categorized in a specific manner.

    4) There is an option for audio recitations of each of the verses you've selected. You can utilize the "Translation" dropdown to do this and select the language you want it audibly translated in.

    5) Ignore the dropdown options for "Juz", "Hizb", and "Script". Just leave them to their default values. You would only change those when you want to get VERY specific but you'd have to be very educated to understand how to use those. Only use "Reciter" if you want to listen to the verses in Arabic and have a preference on a reciter. Personally, Rashid Al-Mishari is my favorite and has a phenomenal and soothing voice. He's simply listed as "Mishari-Rashid" in the dropdown.

    6) If you need further help understanding a verse in context, I'll try to find a great website with tafsirs (detailed explanations of individual verses in context).

    Let me know if anyone needs help. Islam is very spiritual and traditional in nature, so please read with an open mind whether you agree with it or not. It's very widely misunderstood in today's age and can only be understood if one takes the time to read and understand it themself.
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    Or you can order a very good english translation from the Quran Project (you pay for P&P) or download a pdf version of the same translation if you like :D
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    BarakAllah Fik!

    And that's really good, haha! Unless you are Muslim because then you should know that ;)
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