The problem with Filipino martial arts

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Isaiah90, Aug 14, 2019.

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    There's loads of problems with Filipino martial arts. To illustrate some of them, i'll give some real life examples. I read an article of a self defense instructor showing up to a Filipino martial arts seminar. The Filipino martial artists agreed to test out their skills for self defense.

    The self defense instructor challenged the top Filipino martial artists there. He said he'd attack them with a practice knife prison style and they'd try to defend against it using FMA. When he came in slashing and stabbing wildly, they couldn't defend themselves successfully lol.

    That's the problem with FMA flow drills. Practitioners boast of it improving your coordination, rhythm, speed, etc. They hardly ever translate well to a real life combat. The thing they do when they strike, block or parry, redirect, counter-attack, and repeat is the equivalent of doing patty-cakes with your hands. Things completely change when you have someone ramming into you with the intent of slashing/stabbing you at angles you didn't train for.

    One FMA guy was a huge grappler. He tackled the instructor and got on a top mount position. As they struggled, the instructor grabbed a practice knife which happened to lay next to him and slit his throat. Everyone was shocked. The grappler was shocked because he realized if that was a real street attack, he would've been killed. His art conditioned him to believe he could ground fight and easily submit an untrained opponent with fancy moves. They said "but he tackled you!" The instructor said "yea but i slit his throat" They said "but he tackled you!" lol

    People don't realize how fast people can draw weapons and you don't even realize it until you've been shot or stabbed. While you're focused on say going for a submission, you're not paying attention to any potential weapons being drawn. You can only focus on so much.
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    Honestly getting annoyed at these threads you're creating and abandoning now. If you're going to make a point at least try and defend it.
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    Yep, fantasy nonsense again. Shocking.
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    Certainly seems to be no shortage of weapons laying about in his stories ! :D
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    Anecdote does not equal evidence. Stop spinning stories and start presenting something of substance.
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    Usually next to a bed too,

    The safety word is anecdodal!
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    We need to coax @Hannibal out of hiding for this one...
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    If only we could employ a consistent testing ground, with minimal rulesets that allowed people to find out what the best style was.... The Ultimate style if you will....
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    If only crimes, had people to investigate them who then feed these reports into some sort of statistical analysis.

    Or if only we could how two different trained fighters could do against each others in a repeatable format.

    Or if only people in war had to submit after action reports which got back into making their h2h system more efficient.

    Or even if we could give everyone mini cameras so acts of violence could be easily filmed and shared.

    You would need some sort of tube to show all the videos on though, maybe a metube?

    Its almost as if you have no real experience to base your opinions on, so you make up random stories and think that's as good as real evidence.
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    Note this is what the OP thinks is good training.
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    lol you talk about evidence while talking about personal experience. You have a pic of Dead Pool so i can't take you seriously as a martial artist haha.
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    You do know the difference between the two don't you?
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    Apparently the sound track is suppose to make it less pathetic......
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    Is that 'sword' a toy one made of plastic?
    Video was filmed with a potato so it's hard to tell.
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    I'm pretty sure that "sword" came with a free eye patch, a toy parrot, and a sad onion logo.
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    Pretty sure my 5 year old has attacked me with a toy sword with more intent than that. :D
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