The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle saga

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Mitlov, Mar 9, 2021.

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    I would be interested to hear how the UK folks here view this whole saga. I'm not deliberately following it, but I keep seeing stories in the news. Based on the US media, it sounds like Meghan got verbally abused by the UK press a whole bunch, and now there's an interview where she accounts members of the royal family fretting about how dark-skinned her child would be, and denying her access to counseling for depression.

    The fact that Buckingham Palace announced it's going to open an official investigation as to whether Meghan "bullied" people seems...rather petty at best. Especially since they never launched any investigation into Prince Andrew's alleged Epstein connection.

    Then again, there may be an entire different side to this story that's not in the mainstream US news. Anyone have some thoughts about this since y'all are more directly impacted than I am?
  2. bassai

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    The British press are pretty awful if they decide you don’t belong where you are , Meghan never stood a chance entering the royal family to be honest.
    On the whole people seem to be split into 2 camps , those that think she “betrayed” the royal family and those who think she was brave for standing up to them.
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  3. icefield

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    There were accounts of staff quitting Megan's team saying she was demanding, reducing people to tears and so on and this was months and year before anything else came out or the split happened.

    Make of that what you will. The british press being its usual sensational self or something else.

    It always pretty hard to know what the truth is when one side can't or wont defend themselves or comment publicly on private matters and the other side makes wide ranging accusations without being specific in a friendly interview with one of their friends.
  4. icefield

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    To be honest watching a family tiff being played out in the press between a family of billionaires v a family of millionaires whilst we are going through a pandemic is a bit stupid
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  5. Dead_pool

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    My viewpoint is thus:

    If your a royalist then prince harry can do what he likes, and the papers should stay out of his business, and by association his lovely wife. Attacks on her are attacks on the UK itself.

    If your anti royalist, he's a free independent person and so is by default his lovely wife, attacks on her seem mostly to sell papers by pointing out she has a different background, and as such, in the main, are abhorrently racially based.

    The gulf between these two viewpoints are where terrible unhonest people live. FB_IMG_1615222279705.jpg
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  6. Nachi

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    Honestly this doesn't concern me in the least and I really don't care much. Each side makes opposing claims and there is no way I could find out what is true or not. I was never really interested in personal affairs of celebrities, etc. Royal family is a bit better, but then again, it is a royal family of a different country for me, so I can't really do much more then read a bit out of it and think: "Oh, cool." when our media keep reposting the original articles.
    I am always wondering why our media makes such a deal out of (for example) the gender of the babies of the UK's royal family, etc. Why not care about babies of royal families elsewhere? Is English just easier to translate? Or is it becasue media only in the UK made a big deal out of it, so media in countries like ours make it into a big deal as well? It always makes me wonder....
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  7. Dead_pool

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    Both quoted for truth, I feel sorry for Harry and Meg, out of a bad bunch, him and his brother seem the only half decent ones, and his mother's death must of weighted heavily on them at such a young age, no matter how rich they are. But the concept of royalty is totally outdated and should be done away with, unfortunately the forelock tugging gene is still strong in these isles.

    Aside from that, anyone being abused for their racial background, deserves some sympathy, again no matter how rich they are, its unfortunate how acceptable thinly veiled racism is currently.

    My pet theory is that the queen is just upset their offspring have no lizard genes in them!
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  8. bassai

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    They do generate an awful lot of money in tourism , at least when that’s a thing.
    without wishing to defend the whole colour of the baby question , I feel it shows just how outdated and out of touch with the modern world the royal family are , I believe whoever did ask the question (and I doubt we’ll ever know) did so out of dumb curiosity rather than outright racism , any of Harry’s kids have no chance of actually being king or queen so the colour of their skin would bear no significance.
    Surely Harry would pass them on ?
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  9. Dead_pool

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    France does exceptionally well out of tourism, without any kings or queen's.

    You would be correct, as long as prince Charles is Harry's real dad....... You may want to Google who major Hewitt is..........

    Which also goes some way to explain his families poor behaviour.

    Genetically his offspring will be the fittest British royals for hundreds of years!! FB_IMG_1615212702212.jpg
  10. bassai

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    Thousands if not millions come here to see buck house , the changing of the guard etc , they can be classed as a major tourist attraction
    I’m 48 years old(today as it happens) I’m well aware of who major Hewitt is and the rumours surrounding his relationship with princess Di , I’ve often wondered if that was Harry always seemed marginalised , apart from him being the “spare”

    That’s a great point I hadn’t thought of , though I think Fergies kids have also married outside of the same shared gene pool , are they still considered royals?
  11. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    I'm not sure what his families poor behaviour actually is?

    I didn't watch the interview but from what I can gather they are sighting racism towards their child but without saying who it was or when, so nothing can be proven and also mental anguish and mental health issues but again without saying who they told about this to get help, in fact I think Harry has said he never raised it with anyone ?

    As for the whole they won't pay for my protection rubbish and took away my titles and responsibilities, they were the ones saying they wanted out they can't also have expected to keep the good parts of the job and the protection from the crown and not do anything in return, where they really that naive as to think they could?
  12. Dead_pool

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    Happy birthday!!

    Sorry I'm used to having to explain everything to Americans!

    I belive they're Sarah is somewhat related to a royal line by blood, I met her daughter's once, they were nice, I think technically their princesses, whilst Harry's kids arnt princes, which also means they don't get bodyguards, although I imagine it's Andrew that's needs them now.
    main-qimg-9fbf4b0f48ef11eebee857bc8eb6cf62.png Sarah Ferguson family tree: Is Fergie related to aristocracy? All the royal links REVEALED

    The thing is france has a lot more tourists then we do, by a massive margin, do you think people really come here for the queen, but wouldn't come anyway for the castle and palaces? Then again france is a lot nicer then Wigan.....
  13. Dead_pool

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    I didn't either, but the gist I got was that they were unfriendly to his wife, made comments about the skin tone of his kids, his dad won't talk to him anymore, and briefed the press against them.

    I think they should do away with the entire concept of royalty personally. But people seem to like it for god knows what reasons!

    To be fair the risk to his children is there whether he's an active part or not, it's a tough call, I'd rather give them protection then prince Andrew, who also isn't a contributing royal if that's the reasons why we do it.
  14. Botta Dritta

    Botta Dritta Valued Member

    I thought that the British tabloids were vile to Megan early on in a way that Kate Middleton never suffered. Not necessarily outright racist, but you could see the undertones. That being said I don't think Megan was a good fit for the royal family. The complaints of bullying might seem petty now, but were well known at the start, and its microwaved news at best. Plus the fact that Megan allegedly chewed through 5 PA's speaks to something of a irreconcilable culture clash. Quite simply its a 'firm' where you do as you are told, and often by people who you think are mere courtiers but actually hold more influence than you think despite your position as the wife of the Duke of Sussex. Its an utterly dysfunctional society were the preservation of the crown comes first and last. I'm not surprised about them not giving a damn about her suicidal feelings as its all very 'stiff upper lip' 'mustn't grumble'.

    Me personally? I don't give a rats **** and I suspect neither do many people in the UK. Its a media circus that is tiresome (I had to ask my mom if Oprah was still alive, as I have dim recollections of watching her in the 90's. Is she still a thing in the US?)

    However I don't think we could ask for a better head of state in old Bess II. She rarely puts a foot wrong and has outlived nearly all statesmen from the WWII. Plus Buckingham Palace is cheap to run and brings in the punters. Being half italian I compare it to the Titanic waste of state money of the Italian president's Quirinale Palace bill - and the italian public hardly ever get to see the inside of that building.

    But I don't envy that golden cage one bit.
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  15. bassai

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    I’d agree they’re largely irrelevant now , but I can’t see them going anywhere any time soon.
    The consensus seems to be they generate around 550 million from tourism , I know in the larger scheme of things that’s only a fraction of what’s generated by tourism in total , but , I’m pretty confident that they’d be considered a major attraction in London and the only reason Windsor has any tourism to speak of.
  16. bassai

    bassai onwards and upwards ! Moderator Supporter

    Thinking about it , one good thing has come out of this , Piers moron had a colossal hissy fit and stormed off his own programme this morning exposing himself as the thin skinned bully he really is when he was confronted about his treatment of Meghan.
  17. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    He's just an ex tabloid editor, standing up for his old area of expertise. Low level tabloid journalism.
  18. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    There here to stay for now, The last republican leader of a major party was made to look like a blood thirsty traitor, despite spending most of his down time volunteering at food banks or making jam in his allotmemt, that evil man!

    The ruling classes don't like change, and anyways, Boris has shown you can mislead the queen and get away with it, even when found out in court!
  19. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    I happen to like our queen, dislike the way Megan and Harry have acted and the way they think everything should revolve around their needs and wants BUT... Being on the same side as that lying idiot Morgan really is annoying... Just wish Clarkson would punch him again
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  20. bassai

    bassai onwards and upwards ! Moderator Supporter

    I certainly don’t dislike the queen. And as I’ve said. , I think Meghan was somewhat naive to think she would fit right in without any issues.
    More worryingly , Clarkson appears to be vaguely supporting moron with his latest tweet.

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