the paradox of silat ... tradition vs change

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Rebo Paing, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Very insightful! But maybe this is the bait to resolve ...

    BTW thank-you for your comment re site. FYI I'm changing direction (new project in spare time), most of the stuff there is over 3 years old.

    Salam persilatan,
  2. Kertas

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    "God does not take away knowledge by removing (uprooting) it frm the people,but he removes it by taking away the learned,until he leaves no Learned,and people will appoint at the head of their affairs the ignorant,who will give answers without having the necessary knowledge; they are astray and are leading others astray."

    how much would this prophetic saying so truthfully apply to what we talking about here hey?

    Salam Persilatan
  3. Raden-Rahmat

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    better to say little than alot...

    things can get really wide and branched when u need it hey...i think this is too much to absorb...its very scientific and im not so much inclined ...maybe a little but this is way ahead myself...thanks just reading...Kertas...there are some learned ppl here...though there are ppl who speak as if they somewhere in the
  4. Pekir

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    Learning a MA without the necessary understanding is like learning a dance without ever having heard the music and rythem that is supposed to accompany the dance. It looks awkward...
  5. Raden-Rahmat

    Raden-Rahmat Valued Member

    let me talk about ilmu padi which i dont know about lol

    this is what was related by Nazdrin but ill remention it:
    ''But silat has many levels of definition, depending on who is defining it. The paradox is that, there are so few people who attain the higher levels of silat and will publicly define it from their perspective, that the majority definition becomes the default. That means, it is the beginner students who tell you, "This is what silat means" when in fact, it should be the wizened masters who define it for them. Democracy over truth, I'd say."

    i was gona say something in similarity and i saw you convenient. i find that in todays time, ppl arent patient enough to yield...hence i said its ilmu padi because i recall my Cikgu Haji Mokhtar saying, ''in our emblem, the padi is part of our way...the more you learn, the more you learn to know you have really learnt nothing...and in learning always continue learning''. this to me is firstly profound cos it keeps the student in the humblest of states should he conform and secondly, the pesilat will continuously strive for excellence...but wisdom is deep...and it always remains deep no matter how deep you think you have gone!

    i found the thought of being ''knowledgeable'' in Silat professed more by the younger generation and those of non-origin...referring to anyone out of me. but i am from Nusantara lol. actually you;ll find this ppl splashed over internet sites...and its really sad because ppl ive met really have a sneak preview of Silat when they could know better. im not blanketting the non-nusantarians...just an issue im opening up for some worms to be as it least i see some ppl trying to find the depth of wisdom...

    lets hope we all find nourishment in our quests...and leave fruitless-ness in the background...
  6. Saiful Azraq

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  7. Kertas

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    Silat Telapak Nusantara Boleh


    although i am quiet these days, i have not disappeared. just reflecting on many things, besides i am getting maried. This is a martial art blog hey...

    i have read that section on the silat telapak nusantara and it definitely has the right ingredients for a perfect silat. would be nice to be able to train in malaysia for 7 years... :)

    good article
  8. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Congratulations Kertas!

    Congratulations Kertas!
    When is the wedding? We can have a virtual pre-wedding selamatan to wish you safe journey through your married life :).

  9. Saiful Azraq

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    Salam pernikahan Kertas,

    Congratulations on your nuptials. My du'a are for you and your future wife. May your union produce salihin that will uphold the good and decry evil wherever they may be, insyaAllah.

    So, Pak Krisno. Unless we can have some virtual munchies, what does a virtual salamatan entail anyway?

    Salam persilatan,
  10. Kertas

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    Hey Terima kasie for the kind thoughts.. hehe.. its only on South African Womens Day (9th August) insya-Allah..
  11. Raden-Rahmat

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    is this Marital Arts Planet??? lol

    somehow marital arts planet refers to earth lol. Best to say its Kertas's turn to experience and master soemthing else...Seni Lankah Baru...definitely some new movement for Kertas in the near future.

    on this statement:
    Originally Posted by Saiful Azraq
    When asked about the difference between modern and traditional silat styles, guru Azlan Ghanie of Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 gave me a once-cryptic answer: "Traditional styles have objective, modern styles have method".
    not to dispute Guru Azlans reasons for this but i differ with respect to all. in this day and age, we have everything available or if i could say the hard has been may be that according to a specific area the circumstances would call for a different approach. in this, im implying that the method was established, the approach is what needs changing. both objective and method would have to be established upon foundation because its not practical to establish something without an objective and without method...paham???

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