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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by KGS BBS, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Actually John dislikes me, Dan and I have a feud. He posts on another site and is very trollish. San Jose Kenpo. See Dan Weston at that site.

    The last message was very garbled and for a reason, but John B if reading it knows exactly what it is...

    I am into Kosho and FMA.

    I was long ago, a short time student of John Leoning's. I liked the man, what you read now and what was going on a few years ago is completly different. And what was going on in the 60's is much different than what John say's now. Regarding these two persons.

    I have a different take on what John say's about Leoning and Gascon. For that reason I am called names, mental problems etc.. He has a problem with what Joe Shuras posted, I believe Joe on this one.

    John denies he bad mouthed Hanshi Juchnik, but he did. I was sticking up for him, simple. He denies he bad mouthed Sonny Gascon. My garbled message is to John from Sonny via myself.

    John and Joe and Dan were sort of all on the same page. Feud, split. No mas amigos.

    As far as Johns take, I believe he is about to get his come.up.pance.

    I'll try harder to be clearer.
    I posted my bio for all to see.

    Go to the web page at sanjosekenpo and see Dan's other self.

  2. DAnjo

    DAnjo Valued Member


    Where did your words end and Mike Rash's or Sonny Gascon's begin? I've had your email blocked for months now, so I never got your cryptic message at home. Oh well.

    Exactly who said what etc.? Were you told to post this on a forum? Anyways, I know that asking for clarity from you is always risky, but try and give it a shot.
  3. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Message from MR to me.

    From Sonny to John and Sijo.

    Sonny Gas is bullxxxx, quote: "You tell that mutha xxxxxx Bishop that I'm not asking for a meeting, I'm calling a meeting, I'm telling Emperado to set up a meeting with Bishop and this mutha xxxxxx wants to call me a phonie, this mutha xxxxxx can do it to my face!

    MR to John

    Re: last 'dig' on bullshido, that the xxxxxx (John) has never responded to me as asked to set up his end of the meeting as Joe Shuras posted on MAP

    My sending to you before hittting MAP

    I am sending this above item to you before I put it out on the viewing locations...

    I have been in contact with Mike Rash trying to find out about more information about Sonny Gascon and Johnny Leoning.

    I mentioned it to John B about getting a hold of Sonny at Mike's and he called me a messenger boy or something like that and then ran off about something else regarding a meeting.

    Mike Rash has contacted me again, above is the message to John and Sijo.
    Mike Rash said that John has posted something on Bullshido and Sonny is really mad, also he is mad because John B never called Mike to meet.
    He read our posts and said John is a Liar and he had better call..

    He asked me to send this quote because it is from Sonny and it is his words.
    I am doing it this way since John said I will be on the ignore. I'll give you 30 minutes then it hits the web...1900 our time amigo..I think John should call or the rift is going to widen...
    Wierd about this, totally weird. John and I have our differences but I believe this is pretty important Dan.

    My message to you here

    Well Dan, here it is You know John mentioned I am on the ignore so I am doing it this way. It took me some time since you wrote me over at SJK and now I am writing you here...


    Hope this helps, Yes I am in contact with Prof. Rash have been trying to figure out all this stuff with John and You and Joe and Johnny and Sonny.

    This goes back to months ago when Joe found out from Sonny. He said, yes
    Johnny Leoning was a Black Belt and he was my Sensei.

    Now I am a go between because I stepped over here and all of a sudden I am in the middle of something I "knew not what about" Because of my sticking up for Johnny...

    Geary clown stuff... came over to tell the ones here that SJK was doing there part also...

    Sonny is in town, I told John Bishop he got snotty...
    MR and Sonny are reading this and bullshido location.

    Sonny is irritated to say the least, and so is Mike Rash.

    Did I mention they wanted it like Sonny said it? But I did xxxx some of it out...
    The one I sent to you I did not xxxx.

  4. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do


    I would need a super-secret decoder ring to figure all this crap out... Why don't you guys just PM each other or email instead of this public bulletin board?

    And how on earth is this thread still open? Its' relevance seems minimal...

    There are soo many interesting aspects to our Kempo/ Kenpo family I cannot believe you all have resorted to this drivel---

    Kempo/ Kenpo is more famous for branches that don't get along, and all this trash talking than it is for the contributions to the Martial Arts. That is SAD! :bang:

    How do I "ignore" this thread?
  5. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Come on Dan...

    Ask them, get a hold of Sonny get in touch with Mike Rash..

    I tried to warn John, he is snotty...

    I told you I did not believe this story by John. I guess I am the one they figured to deliver it now...

    Weird I'd say...

    I tell you, I go to seminars, I work out, I know stuff, I am not some mental ill person, you are barking up the wrong tree here. Try and find out through Brad or Mike

    I think the chickens have come home to roost.

    It is so funny really my time with Johnny 40+ years ago a problem with John...

    My time with Hanshi and Pat last 19 years off and on and on again. Problem with John because of Hanshi and YES he did badmouth Hanshi all the time. Because of Mitose. Like I mentioned Thomas is on the same team...LOL

    Now I post the Chow Memorial and it shows Thomas doing the kosho, He is a kaji dude raised by filipinos and had a problem with his Japanese Dad..who was a bad person yes he was, OK...

    All this about Mitose would have died in prison if Hanshi and George had not gotten together, and the rest is a sordid continuation of the whole fiefdom.

    I don't like it any more, really it is so old, it sucks big time. I am toying with not even going to the gathering LOL...Funny really...How does John keep up with all this sordid posting on every website out there and all this crap...

    Like Milt mentioned at sanjosekenpo both are just as important in this political football...

    I think that John does not even believe that Mitose went to Japan I don't believe you do either..I like Ted. He posts articles and articles and you don't believe him..John loves that word "liar" uses it all the time and so do you.

    So here we are with all this junk and it has just gotten ugly for John, I do believe...Well maybe you can tell Sonny what you think also.
    You and John, Sonny and Mike. Time to sit down and talk.

    When you do, say Hi to him from the young X Marine back in the 60's, at Johnny's location..

  6. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    This thread has finally lost its value and purpose. There obviously are two versions as to the historic content of the certain Kenpo factions. It appears that it has become the same ol arguments/accusations that has surfaced up on many other forums. As many of the Senior Members of this forum's time to move on!!
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