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    Could you supply any details of this?

    Is it true that most of the throws that the TJF and judo use were mainly from Kito ryu? I thoughtTenshin Shinyo Ryu had a much larger contibution to the Kodokan gokyu. Even so, a 'jiu jitsu' (sic) based on judo is not really a martial art based on, or ever linked in the loosest senseto a koryu, it's just too far removed to be non-comical when claimed.

    I don't understand why the TJF people keep on at this, they are good at what they do, thet don't need to keep trying to hopelessly defend a link to Kito ryu or Doshin So.
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    From what I have seen as someone who does koryu jujutsu and Kodokan judo, no there is no link to Kito-ryu. As you said mate, the link is very superflous and only because of it's link to judo.

    The majority of throws, chokes and joint locks in Kodokan Judo originate from Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu, which as most people know was one of the two schools of jujutsu that Kano Jigoro, the founder of Kodokan judo studied.

    The Kito-ryu element of Kodokan judo can be mainly found in the Koshiki no kata. Kano specifically studied the Takenaka-ha line of Kito-ryu, so there are some slight differences between what's in the Kito-ryu techniques taught in Kodokan judo and the line of Kito-ryu that is still extant in Japan.

    Here's Kito-ryu from Okayama


    And here's the Koshiki no kata from Kodokan judo.


    How do those compare to what is found in the Jitsu Foundation?

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    Valid points on both counts. I'd only looked superficially at a few isolated techniques from Kito ryu, if they really look nothing alike then I honestly have no idea why such a link is claimed.

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