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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by belltoller, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. belltoller

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    Pre lift dynamics and post lift statics omitted from log

    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 42.5kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 42.5kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 40kg (5X5) 47.5kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, , (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 37.5kg
  2. matveimediaarts

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    y'know, I recently started doing situps while holding a 45 lb plate on my chest. (but I'm a little crazy..:) :evil:) Give it a try and see if you like it.
  3. belltoller

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    Speed Bag
    3 minutes both hands - full tempo
    Double End Bag
    Felt the need for footwork. I've been out of class for so long now... since every picture is worth the proverbial 3 words or whatever and beltoller is feeling particularly a lazy sod this day

    2 X 3 Rounds, 30 sec rest

    3 X 3 Rounds 30 sec rests:


    I'd mounted a rubber baseball to the top of my double end for an additional target; with the small, fast target - its actually one of the most difficult drills for me. Mind you, I've not tried it tied to a hat. I have the double-end top rope running through a hole in the baseball that I'd drilled - its sufficiently difficult enough to hit accurately.

    2 X 3min rounds, 30 sec rest.


    Domestic issues came up before I could move onto the heavy bags as planned :bang:
  4. matveimediaarts

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    May I ask why your squats (I assume they're back squats) and deadlifts are so light? Feeling injured? :confused:
  5. belltoller

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    A little masochistic, if you ask me, lol. Oh man, my gut is sufficiently weighted as it is without adding to the misery of getting the bitch up to my kneecaps with a 45lb plate on it, thank-you kindly ;)
  6. belltoller

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    Well, Monday's abbreviated home-boxing gym workout brings me up to date as I've had to spend available time either getting the kids to their summer football practice or going over plays in our converted front yard (now fully dimensioned for a 50yd American football field - the neighbors love it, of course :rolleyes:)

    Hoping tomorrow I can get some more weights in
  7. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    How does a 50 yard American football pitch work? Do you still have ten yard lines, but less of them? (And is your garden really over 50 yards long? That's amazing!)
  8. belltoller

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    American Football Field is 100 yds long - but we only had 50, so I painted up to the 50yd line. From the goal line to the end zone there are 4, two-foot long hash marks marking every yard. The fifth mark stretches the width of the (in bound) football field. Its dark at 3:40am, else I'd snap a quick one and post it. I'm quite proud of it, though it took many cans of marking paint and a lot of bothering with level-lines and field T-Squares to keep everything straight and flush. The grass grows so fast that it'd take redoing the whole thing every week so I just keep 10 yards of it painted now. I should note that a football field is 53.3 yards wide - ours isn't half that.

    Yeah, the front gardens (and space in general) are completely different than in England - though you certainly have that as well here, depending on where one lives.

    We live in what is still a rual-ish area not far from the mountain range that will eventually become the Appalachian Mountains to the NE and the Cohutta Wilderness Area to the N ( the heart of which is about ... hmmm ... 60 miles or so from here ), Blue Ridge and so forth.

    For perspective, my wife was telling me the day before yesterday that her work mate had went for a jog in the early evening. He kept hearing something moving behind him ( at this point in the story I was thinking it'd turn out to be a coyote ). As he turned around for a good look, at last, he found himself staring into the eyes of a rather sizable black bear :eek:

    Anyroads, so its not unusual to have sizable front gardens (called front yards here). Quite a few of our neighbors have a good bit more - they just bale the hay that grows on it and sell it to the animal feed graineries.
  9. belltoller

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    Yes, back squats.

    Ahem...well, yes, sort of. I'd a very severe case of lateral epicondylitis (I'm still wearing arm and wrist braces all of the time) and I've been very paranoid about getting that bitch riled up. I'd debated when I started whether I should go with 95 lb weights to start with the DLs, as is customary, but I decided to start at the 45lb (simulating an empty Olympic bar) instead - even though one wouldn't start with an empty bar on DL's to begin with - yeah, its confusing.

    Just mark it down to over diligent fear of tendinitis.
  10. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Too light and too slow progress >> re-injury
    Good job 'toller
  11. InkyTommy

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    Those guys have been getting bold in the Northeast lately. Recently, someone posted this:


    No one ever sends me a bear in the mail... :(
  12. matveimediaarts

    matveimediaarts Underappreciated genius

    Ah-ha! Wise move, mate. :cool:
  13. belltoller

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    Cor...this one is just curious - expecting, like a dog - the thing is they are notoriously moody and can morph from a puppy-like tail-wagging dog into a savage rage - ripping your lungs out - in literally the blink of an eye.

    Yeah, they are popping up more and more now because man is encroaching more and more on the last of their territory. The thing we noticed right off the bat after we moved here from the Midwest last year was the unbelievable number of deer in our neighborhood. They are literally everywhere. You cannot go a day without seeing several - passing from one house to another, crossing the street, eating particular plants they find edible in one's yard - every day. Full daylight.

    I've taken video of three grown doe that've made a ritual of raiding our bird-feeders everyday. The feeders are on an embankment which has a retaining wall and beyond that are thick woods - about 5 yards from our back-porch.

    They've absolutely no fear at all. I'm still amased.

    The dog and I walk out onto the back porch and the most one of them does is stamp her feet at us while she's chowing down on the bird feeder

    The thing is, there is a fairly large, undeveloped park not more than a mile or two from here (as the crow flies) - yet several whole families reside in our neighborhood. They prefer it, or so it would seem.

    I bought a 'camo bucket' and a big sack of deer corn and was about to go ahead and begin feeding them outright (premium birdseed ain't cheap) but then I thought about how the deer have lost their natural fear of man and thought about what animal would naturally follow a deer out of the woods and what would happen once it looses its fear.

    When your local sherriff's animal control unit has heavier weaponry than its SWAT unit, you know somethings up.

    Think I'll hang the bird-feeders higher...
  14. belltoller

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    Plans o mice 'n men...I'd hoped to jump on the barbell today but one of my kids took a helmeted head to the ribcage during football training and impromptu visits to the chilluns hospital take hours.

    Luckily nothing broken but a badly bruised rib is a badly bruised rib and needs looking after.

    Next time
  15. belltoller

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    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5) 45kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 45kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 40kg (5X5) 50kg

    Overhead Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 40kg

    Static Stretches

    Hamstring stretch ( hold 20 sec, each leg )

    Quadriceps stretch
    I was having troubles with this today, which I normally dont - my solution when its difficult to do a particular stretch is to go into it slower and hold it longer than normal - today the result of that was about a minute and one-half going into and holding the stretch per leg.
    Low-back stretch ( 2 X 20sec hold )
    As there are many versions of a "low back stretch"

    Abdominal Stretch (2 X 30 sec hold)


    Chest and shoulder stretch ~ 15 second each shoulder
    Again, many variations of these

  16. belltoller

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    Lawd, lawd. ::sigh:: the better part of a month to catch up with. I don't know...

    The gym rings I'd put up have been hanging off the beams for months without use, except for the kids jumping on them sporadically. I'd to leave off of 'em because of the severe tendinitis and had felt only recently brave enough to get back on them.

    Not something someone over 50 at 15 stone would want to jump on cold - I spent plenty of time warming up the wrists, shoulders and elbows (my complete tendinitis physiotherapy routine to be exact) and appropriate dynamic movements before I went near the rings.

    I'd say that easily three fourths of my time was used in the warm-up (omitted here due to being a month behind in logs).

    The little fellow below dern't quite hold at the top position but he gets an 'A' for effort - and so should I...

    Gym Rings:

    Hold from Top Position
    (3 sets @5 seconds each)


    Ha...not today
    Dips (3 sets @3 reps each)
    I warn't able to do that last push to the top as the fellow demoing below does - I think I'd shot my load, as far as strength goes, while holding from the top position earlier - remind me to alternate ring routines with crunches, bagwork or something.

    Anyroads, the gymnast below is doing a 'muscle up' - you take one of these and subtract the humungus pull-up and one has, more or less, a ring dip, IIRC - which is what I did cause there's no way I could do one of those muddafuddahs!


    Believe it or not folks, I was spent as far as upper body goeth. Any more and I was in danger of pulled muscles galore - which I really don't need right now.

    Had plenty left for leg work but my time was up.

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  17. belltoller

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    Warm Up: 1mile jog, alternating 40 metre sprints every quarter mile

    Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5) 47.5kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5) 47.5kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 40kg (5X5) 52.5kg

    Barbell Row (1X8) 20kg, , (1X5) 30kg, (5X5) 40kg
  18. belltoller

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    A good bit of speed bag work. I became enamored of Floyd Mayweather's speedbag drills and spent more time than I should have attempting to duplicate what I saw ( what I think I saw, that is)

    Its easy to maintain a fast tempo jab arm and then to learn to maintain a fast tempo on the right - but putting them together in a seamless, fluid motion that goes on and on - even with elbows as I've seen others do - something else altogether.

    Speedbag 2 X 10 minute sessions

    I'm really missing having sparring/training partners. Try as I might ... videos, self cams, whatever - there's no duplicating the dynamics of an active training gym.

    This is all getting too depressing...
  19. belltoller

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    Gym Rings

    Same as last except this time I did alternate with sit-ups and the jump box. It seemed to help. After each set of Hold from the top, for example, I would do two minutes of sit ups or two minutes of the jump box, etc.

    Extended Dynamic warm-up omitted for brevity.

    Hold from Top Position
    (3 sets @7 seconds each)

    Ring Dips (4 sets @3 reps each)

    Ring Pull Ups (2 sets @3 reps each)
    I have to be honest, I was really faltering by the time I was on the pull-ups. Really hard to stabilise, though in many respects, I think pull ups on the ring will be easier on my elbow than bar pull-ups.
    Sit Ups (lost count but approx 5 sets@ 2min each set
    Jump Box ( " )
  20. belltoller

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    Dynamic Stretches omitted

    Back Squat (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5) 50kg

    Bench Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 40kg, (5X5) 50kg

    Dead Lift (1X8) 20kgm (1X5) 40kg (5X5) 55 kg

    Overhead Press (1X8) 20kg, (1X5) 35kg, (5X5) 42.5kg

    Static Stretches omitted.

    It won't be long before I'm scrounging for more weight plates - I'd a minimal standard bar and a few odd plates to begin with - and I can see the standard bar's limitations already.

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