The Cuban Connection?

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    The Cuban connection
    So I started Aikido a couple of months ago, unfortunately here where I live no one seems interested in the Traditional MA. He had to close his school due to attendance. He to,d me to keep practicing and is sending me videos occasionally. This Sensei whom I was taking both Aikido and Kendo under was from Cuba. His Aikido he told me was not really “accepted” by the Aikikai. He had studied for 24 years and has been an instructor at various schools near me before he opened his own dojo which as I said he closed as I was his only student. I had followed him on social media for about 3 years. He used to got train in our local park by himself all year round, in rain, snow, etc. He would do numerous suburito daily. He said he did not believe in the “dancing” style of aikido although he was teaching me break falls for tori and uke. His Aikido was named after the Cuban town he is from. He told me his Kendo Sensei’s name and his Sensei was named Mujica. He also said he had a Japanese Sensei. He recently bought a house and said he was going to build his own dojo there. Anyways this brings me to the question….does he sound legit? I know by reading different books we did a lot of what traditional Aikido does, except he has the Japanese characters during seiza that represent his school and not the Aikido kanji. What is the connection of Aikido to Cuba? Maybe I’m a little sheltered in my thinking but would Castro have allowed MA training? I have a video he sent me of his Aikido Sensei. And his Kendo Sensei has the same name as a very recent Olympic gold medalist in kata. Although it’s not the same guy.
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    Cuba has three dojo that are all aikikai aikido dojo.

    So if he's claiming the aikido he learnt wasn't aikikai, he may well be lying.

    There's also kendo is Cuba, it would be worth comparing the names of the head teachers with the names this guy is claiming.

    Unfortunately martial arts do attract fantasist, so it's always worth checking thing out!

    Good luck!
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    He never claimed to not be a member of the Aikikai. He said they didn’t like his style because he didn’t believe in all “the dancing” his is more direct. I do have videos of him with his Sensei in Cuba. I don’t think he’s lying I think he just isn’t part of the Aikikai. His Kendo Sensei is Ariel Torres. It’s hard to google that name, especially now lol
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    You were asking if he was legit, what about his story to you doesn't sound legit?

    Aikido and kendo are taught in Cuba.

    So it's definitely possible that he learnt there.

    Did he get his blackbelt under the aikikai?

    What about his kendo Dan grade?
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    Maybe legit isn’t the correct terminology. He had never really had his own dojo. Always taught at local schools like Karate, etc. Around here most folks don’t want to do anything unless it’s “ufc related” if you get my drift. He just couldn’t make it with his school. I asked him his lineage and he told me in Cuba he was in the military and his Sensei in Aikido was Yosvany Mo(u)jica. He has videos from Cuba training with him I’ve seen. He has been in the us since 2006. His Kendo Sensei is Ariel Torres, I’ve only seen a picture of him. And apparently Sensei Torres is the student of a Japanese Sensei named Murioka. I’ve seen his picture as well. There are a couple of Aikido schools near me but they’re in the city and I dread that drive. They’re aikikai schools. My Sensei says he is the founder of his style of Aikido which is the Japanese translation of Pinar del rio which means Pine River School. I’m just really curious about the lineage. And I’m curious why he has renamed his Aikido to a style.

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