The Basics of Defence

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Melanie, Sep 13, 2005.

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    harukoraharu's a woman.
    Dunno if that changes your desire to have someone grab her and squeeze her?
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    bottom line is... try it... like you mean it... then argue it if it doesnt work.. OH.. and as in any technique.. try it more than once...

    The dojo is a labratory for experimentation.... get to work...

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    I don't understand why people don't think groin kicks will really work. WTF? Jeez...of course they work. Why would anyone think that they would not work? Strikes to any part of the body will or will not work, depending on the specific circumstances.

    I have seen people get kicked in the groin in actual self defense encounters. the person who was kicked did not get angry, and they did not instinctively block. He fell to the ground holding his groin almost unconscious.
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    Seriously guys, unless you can fight in the first place, cracking someone in the junk is pretty much a desparation technique. Odds are you're not going to land it clean or get the desired result against a resisting opponent. There's a reason fighters fight. Simply being smaller or a woman doesn't unlock secret techniques for you. The fundamentals of fighting are the same. You simply have to be better prepared than your opponent to expect to consistently successfully navigate conflict, and that means putting in more mat-time against bigger people.

    And why is something about a couple cool tricks to use on an attacker callled "Basics of Defense"? Shouldn't that cover things like observation, positional security and social interaction?
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