The art of fiding without fiding- Pakehraja anecdote 2

Discussion in 'Silat' started by pakehraja, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Salam to all.

    Now its time for the second anecdote of this series. For those who have not read yet, please read anecdote 1 so you would have the right frame of mind.

    This story was told by my younger brother. He was lucky in the way he had the opportunity to accompany uncle in some of his adventures, while I was away in boarding school most of the time. This story is a little bit funny too.

    Now uncle is famous for another thing, having several wives (muslim can marry four). When this story happened (in the 80s)he already had two wives. Now he is about to marry a third one, a widow. It was a small ceremony as minimal as required by islamic practice. However, there were oppositions to the marriage on both sides. Apparently the biography of uncle was so well known even in that village, some quarters in the family of the woman would do anything to stop it. But uncle couldnt care less.

    On the day of the wedding, he asked my brother to come along. No other family member was invited. He was just that way. So away they went.

    My brother narrates:
    "When we arrived, I was worried, there was a row of mean looking men, with clubs standing at the gate of the bride's house" (Well, uncle was famous in that sort of way).
    "Uncle, I am scared.." My brother told uncle. He was probably fifteen at that time. The idea of being turned into a mashed tapioca was not so pleasing.
    "Don't worry, come'on" said uncle
    "But.." brother was still hesitant.
    "Cut it out!" uncle snapped. "Just follow me, believe me nothing will happen"
    And so my brother just tagged along.
    What happened next was a bit strange, and my brother found it amusing.
    "You know what, it was strange, when we walked past those men, they were standing still looking stupid" My brother chuckled "The look on their face, was funny. Kinda stupid. Well they were stupid, with thier numbers and the size of those clubs, why didn't they just take a chance and have a go at uncle. But there they were, standing still as statues, as if being dumbfounded".
    So brother and uncle went into the house and carry on the wedding business. The ceremony went well. And no incident happened...on that day that is.

    Now that is what I call the art of fighting without fighting.

    until then, Salam.
  2. dark-angle

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    So is he alive or not :confused:
  3. pakehraja

    pakehraja Valued Member

    grammatical mistake

    Hi dark angle, I am sorry for the confusion, you see english is not my mother tongue so if you read my post you notice how i mess up the singular plural, past present tense. sorry.
    The sentence should read:
    Then he was about to marry the third wife.
    He died 5 years ago. So the incident told was about the time he was about to marry his third wife, in the 80s.
    Sorry again, hope this clear things up.
  4. pakehraja

    pakehraja Valued Member

    And before anybody, take issue on this, I said he died recently, although 5 years ago. I dont have clear idea how long does recent mean, if you take his life span of over sixty years, then 5 years is just a while ago. Beside I feel it so recent since I have been abroad for a couple of years.

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