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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by hybrid_TKD, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. hybrid_TKD

    hybrid_TKD New Member

    We are fairly new to TKD (only started a few months ago) and we have found that the price of promotion testing seems a bit strange. Colored belts arent too bad, it starts at $30 for yellow and increases $5 per belt til you get to black ($30=yellow,$35=orange,$40=green,$45=blue,$50=purple,$55=brown,$60=red) but testing for black is $800 and it goes up(like double) for each dan testing.

    The question we have is this. Is it customary at all or most TKD schools that testing for black belt to be so expensive?

    We really like our school and instructor, and we know its a long time before we will be testing for black belt being we were just promoted to orange but we were curious if this is the standard in all or most schools?

    Oh I thought we should add that our instructor told us that the price of testing for black belt includes a new (diffrent type) uniform, certificate from the WTF, A black belt with our name on it and a ID card with our picture.

    we figure that the cost of all of that is only a few hundred at the most?

    What do you think?
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  2. Helm

    Helm New Member

    My black belt grading cost £90 which is about $140 i suppose, that included a new belt and WTF certificate.

    My 2nd dan was just £10 more. Same deal.

    $800 seems....extortion.
  3. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    I kno, my black belt testing costs 600 dollars.

    It is bs in my opinion.

    TKD is an AWESOME art and sport, but the one thing that can destroy it is Greedy *******s who call them selves "Masters"
  4. darlph

    darlph New Member

    Our testing fee only changes with what certificate you want until Black Belt. Mini kicks $15. White up thru brown is $25 unless you want the "big name" certificate. Black Belt is $150, then 4 weeks later you have a promotion to do in front of the school which usually means a special gi, a gift for the instructor, and the main course for the food. So for Black Belt when you are totally finished approximately $300 or so.
    Each school has different protocols. I have seen some schools have you pay for a test and hand you someone else's used belt, or, just put a strip of colored tape around your already existing belt.
    As always, i suggest you check out several schools before signing anything. But testing questions and prices are usually the furthest thing to think about at the time you sign up.
  5. TKDad

    TKDad New Member

    At our studio, each colored belt promotion test is $55. The black belt test (recommended rank, w/o personalized belt) is about $125 with a mini-fuss ceremony in the studio. The first degree black belt w/personalized belt is about $200 with a major-fuss ceremony, the test in a ritzy hotel ballroom (nothing like pressure) and reception afterwards. We also have optional cross-art and specialized "seminars" in judo, joint lock, weapons sparring, etc. that are $40 for the first in teh family and $25 ea for additional family members.

    For as much enjoyment as I get (and considering that the studio program fees are about like the local ftness facilities), it's not such a bad deal.

  6. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    200 bucks and you get that? We gotta pay 600 dollars with no reception or anything!
  7. hybrid_TKD

    hybrid_TKD New Member

    I think I may have found the reason it costs $800. I think the $800 includes all the above mentioned things and free training once you achive your black belt. if only for one year that would be worth about $600
  8. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    I am getting totally ripped off here.....
  9. sparky

    sparky New Member

    I am about to take my test on Sat and they wanted $650.00. I thought that was way too high. It seems everyone has the same problem. I feel a little better now. I was told I was getting the certificate from korea and a "free" uniform. Ohh yeah and the engraved belt. owwww, I could buy one for 20 bucks..
    I count on $300 that should cost... I doubt the "extra" training will happen after I pass the test...
    Just putting in my 2cents.
  10. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    I paid nothing, but that wasn't TKD...

    $800 is ridiculous though.
  11. booksie_girl

    booksie_girl Lucy the Terrible

    At my club, in Australian $ it's

    White to blue $30 (each grading)
    Blue to red $50 (each grading)
    Red belt to black tip $110
    Black tip to 1st Dan $210

    Each grading which involves going up a colour, you get a new belt. Otherwise, we attatch a colored stripe of the apropriate colour. Black Belt includes uniform. I'm not sure what the prices are after that, as I'm only a yellow belt myself.
  12. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Our school is comparable to yours hybrid_TKD

    .... except it begins at I believe 45.00 and increases 10.00 each belt with 1st dan black belt test being 400.00

    Every school is different as to what that testing cost includes. It is your responsibility to find out (note: to new students) before continuing on with your training.

    Costs may include .... if certificate comes direct from Kukkiwon, federation/union/association dues, cost for visiting Master to grade, uniform included, embroidered belt with Korean name/English name (this costs a bit), large framed diploma/certificate, etc. etc....
  13. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Coloured Belt grading with Grandmaster Rhee (2 hour seminar included) - £25/$40 approx

    B Belt - 3 day course with Grandmaster Rhee

    1st Degree £100/$162 - extra for ITF certificate
    2nd degree £100/$162 - extra for ITF certificate
    3rd degree £100/$162 - extra for ITF certificate
    4th degree £100/$162 - extra for ITF certificate
  14. John G

    John G Valued Member

    Coloured Belt grading

    10 th gup=$40 through to 1st gup $70 = $470

    10 th gup to 1st degree 560+ hrs @ $8 (Ave) / hr = $4480

    IIS Seminars $200 X 1 $300 x 1 = $500

    Club Seminars $75 (Ave) x 9 = $675

    Club Tournaments $60 (Ave) x 12 = $720

    Club Camps $80 (ave) x 5 = $400

    Uniforms/belts/club patches/t-shirts/sparing gear etc. $1200

    books, manuals, cd roms, encyclopedias etc.. $1600

    1st Degree $200 + $300 for ITF certificate

    420+ hrs @ $9 (Ave) / hr = $3780

    2nd degree $300 + $ 500 for ITF certificate

    Total up to 2nd degree aprox $15,000 Au

    Thats aprox 2150 pints of beer (work that out in your own currency) :D

  15. booksie_girl

    booksie_girl Lucy the Terrible

    Ouch! Are they optional, or do you have to buy them?
  16. HKD

    HKD New Member

    well this is the norm TKD is big on ripping people off. this is someting i have been looking into for years. 1st of all the wtf does not issue BB certificates Ull get one from the kukkiwon which cost $90 for a first dan U instructor will in most case charge $100-$300 for a first dan. as U get up in dan ranks 99% of instructors will charge $1000's for a kikkiwon certificate that today is worth nothing. it use to be that U wouldn't compete in a major tournament with out it but now U don't need there certificate because the USTU has taken over all competitions and they dropped that requirment. i have trained in tkd for 15 years and i have seen and heard, it all and this is the norm to get ripped off when it comes to BB testing.

  17. HKD

    HKD New Member

    Ur not going to find many schools that give free training to black belts
  18. HKD

    HKD New Member

    Ur certificate doesn't come from Korea, it comes from the USTU in colorado
  19. John G

    John G Valued Member

    They are optional; however they are necessary as a reference source for maintaining a standard.

  20. TheBorderer

    TheBorderer New Member

    This is an eye opener!

    Nathan, remind me not to complain to much about the cost... granted we all know that MA's can be expensive but still, it doesn't justify people being 'ripped off', makes me think some who are truly dedicated, bout don't have a stash of cash to continue, to quit, but those who have carried on such as Labatt (to which definately shows evidence of the tenets in action, especially persverance! :) ) even tho they express their disasstisfaction of 'exteroniate' rates charged, do wish to carry on as they enjoy the art. As you can see I'm new here so have yet to fully explore MAP, but wonder if any other MA's seem to have such high rates? Question is, what do you do? Mass walk out? hmm... ok maybe stops it for a bit but then soon, some would say, others are recuited.... Since I've been on MAP I've been :confused: over the politics and all that in my Art (which I am only just on the 'first rung' of the ladder), it's beginning to make more sense, in a way it's unavoidable(I mean look at how many MA's there are, it's becuase someone though of a different way of doing things), at the end of the day I'm grateful of the school I'm and in the end (although price should be reasonable) as long as you feel you are taugh well and (naturally) enjoy it, fantastic.

    Sorry I can't seem to offer any comfort to those paying a lot of money, I'm a student so know about wanting to save money! ;) I suppose the options are think of some way to change it or just persevere...
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