Tae Kwon do advice needed.

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Hiroshi Takami, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. Hiroshi Takami

    Hiroshi Takami New Member

    Hey, I am hopefullt gonna start Tae Kwon do, adn I just have the question what schools do you recommed, like the ITF. I have a TAGB club near by where I live, I just wondered what schools to go with and to avoid.
  2. supervole

    supervole New Member

    You should just go to that club and see if you like it.
  3. dfilson

    dfilson New Member

    I agree, the only way to really know is to go and check it out.
  4. Hiroshi Takami

    Hiroshi Takami New Member

    ok thanks for the help =)
  5. d33pthought

    d33pthought New Member

    If you like competing and doing high spinny kicks, go for a World Taekwondo Federation school. Be careful, though, since many overestimate the importance of point-sparring to the extent that they exclude much of the rest of the TKD curriculum.

    On the other hand, if you like a more balanced approach, with an emphasis on self-defense, a good International Taekwondo Federation school would be a good choice. Be careful here, too, though, because some of these are either over-traditional sweatshops that recruit the weak-willed into cult-like submission to a messianic grandmaster. Others may just teach crappy techniques, but these are a lot harder to spot.

    Best advice is to go see a class first, but here's some guidelines to look for in a good school:
    -Everyone shows respect to each other, themselves, and the master
    -Everyone performs moves that are appropriate to their rank very well (white belts are the exception, because these are the just-begunners and don't know too much at all).
    -Black belts and senior students help their juniors with techniques and help teach class
    -Black belts and senior students perform their techniques VERY well(fluidly, powerfully, gracefully)
    -The master or instructors are attentive to the progress of each student
    -The master and/or instructors stretch and direct techniques safely (ie: bouncing during stretches, often called dynamic stretching, is really bad for older students because they can pull muscles easier than younger people.)
  6. slayed

    slayed New Member

    Do research first, martial arts is not just learning about the art, some times the teacher provides a cutural influenses too. I really recommand you do research first, ie the difference between itf and wtf. From what i have seen, *my opinion many of the wtf schools are mcdojos, they dont do sparing, a black belt factory for little kids, and all they want is to force you to sign on the doted line. Seems the IFT school i talk to, dont press you to join. Ultmently is a choice issue of course, research on the term mcdojos, usually, they have a master kim, lee or what ever their names, they have mostly little kids in their classes with black belts, have special demo teams, forces you to sign on doted lines.

    Request a demo class, either sit in for a class, or join them for a class for free. Dont let them boss you around, always always remember when u trying for the demo class, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF your decisions not them. Dont make the decision on the spot or u might regret it later.

    I been to at least 2 mcdojos, now go out their and explorer.
    God speed.
  7. .Mash.

    .Mash. New Member

    Its possible to get schools which meets half way, but sometimes this becomes a compromise. My TKD is affiliated with the WTF, but most of the lesson time is devoted to traditional techniques and sparring. However, if you're more into the sporting side then there are special lessons you can go to which specialise in sport TKD sparring and there are no traditional techniques. Well works for me, see if any schools around you do this system.

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