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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Solane, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Solane

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    This is a bit from the discussion on weapons in the weapons forum. Can any of the High lvl Dans cast any light on the question of when the Ninja-to was used or if ever. Or is it the production of the film industrty.?

    Thanks in advance



    Originally posted by Solane
    Hi All

    Just a small point a lot of traditional Ninjas, used Katanas rather than the ninjito so that they would blend in easier. They would also shorten the katana by a few inches, as this would allow the blade to clear the sheath quicker than their opponent using a traditional length Katana so hopefully making the difference between life and death. Its not what you know or use, but what the other person thinks you know or are using.


    Originally posted by Pesilat (Mike)

    I actually heard that the Ninja-To didn't even exist in feudal Japan, that it was a sword and myth created very recently. But I don't remember where I heard that, so take it with a grain of salt.


    My reply

    Hi Pesilat (Mike)
    I have heard something similar as well but not sure where.
    The straight bladed single edged sword is easier to make than a katana, Also the ninja did not revere their swords the same way as the samurai as it was just a tool to be used.
    I seem to remember seeing a book by Hatsumi with a discussion on the weapons used and when they actually started to be used. I don’t own it my brother does so I will try and find out off him if he knows where he has put it in his new house. :)
    Don’t hold your breath though. :)
    I will put a post in the Ninjutsu forum as one of the senior Dans may have a better Idea or memory. :)

  2. ichiro katsumor

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    i beleive the ninja to was used in a few slight cases by ninja for price and practicallity but i beleive that it was made famous by no theatre i cant be sure but that is what i heared

    -ichiro katsumori-the pale faced warrior
  3. Darzeka

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    Also you should realise that all people are different and some may have prefered a straight blade over the curved katana.

    And the Ninja-to may not have been made to look like a sword, could have been hidden inside a cane?

    But I think the idea of a cheap, sharp and disposable instrument is probably valid.
  4. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    That's what the ninja-to was, a cheap, disposable tool, meant to be abandoned if neccesary. No artistic effort was put into it, flat steel, ground to an edge and given a point. Heavier tsuba than a katana, usable as a step when climbing a fence or wall. I'll have to do a little research and see when it was introduced.
  5. ichiro katsumor

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    exactly!!!it was dispossable. actually thats not an out dated concept many pro criminals use "through aways" to do there dirty deads.lol.sounds funny that way.but anyway also if there was no decoration and almost no effort in the blade there'd be less fear of breaking it or making it dirty no attachment to it.im pretty fond of my blade but if i needed id chuck it right out .lol

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