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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Andy2k3, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I'm looking for a suitable martial art (or arts) in the Bedford area which will match my previous experience as closely as possible but take into account disabilities.

    I used to study Heaven & Thunder Fist Kung Fu (a mixed style based on several underlying traditional principals including Crane, Pak Mei and others) which was a mix of internal and external but mostly internal.

    I also studied Tai Chi as a martial art, which I really enjoyed, as well as a few weapons ( Nunchaku, Eskrima, some sword)

    I stopped the Kung Fu mainly because of problems with my low-back (due to a rotation/impact injury in '89 which is still a problem) and problems relating to my right leg, which is both slightly shorter (around 1.4cm) and rotated (femur rotated externally about 15degrees).
    The specific problem which really threw me was when I started doing spinning kicks - every time I tried one on my right leg I'd end up on my backside, and my ankle would be hell for weeks. It wasn't til I investigated that I found that my right Fibula was still fractured (around a 1cm gap midshaft) from an earlier operation to partially correct leg length difference (was around 10.5cm at one time!)

    The back problem still exists, and the right leg is still busted, and the rotation of the right leg (which used to be around 45 degrees) gives some problems with the patella, as it likes subluxating (partial dislocation) but not as much as it used to.

    Surgery etc has meant that I am no longer 'fit' (I'm a qualified fitness instructor, and used to be in the gym every day) and I'd like to incorporate some sort of fitness into the arts if possible (The gym no longer holds my interest)

    I found a link on the net giving an Aikido school in Bedford, but would also like to find other suitable styles as well.

    What I don't want is the 'sports' martial arts or to go to someone who is too rigid to adapt for disabilities (I remember when a Master of Pak Mei came over from China - his younger entourage where going round and simply kicked my feet into the 'right' position; the fact that my hip was rotated through 45 degrees didn't matter- they didn't take the time to ask why my foot was where it was!)

    I'd also like to take my fiancee along - she's interested in doing some as well (she's done a little Tang Su Do in the past)
    Suggestions welcomed.
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    Here's a link that may help to get a bit of more information about your lower back to know what to do and not what to do.

    Aikido is not a good idea. Especially when it still hurts today when it had happened back in 89'.

    I suggest to let it recover fully or do very small amount of exersizes every day, that doesn't disturb your spine. Your spine is almost like your lifeline. Your putting your back at risk, to have more serious injury.

    If you enjoyed Tai Chi, you should stay in that Martial Art, if it didn't bother your back. That's the only option that I can think of that will do the best for you now.
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  3. Andy2k3

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    Thanks for that.
    The back will never 'heal' - whatever damage is there for life.
    I'm fine with what exercises to do and not to do (I'm a qualified Sports Therapist).
    Finding Tai Chi as a martial art isn't easy - mostly it's done just for the relaxation/spiritual side of things in most classes, but I'll keep trying to find a good one.
  4. Shrukin89

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    BTW welcome to MAP :D

    and keep up with the good work in searching. :)
  5. Melanie

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    I understand your dilema - its the instructor as much as the art that makes it. When you find the right one you can ask them to adapt their training to your capabilities and desires to strive further. It will take some inciteful questioning on your part. :)
  6. Matt_Bernius

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    Let me do a little checking for you. I might have a few suggestions.

    - Matt

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