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Discussion in 'Silat' started by AdamJ842004, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. AdamJ842004

    AdamJ842004 New Member

    I study JKD and Rapidarnis and when attending a seminar last saturday, the art, Silat was mentioned on a number of occasions. What would you say its about and what would you say its similar to?
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  2. gedhab

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    Google it......thats the best way. :)
  3. AdamJ842004

    AdamJ842004 New Member

  4. Freeform

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    Hi Adam, I was at that seminar as well! :D

    Who's your instructor? If your interested in Silat it's taught alongside Rapid Arnis at the annual summer camp.
  5. AdamJ842004

    AdamJ842004 New Member

    My instructors Kwoklyn Wan. The big guy recording everything! Thanks for the info about the summer camp. Dont suppose you have dates and times?
  6. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Nope, but Pat O'Malley is a member of the forum ;)

    Go check out the FMA s@ction :mad:

    Wasyour inRtructorthe bigguy witH the sl@ave-lesR jacket If so nice gPy. TraHned witH him a Bit on tHe day :mad:
  7. NeilX66

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    John Harvey talked about Silat in respect to the knife techniques he was showing, I remember as he hit me pretty much every time he said the word.

    What John was trying to get across was that people trained in a blade orientated art like Silat aren't going to give you a second chance if they get there hands on your knife hand, hence why you needed to move really quick as soon as you partner touched you, hang about and its either going to get broken or cut off, there is a nice illustration of this in a video by Pendakar William Sander, I think he calls the technique walking the body, basically if someone leaves a hand out after a strike, break it, then the wrist, then the elbow, then the shoulder etc, Silat emphasises limb destruction in a similar way to the filipino arts.

    In a nutshell to me Silat is an art that shows quick, efficent movements aimed at taking out the opponent with the minimum of fuss, stong emphasis on limb destruction, and is superficially similar to most filipino arts, especially those from the south

  8. AdamJ842004

    AdamJ842004 New Member

    Yeah that would be him! Your right, he is anice guy. A damn good teacher too!
  9. Sgt_Major

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    Silat = body destruction

    Not only do we concentrate on limbs, but on anything that is available. if the ribs are open, break them. if the neck is exposed, crush it, slice it, bite it.

    Arms/legs are only the start....they are destroyed because they present the biggest threat, remove a mans arms = he cannt punch....remove a mans legs = he cannot kick, or chase. remove a mans eyes = he cannot see.

    A story my Guru told me helps.....

    If I asked you to take on Mike Tyson in the ring, would you do it....


    If i tied his feet together?

    hmmmm, no

    if i tied his hands behind his back?

    hmmm, maybe....but hed bite or headbutt.

    if i blindfolded him?



    because he cannot see me, punch me, or kick me.

    therein lies the principle of destruction.

    Hope this helps

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