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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by cbraves85, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. cbraves85

    cbraves85 Valued Member

    Is tkd effective in street fighting?
  2. Kwan Jang

    Kwan Jang Valued Member

    -Any martial system can be very effective if you train with practical application and realism. Another factor is, while sport can enhance your training, don't let the rules and artificial limitations create bad habits (ex. fighting w/ your hands down). Without learning to be adaptable and versitile, any system can come up lacking. An even greater consideration is how hard you train and your mindset and heart/indomitable spirit. In my experience it is less the style, but the person that counts(the old saying of it's not the style who makes the man, but the man who makes the style). And you can find instructors from any system that can help bring that out from within you.(Unfortunately, you can just as easily find ones who don't from any system as well).
  3. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    as they say its not the bow and arrow, its robinhood. in a streetfight, the smartest thinker and the one with nerves of steel win prevail, not often the most talented martial artists
  4. Birdman

    Birdman New Member

    While TKD has taught me to fight it has also taught me that people are more capable of defending themselves than you may think and learning to avoid a street fight is always the best choice. Always remember the winner in a street fight is the one with the gun.
  5. Hwoarang

    Hwoarang New Member

    Birdman: How true!
  6. Falling_link

    Falling_link New Member

    Or in my case the one with the recurve bow..... perhaps not
  7. Justin

    Justin ITF-Taekwondo

    i agree
  8. Holgate

    Holgate New Member

    I would say if your into a martial art for street fighting then you shouldn't be doing martial arts of any kind in the first place. MA is about self control (especially TKD) and defending yourself only when someone attacks you.

    My first piece of advice....if a fight breaks out, get out of the area, if your attacked defend yourself quickly and then get out of the area. Never use any kind of martial art to attack someone, it brings a bad name on your art.

    Second bit of be truely effective as a 'fighter' you will have needed to have trained for years.

    And yes in a street fight, the winner is always the one with the gun.

    Perhaps I'm being too much of a pacifist or even a coward but I d feel strongly about the use of MA in anything other than defence of yourself of someone weaker
  9. Pyry_Uotila

    Pyry_Uotila New Member

    Well, i've discovered that you can use proper techniques in street fighting (which you propably mean as real self defense situation), any techniques possible in taekwondo, proper blocks, attacks and kicks if you are just well-trained enough, not to fall for the almost useless you know large circular punches you see in films.:rolleyes: 'cause taekwondo is not only in the dojang. you carry your rank and your skills where ever you go, so as grandmaster rhee taught us, a technique is not a poster, it contain's everything from the beginning of the movement to the end, it's not something made to look nice.
  10. Falling_link

    Falling_link New Member

    Anyway the art to street fighting is to rely on a style that isnt rigid, in otherwords not only are you going to use what you've been trained to do but your gonna have to fight dirty, remember "anything" goes in a street fight, another art to them is to use the enviroment surrounding you. All key factors to winning a fight. Basicly what i'm saying is, you can't just use TKD, you have to use moves that are made up on the spot, sounds stupid, anyway you shouldnt get into street fights anyway. Unless you want the chance of a nice death
  11. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    the best street fighting techinques are actually ugly but they work so use whatever works in a street fight, don't worry about what others will say or how you will look. in the end, what matters is that you get out of the fight safe and alive
  12. Falling_link

    Falling_link New Member

    if you have to break an arm break an arm, but never break a leg, neck, or spine nor any head smash attacks, if the police got involved anything over than a broken arm could be seen as gbh
  13. TheBorderer

    TheBorderer New Member

    Seems this always seems to be a recurring question, no matter what MA it is, also a similar thread is going on about multiple attackers, I agreee with Holgate in that in studying a MA, especially TKD you have to learn "self control" (is a tenet after all), in a way I think "street fighitng" isn't really an art at all, no one really 'wins' a street fight you just survive it (of course I'm sure there are those who may disagree with me). Falling_link I agree with you about the breaking an arm and that (much the same view of Holgate), but even then that might be considered exsessive, in the case of the law, its a case of ,you do enough so you can get away and no more than that, but even then, its a very sticky situation!. I suppose some will say that having done a MA you stand a better chance in a such situations, even tho the ideal situation is not even being put into that situation in the first place!
  14. KennyMcC

    KennyMcC New Member

    The true winner is not the one that renders the opponent unconcious but the one who avoids a confrontation and walks away

    when i was younger my mother would always say it takes a better man to walk away, you are naive if you think fighting is always the best way:woo:
  15. Hwoarang

    Hwoarang New Member

    Look folks, in real life, I talk about the country in which i I live, there is no fair fight or fight 1to1, figths begin with no reason or better said they begin just because some baddass moth***** is in the mood of fighting, and the fights aren't even 1to1 but 5to1 or more. Sick, just sick. One night I saw a fight four jerks assouletd one man, bring him on the floor,and then in one second at least seven jerks were kickin the poor man who didn't want even to fight. In that moment I wanted to be Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic(I hope you know who is he) and kick those punks(they were let's say 17-20 years old)
  16. waya

    waya Valued Member

    The most important part of fighting isn't necessarily the system you train, it's in how you can use it. 99% of fights are won by the person that outsmarts the other.
  17. ratman

    ratman Valued Member

    I witnessed a fight today . Some skin heads picked a fight with an oriental guy and his girl friend near the chinese community.Didnt quite see how or why it started. This guy single handedly took on 3 of this guys ,using spin kicks and some kind of punches(think kungfu). They ended up running when none of them could touch him,shouting insults as they ran. And we the shameless public just stood watching. Well looked like he didnt need help.
    But again wot if things hadnt gone his way. Wot could i do??
  18. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

    any martial art, by nature of the fact that it is a martial art teaches fighting techniques and so these techniques can be used in a real situation.
    The thing is, is that there is not any teacher of any style that can tell the student to decide to use a technique when given the choice. In other words you can have all the technology in the world at your disposal, but it is useless if you do not posess the will to act.
  19. flyingblackbelt

    flyingblackbelt New Member

    you can train in martial arts for the art or you can train to protect yourself and youll end up with two totally different experiences. As great martial arts is it doesnt necesarily teach you how to protect yourself on the street because youre taken out of youre comfort zone and the rules are eliminated. Now obviously the ideal training situation is to work both on the art and the self defense. Learning how to spar does not necessarily mean you know how to defend yourself. I would never fight on the street like i spar. People have a misconception about martial arts, especially the people who dont take martial arts, that if you do it youll be able to protect yourself against anyone within six months and thats just not true, it takes time and dedication to get yourself to the point where you can protect yourself and always feel confident about protecting yourself on the street. The real irony is that when you reach that point youve also gotten to mental level where you will be able to avoid 99 percent of all fights.
  20. Spikedude

    Spikedude Valued Member


    well i agree with those who say street fighting is wrong but for true self defense unless taught differnt ive seen that tkd is more of a sport then a self defense art i would train in maybe submison arts

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