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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by MustangFa1con, May 28, 2003.

  1. MustangFa1con

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    Hi, I'm new to martial arts and am trying to find out what style would best suit me for what I'm looking for. I've been looking on-line a lot and reading too, trying to research what avenue I should go down, since I am expecting to put a lot of time and effort into this. I am trying to learn an effective, very practicle fighting style that works would be beneficial in a real confrontation...I'm trying to learn how to fight basically, for self defense and also for some excersice, but excersise is not my main goal really. So, the schools near me in New Hampshire are as follows:

    -Tae Kwon Do
    -Shaolin Kenpo Karate
    -Enshudo Jujitsu
    -Japanees Karate
    -Okinawan Karate
    -Budo Taijutsu
    -Sayok Kali

    The style I've been looking into lately is the Shaolin Kenpo. I've pretty much ruled out the Tae Kwon Do, the Jujitsu (since its not a really quality school), and I'm not down between the ninjutsu, the karate, and the kenpo. The Sayok Kali place turned out not to actually train specifically Kali, but only incorporate Kali into their "combative concepts" class which they say is good for people who want to add on to their exhisting martial arts skills by learning a their system which includes shoot fighting/catch wrestling/kali/etc...can someone here give feedback/input? Thanks
  2. grandmaster mat

    grandmaster mat wataaaahhh!!

    i can only say something about tae kwon do really, its a shame its a crappy school mate, would of been worth going, everyone has said this so many times but if u want to be a good fighter u have to train in a kicking martial art, a punching martial art and a grappling martial art, like tae kwon do, wing chun and BJJ
  3. Sweeet

    Sweeet Valued Member

    Hmm.... incoming biased opinion...

    I'd definitely go for either the Ninjutsu or the Kali. I'd love to train in Sayoc Kali as Sayoc is widely recognized and Tuhon Chris Sayoc is very widely recognized and has a good reputation. Personally, if I had the opportunity - I'd love to train with them just based on the hearsay. Unfortunately they're nowhere near me.

    Kali will certainly work for your need of self-defense, it's a 'no bs' art - definitely. By the sounds of things they give you a good mix of all ranges in the training - which is good because it gives you a broader range of influences than just pure Kali.

    If you're hard-set not to do the Kali, I'd definitely go for the Ninjutsu - I've never had much exposure to Kempo so I can't say much - but I can say the I do love Ninjutsu :) I suspect by the 'Shaolin' prefix to the Kempo that it'll be more traditional - ie, less eclectic and not as well rounded. You might get bogged down with alot of non-self defense fluff - meditation, whatever. Not that that stuff is necessarily bad - it just doesn't seem to be what you're looking for.

    Once again, I'd say you're lucky to be in range of training at Sayoc Kali - I'd love to do that myself.

    I'm sure the Ninjutsu place is probably quite good as well. Not as reputable, but that doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the quality of the training.
  4. ptcruiser

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    I'm new to this forum but not to ma.
    I've been in ma since 1968 studied in 5 different styles.
    Research the art you want and remember the style is only a small
    part, the instructor and yourself is the greater part. MA blackbelt
    instructor since 1973. Most the styles you named are good styles.
    Focus not on the body alone, but mind, body, and spirit/soul.
    Look for a school that teaches survival as well as instinct and good luck.
  5. xplasma

    xplasma Banned Banned

    Shaolin Kenpo Karate I am assuming is the Fred Vallari system. If so, DO NOT do it. the Vallari system in one of the worst styles I have seen around. There are 2 Vallari Sudios in my town alone and they are the laughing stock of the Martial Arts community. They conbine 3 Martial Arts and take worst aspects of all of them.
  6. xplasma

    xplasma Banned Banned

    oops forget my choice for you

    I would choose Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu)
    I have great expirence with that art.
  7. MustangFa1con

    MustangFa1con New Member

    I don't think this is a Villari system, but perhaps a Grand MaƮtre Castro system of Kenpo. The instructor is a 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kenpo American Kenpo Karate. It reads on his certficate in his office Shaoling Kenpo, and in smaller font letters, American Kenpo Karate, but on the school's patches and its logo, it says Shaolin Kenpo Karate. This stuff is getting confusing!
  8. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Shaolin Kenpo is known in Japan as Shorenji kenpo, and known in Chinese as Shaolin Chuan'fa.

    There are a few branches : Villari, Castro are very well known. I study a version developed by Shihan Christopher Geary, after he studied with Nick Cerio and Lou Angel. Shihan Geary's first black belt was in American Kenpo, then later in Tenchi Goju Kai, and then more belts in his own system.

    I like our system because it incorporates the 'hard and soft' styles from Goju-ryu (circulr/linear), animal forms from Shaloin kung-fu, pain-infliction and 'brutality' from Kenpo, and joint lock stuff from aikido.

    If you are in new Hampshire, there is probably a Nick Cerio kenpo school near you - that is their base. are thy any good? Prof. Cerio was one of the best.

    David C.
  9. matsloth

    matsloth New Member

    student looking for club

    hi i am an instructor in the art of kenpo karate/jitsu. you as a student must realise its not the art thats important but the instructor and dont be fooled by crapy halls ect .try them all. most instructors should let you train once or twice for free i do .buy or borrow some training videos on your fav styles or better still cross train i study anything i can get my hand on. but i hope it turns out great for you anyway you decide to go .
  10. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    Hey, I want a school that teaches good luck!

  11. The Technical

    The Technical New Member

    I studied Shaolin Tsu Kempo, and it's very good, but you just want to get conditioned and learn to fight good fast, then by all means get to a boxing club, in believe there's one in every town. Once you become good at it, try to look into grappling (Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling).

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