So...what are you wearing?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by benkei, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. benkei

    benkei Valued Member

    What kind of judogi I mean (get your minds out of the gutter!)

    Since I just ordered myself a couple of Mizuno shiai, I thought I'd see what everyone's preferences were. I was really hoping to get a hold of a eurocomp in my size but alas, they are all sold out. What do you wear/like, and why?
  2. JackMcCann

    JackMcCann Valued Member

    I wear a blitz gi, I've only started and it was cheap but durable and met the job. Can take alot of abuse too. :)
  3. Gripfighter

    Gripfighter Sub Seeker

    only ever owned four, a blitz one from my club hated it cheap, uncomfortable and didn't take long to shrink, a white mid price adidas one, ok training gi getting a little small now wouldn't wear it to anything formal. a blue slightly more pricey adidas one a good gi that's served me well, id have been happy to wear it to competition but having not dried it properly and been forced to throw it in the tumble dryer before training the other week id say its now very much just a training gi. and this is sitting down my stairs waiting to get sent back as I didn't know there was to different versions of every size for gis (medium and slim) and bought one to big for me.
  4. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Cheap blitz one I bought off another member who bulk buys them for his judo club. I did have a lovely black black-eagle one but I tore the back out of it trying to tear my patch off.

    If I had the money I'd get myself a lovely navy Tuff gi though. comfy, lightweight and sexy as hell. See a lot of them at comps too.
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  5. Gripfighter

    Gripfighter Sub Seeker

    haha geez its bad enough going up against anyone in a BJJ gi with any judo gi (I think allot of BJJ guys find that baggy collar a godsend) but in one of this darn blitz numbers ? your a braver man than me.
  6. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    I have a cheap Adidas one that has shrunk horribly (but was nice and comfortable initially) and a more expensive Toraki one which has a really stiff collar that annoys my opponents and training partners! :evil:
  7. KilmarnockJudo

    KilmarnockJudo New Member

    Toraki and Fighting Films are by far the best sensibly priced kits. Both come in at around £130.

    You can spend a fortune on top range Mizunos and Kusakura suits. However... not worth it IMO.

    So... FF or Toraki for a good suit that will last years, wont shrink and looks good :)

    P.S. Avoid Blitz and Adidas. Blitz are crap and Adidas shrink.
  8. Herbo

    Herbo Valued Member

    I think Adidas shrink weird too. Blitz I don't have much of a problem with as its usually the go to for people just getting serious and are significantly cheaper than the FF/toraki/mizuno etc.

    My essimo ippon kit is my competition kit. It fits great due to their slim fit option and isn't easy to grip which helps in comps. The collar is solid as well.

    I like my mizuno shiai, it was my first serious kit and its really well constructed. Comfier than the essimo as well.

    I inheritted a FF black label from a friend. Once again it's a good kit. I would have no hesitation in buying an FF kit again.

    My current favourite kit though is a gold weave Padilla and Sons BJJ gi. Its so much lighter than my other gi's and feels just as strong. The construction and stitching on it is brilliant. Plus because of the weight difference it washes and dries in half the time. Shame I can't compete in it.
  9. KilmarnockJudo

    KilmarnockJudo New Member

    The Essimo kits are like corsets lol!

    They're quite literally painted on and very difficult to grip there narrow stiff collars.

    Great for comps. I wouldn't wear one though... I love oxygen too much :p
  10. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    My nice soft heavyweight Toraki for training, my heavyweight Addidas for comps/gradings. It's so still (even after about 8 years!) that it can almost stand up and fight on its own!
  11. Pkhamidar2com

    Pkhamidar2com Panda Member

    Blitz judo gi single weave :)
  12. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    the cheapest size 4 judo gi I could find that was nearly new on eBay, but I've only done 21 classes so far.

    a Kiai which has a heavyweight jacket, only shrunk a little, still a bit too big, trousers probably need taking up once I get my sewing machine serviced, cost £5.

    second gi, an Ikon, something between a little and mediumweight jacket, still a bit large, might shrink after a couple of hot washes, bargain £1 but the trousers are not elasticated and stick to my quads.

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