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Discussion in 'Silat' started by tellner, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    Ramadan Mubarak!
  2. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Thank you Todd,
    But I did say it, last Saturday :)
  3. venom_effect

    venom_effect Banned Banned

    To everyone too, I am new here. Ramadan mubarak!
  4. prowla

    prowla Valued Member

    A question - are you allowed to drink water during the day during Ramadan?
  5. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

  6. AnakMurid

    AnakMurid New Member

    unless you are ill or travelling....
    in which case you have to make up for the fast later.
  7. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    So a healthy person cannot consume any food/drink at all during daylight?
  8. AnakMurid

    AnakMurid New Member

    Correct, and its worse in SEA in hot countries due to dehydration. But luckily in the temperate climates, the day is short, so it is not long to go without food or water, and the dehydration is not an issue.

    I am not Muslim, by my family in SEA are. I had to participate in Ramadan when visiting them to show that I am not a just a free thinking, pork eating savage, by satisfying them I could endure it. Anyway, I believe in the adage when in Rome do as the Romans do.

    Boy, the dehydration gets you. By 12:00 noon I had a killer headache, and could not swallow a paracetemol because that would be classed as drinking water.
  9. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    I assumed medication was permitted....
  10. AnakMurid

    AnakMurid New Member

    I think there is a difference between taking medication because you are ill, and popping a pain killer because fasting gave you a headache.

    My cousin told me that to experience headache is all part of the the fast. According to my limited understanding, an additional reason for the fast is to be reminded of the suffering that those in poverty/drought/famine endure.
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  11. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    ahhh right, I got it now. My bad.
  12. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    To go for 12 hours without eating or drinking can be rough on someone who is working or moving around much, I think the idea is to stay in and relax.
    Meditate and think. Ponder.

    Gary :)
  13. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Have a Happy Id everyone!!!
    Selamat Hari Raya Idhul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir dan bathin
  14. sulaiman

    sulaiman Valued Member

    Eid mubarak to all.
    Ramadan is such a special month, true we cut out food and drink ( and sex) for the month , and its difficult for the first week or so , but after that your energy levels are incredible.
    personally i do my most intensive training during ramadan, its a great way to examine your energy sources.

    Regarding the headaches etc , this is usually the famous " healing crisis " when the body is not using its time to digest food it completely cleans out your system , the headaches are toxins etc being eliminated as the humours are realigned.
  15. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Selamat Hari Raya Idhul Fitri!

    Selamat Hari Raya everyone. I also ask for forgiveness body and soul :) .


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