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Discussion in 'Silat' started by JoeJKD82, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm not sure if I posted on here before, I recognize some of you from other forums. At any rate, my name is Joe, and I'm from the New England area.

    The vast majority of any "experience" I've had with Silat has been in video format. The only real hands on I got from my sigung (teacher's teacher) Kevin Seaman, who has experience in the Maphilindo method (think it's called Majapahit now).

    I love what I've seen so far. I've been training in Jun Fan/JKD and Inosanto-Lacoste Kali for about 2 years now, and I love to toss in some of the silat I've seen into my training. It blends well. I just wanted to pass on some of my thoughts about the videos I have and thank the instructors who made them, as I feel they are quality products.

    Pendiri Sean Stark's Pencak Silat Pertempuran: I have the Timbilan (takedowns) and Masukan (entries) videos. The way the whole system is designed is great, and the leg entries have really helped my game. The takedowns are a little too subtle to be learned on video, but some experience in the martial arts will teach you where to look.

    Marc Halleck's Panantukan Silat: This stuff is based off of entering using Panantukan, which is basically Filipino empty-hand. I work this all the time, and it is the most comfortable at this point for me to incoporate. I believe Guru Marc is also a Maphilindo player, but I think he's trained with some other guys, too.

    Stevan Plinck's Serak Vol.1: Wow. If you like to go the mental gym, this tape is for you. The concepts on here make sense and are valuble to know. However, like most Silat, if you're trying to learn from this bad boy without experience and a "testing ground", good luck. Very subtle, very sneaky!

    Anyone have any videos they think are must-haves for deepening your understanding? I'm looking into Herman Suwanda's series and Rick Tucci's 2 tape series, and Bob Orlando's Fighting Footwork, but I need something a little more instructional rather than demonstrational. Would these fit the bill? I know I need to see a Guru, but I do enjoy watching the videos.

    Also, I hear Guru Plinck has 2 more tapes out for Serak, but I'm not sure where to get them or what's on them, though I'm sure it's good whatever it is.

    Finally, is anyone going to be up in the New England area teaching, giving seminars, etc.? I'm dying to get some hands-on with a Silat guru, but I don't know of anyone around here.
  2. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    Hey Joe,

    Guru Plinck has a second tape out and a third ready to go. But the company he was distributing through went bellyup, and the person who was organizing it all moved to LA. I'll be getting copies of the VHS masters and putting them on DVD to sell for him Real Soon Now(tm).
  3. jeff5

    jeff5 Valued Member

    Tell. Thats good news, I have the on tape by Guru Plink and I like it a ton!

    Joe. I have the first of Rick Tucci's and its quite good. I'm going to buy the second one. Also, you should check out Ron Balicki's Kali/Silat entries and take downs. Very good as well. I've checked out a couple of Pac Vic's Sera/Serak tapes, and I found them quite informative, they're kind of what your looking for, more instructional than informational. Hope that helps.
  4. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member


    Yes, I've been hearing alot about Pak Vic's work, he has a 24 video series, I will buy one of those and one of Rick Tucci's as well, and post my reviews of them. Pak Vic also has a broadband class that you can watch over the internet. Think I'll check it out just so I can see what a silat class is like, since apparantly there aren't any within 200 miles!! :bang:

    If anyone on this board know of a seminar (or better yet, a school) in the New Enlgand area, please let me know! I am very interested to learn Silat!
  5. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    Joe, our own Bobster could probably make you a good package deal on all of Guru Victor's tapes.
  6. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member

    I'm listening! Actually, if Bobster is who I think he is (Guru Edmonds?) I think he might be able to help me with locating some of Pak Herman's stuff as well.
  7. AnakMurid

    AnakMurid New Member

    I recommend Frank Ropers. His DVDs are very good. Slow motion then actual time. Good commentary, nice structured menu ideal for structured learning from DVD if such a thing is possible. I think his tapes are Setai Hati.

    I personally think some degree of learning is possible, without getting into a debate on can you learn from DVD's, of course you can something.

    You often get a pack of 3 Ropers DVDs (ligitimate copies) on Ebay. I think Paragon Martial Arts sell them too.
  8. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    They were a small group of people I knew practicing Silat in West Warwick, RI. I will ask them first if they were interested to have new student.
  9. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member


    I would be most honored if you could do that for me! Thank you.
  10. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    I will contact Travis Fink first, he is Om Imgram senior students. Please PM me your phone number where he can get in touch with you.
  11. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    I can neither confirm nor deny that Bobster is the same bald-headed, curry-crazed reprobate that you refer to. There might be two of them in Seattle :) But yes, he has a lot of very interesting video material from the Suwanda family and will be getting it published and distributed as quickly as his cramped schedule allows.
  12. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member


    Hi Joe, et all. I can indeed offer you the entire VDT Serak series, including the instructor's tapes, up to level 5. Email me at if you are interested, the price is lower than my morals. If I had any.

    I am also the only place to get Mande Muda (Pa Herman) DVD's, and I want to make an important announcement: The sale of legitimate Mande Muda (Pa Herman's) DVD's will cease at the end of October. THe owner of the material, Yani Suwanda, has decided to stop selling anything dealing with her father. Although this is tragic, we are complying with her wishes. Of course, you will probably find the occasional sale on Ebay, but this is the final month to get any of the original DVD's in a guaranteed format. Please go to my website & look under "Products" for a full report, later tonight. I will be posting the details there in a few hours.
  13. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member

    Excellent! Sent you an email Bobster. I've got to say this is a very civil forum. I'm new to it, but everyone seems welcoming.
  14. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    We are a pretty cool bunch, for the most part. But since we are also humans, we blow it from time to time. The cool part comes with our being able to forgive and forget...Or at least forgive & let sleeping dogs lie. Pencak Silat has no lack of politics in it, just like any other martial art, but we usually welcome intelligent points of view here, as well as good healthy debates. We are also pretty accepting of other points of view.

    The only problem I can see is you being from New England, which means you probably DON'T root for Greenbay.

  15. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    LOL that's cruel Todd!
    People like us have a steady hair growth, the differences is that our hairs grow downward instead of upward. :)
    Politically correct is to say hairless, thin hair, ass head, F@#$%g bald, but not bald-headed :)
  16. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    OK OK OK

    "an alternative tonsorial self-image"
    "boldly deconstructing the concept of 'hair' "
    "freed from the parasitic exploitation of the barber"
    "he's letting his scalp lie fallow this season"
    "aiding the natural migration of hair from head to nose and back"

    Happy now? :p
  17. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    I'm not "bald" per se, I just have flesh-colored hair.
  18. JoeJKD82

    JoeJKD82 New Member

    Actually Bobster, I'm an especially lonely breed this time of year. You see, I live in New England, yet I am a Miami Dolphins fan....

    Big game this weekend for me!

    I sent you an email, though I'm not sure if you got it. Yahoo mail has been kind of wonky lately.

  19. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    I knew that feeling very well. I'm a Notre Dame fan and my wife is diehard Penn State. Last time they played in which the Notre Dame beat Penn State so badly, I have a joy but then I have a trauma :) I was the King of Chateau Bow-Wow for couple days. This weekend, my team the Eagle is playing her beloved team Dallas Cowboy....I may have to leave town :)
    Any suggestion?
  20. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    Yeah...Leave town!!

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