Silat in Spain?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by incunabula, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. incunabula

    incunabula Valued Member


    I'm from Spain and I am very interested to practice any style of Pencak Silat. The reason for this post is to see if any of you know any teacher who teaches in Spain. I've heard of Cikgu Ariffin Gayong Chief UK and Spain but can not find your email or website. I have also heard of Sulaiman who say that teaching at Granada. I wonder if someone can give me some information.

    Sorry for my English but I speak very badly. Right now I'm using a translator

    Thank you very much
  2. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    If you are looking for silat or kuntao in spain. I recommend you go to there are several instructors from europe that come and chat there.. I know a couple of guys who teach kuntao in spain, but their addresses aren't available for me right now as I am at work.
  3. incunabula

    incunabula Valued Member

    Thank you very much
  4. jpgayong

    jpgayong New Member


    Soy un estudiante de Gayong en los Estados Unidos.

    Hay Silat Seni Gayong en España en granada, cordoba, y andalucia. Hay un grupo en un pagina-

    Estos maestros son estudiantes de Cikgu Ariffin y Cikgu Sulaiman Lee de UK. Hay informacion en la "" pagina.

    Ellos son en tambien. Hay informacion en la pagina "silat seni gayong international" por todos los grupos Gayong en europa.

    Lo Siento para mi español. Habia muchos años de usarla!

    Buena Suerte!!
  5. incunabula

    incunabula Valued Member

    Muchas gracias amigo, ya me he puesto en contacto con ellos.

    Un saludo
  6. jpgayong

    jpgayong New Member

    No Problemo! No Problem! Buena Suerte! Good Luck!

    Su Amiga, Your Friend,
    Jen de USGF Jen of USGF
  7. Delphine Aisha

    Delphine Aisha New Member

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