Sifu Bing Zhao - IMA master

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by kungfucat, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. kungfucat

    kungfucat New Member

    Is anyone here familiar with Sifu Bing ?
    He's in Australia and teaches a combination of Bagua and Hsing I.
    Love to hear from anyone who has any experience with this great man.
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  2. Conn

    Conn Valued Member

    Hey Kungfucat, I'm also in Sydney.

    I met Bing once about three years ago. He he was'nt teaching Bagua on it's own (which is my main interest), so I ended up not studying with him. Shame really as I've heard some great reports from a couple of poeple.Do you study with him?

    Also do you fancy getting to gether for a little practice?
  3. SanYuan

    SanYuan New Member

    Hello, i have known him for some time. He is the most exceptional and extraordinary man i have ever met.
  4. theaustralian

    theaustralian New Member

    i was in bings class for about a year but i had to take a break. His old webstie is closed down do you think you could giveme his email or something i realy want to start back up again :) thanks

  5. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Hi Scott,
    I'm in Bing's class.
    He's away in China and returns next week.
    First class is Sat 31 Jan.
    Do you know the location ?
    If you need it , please let me know and I will email his tel to you.
  6. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Hey pandajelly, welcome to the forum, always good to hear from more IMA fanatics, especially locals.

    There's quite a few of us Sydneysiders here, would you be able to post the location/times of Sifu Bing's sessions in case more people want to check out the class?
  7. theaustralian

    theaustralian New Member

    thanks pandajelly it would be great if you could give me the details time place ect:) im realy out of practice tho my email is thanks again :D

  8. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Hey , Nzric,
    Thanks. It is a good suggestion.
    Due to the highly controversial nature of Master Bing's art, it might not be judicious of me to post such info in an open forum like this.

    I consulted Master Bing about this and he has indicated that while he welcomes genuine disciples, he doesn't really need to increase his cash flow this way.

    I don't blame him for being selective, his art has a knack for attracting lot's of unsavoury troublemakers, people who come and ask for a quick demo or those more interested in criticising than learning . There are however a few converts who have never looked back once enlightened. His low key website is no longer online.

    It is not an elitist issue , it is just not an art for someone who just wants to check it out (for fun) or in the process of "shopping around"
    It helps if the potential applicant has some prior background knowledge about Empty Power.
    Not fair ?
    Life's not fair.
    They used to make one wait outside the temple for 6 days under the rain to test a new recruit's determination.
    You've got to want to learn it more than you want to breathe .
  9. Adc

    Adc Valued Member

    Hey Pandajelly
    If interested Nzric, Syd and I meet once a week at a park to Push hands and other sensitivity excerises.How about coming along.
    PM Syd for info.
  10. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Hey Scott,
    Have emailed Bing's contact details.
    If you can't find it in your mailbox, let me know eh?

  11. Adc

    Adc Valued Member

    :D Well I take it thats a "No Thanks" or just a "NO"
    I do think its petty elitist that you think you understand Nzric's prior knowledge and background ability and discount it.
    Strange because in China, people are more then happy to Push with other styles.Our loss, maybe yours,we will never know I guess.
  12. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    You are incorrect in you assumption.
    Master Bing's teaching is about Chi and Empty Power.
    Therefore it is irrelevant to those who don't believe in it, like nzric, if you should review some of his earlier posting like I did.

    Your are right, in China people are more than happy "to push with other styles" but usually as a matter of challenging a rival style.
    But you obviously have little appreciation of how the more esoteric arts have been shrouded in secrecy, and taught only to dedicated disciples , not just anyone who applies.
    Don't universities reserve the right to "pick" who they admit and many will be rejected or not get their first choice.

    If elitist means filtering out people who don't know what they want drifting in and out of class then I guess you are right.

    Those truly interestd in this art will find the door after much persistence and preservation.
    But they need to demonstrate their desire and dedication first.
    I did so why should it be different for anyone else.
    Isn't that more egalitarian?
  13. Syd

    Syd 1/2 Dan in Origami

    I am beginning to wonder if Soggycat, Wang and Pandjelly aren't all the same person. They all sure sound the same...
  14. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Thanks but I dont do Push Hands.
    I'm specialising in Hsing I and get enough practice in class
  15. Shade

    Shade New Member

    Presumably you do push NO hands :D
  16. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Yes. HsingI is a smashing and hammering style
  17. Syd

    Syd 1/2 Dan in Origami

    Hey Panda,

    I think "push hands" was merely a simplistic expression of one of the things we train in when we get together at the park. The main thing is that we are open to training Internal Arts and teaching eachother and learning from eachother as well as discussing and applying new techniques amongst one another.

    The fact is that we are open to most if not all styles and approaches as long as they work and they are practical. We often blend Taiji, Bagua, Chin Na and various other techniques and experiment with what we know searching for new options in training which allow us to improve in our skills.

    Bottom line is that we are open minded and far from dogmatic regarding the Internal arts and welcome anyone who wishes to train or learn with the above tenets in mind. The fact that we are not practitioners of empty force should in no way limit your prescence, should you wish to join us, and infact I would think it could give us a great opportunity to experience something which we perhaps (speaking for myself here) have never felt or seen in the flesh. Having said that it would be an opportunity for you to educate and demonstrate it's principles in an open minded forum among fellow internal stylists.

    As I said we are open minded in the extreme...if it works it works. Apart from anything your Hsing Yi would be most welcome in training.

    Best, Syd
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  18. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    Within China at most parks people are happy to Play and Push styles which has no connection to challenages.Sensativity and grounding drills are an excellent way for the styles to practise with each other.Should that turn into something more heated, then this is usually concerned with the individuals ego."Rivial":rolleyes: styles are much more to do with an individuals ego then any reality other then movies.

    Adc, has lots of appreciation, just not of implied secrecy, he and I both study Chinese language and have both lived for periods in the PRC.
    Any esoteric nature is more to do with language, culture and individual differences.
    2 years ago I seem to remember Bing Zhao having open clases at a primary school.There was no such selection system in place at that time.
    Once again another Sydney Practitioner seems to be saying,
    Only I can have access to the True Way.
    Considering we all live in the same City,then Syd's meetings would be ideal.Or maybe a less offensive Yum Cha in the coming Month?I think Syd would agree that this goes out to SoggyCat Mad about Bagua,Azael and any other Sydney Practitioners.

    Adc, have a good time OS!
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  19. Syd

    Syd 1/2 Dan in Origami

    Here, here... I am open to meeting with any of the Sydney Internal stylists who frequent the board.
  20. theaustralian

    theaustralian New Member

    Sorry panda i didn't get the email/PM do you think you could send it agian i typed the adress wrong its thanks.
    Guys i dont think this sudject needs to get so heated. I think its more that you need to prolly consult with bing before coming to his class so he can give you the details and if your at all serious about it the that wouldn't be too much to ask. Panda has already stated that bing would prefer such details not given away in a public forum had he is just respecting that decision. so i think you need to back off a bit a and give him a break.


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