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    Just posting an update. I do pretty much the same thing most days. I have upped my cardio to 80 minutes 4-5 times a week. I've done a lot though and my legs have really just had it and need a rest for a few days. Just been exhausted from it all.

    Push-ups are still 1 minute rest intervals @ 10 sets and I'm doing a lot of supermans for my lower back to help with arthritis/lower back pain. Doing more calf work. Pretty much anything that doesn't hurt my back or shoulder.
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    I started to add in from time to time my MT training, so i'll start here.

    I think it's been my 5th lesson? +/- 1 lol.

    Anyway, so far the jab is emphasized (like I feel it should actually). We've worked on the jab, right hand many many times on the mitts.

    My last training session was pretty intense at the beginning with jump rope for 1 or 2 minutes, dropping the rope and moving up on the toes and just shadow boxing with my instructor calling out each punch, duck, slip, parry, etc etc. Then back on the rope for another 2 minutes. I think we did this 3 or 4 times and then I felt like I was going to die... but that part is ok.

    He got the rope out that he had tied to a bob doll for me to use to duck under. It was duck, step slightly with the front foot and then slide. I think we did that for about 10 minutes. We then went on to use the bob doll for kicking, 50 kicks on bob's ribs. Since it was higher, there wasn't a lot of power in my kicks... it felt like very little anyway. We then got started on clinch fighting. Using the knees on each side of bob and learning to break away with using some sort of attack on the break and then getting back far enough or pivoting. He said "the guy is likely going to be upset, so you don't want to stand there. NEVER assume that you are going to stop him, fight like he will keep coming". This is a good way to look at it, though I've watched enough combat sports to see guys come apart when they cannot stop their opponent and know that it is important that he reinforces this idea as well. After that he and I worked on the clinch... I got hip tossed multiple times. There was no punching, but just using the techniques on a live person who knows what they are doing. It was quite obvious I didn't... and he did :p. Good session though.

    So this week I've just been working on trying to get faster with ducking the rope and moving forward to apply more intelligent pressure. Hands always up of course ;)

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