Shingetsu Ryu Shurikenjutsu?

Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by Bronze Statue, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Bronze Statue

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    I've seen mention of this style, apparently associated with Seiko Fujita. Is this style still extant? I've heard occasionally of some people teaching it alongside karate.
  2. Kogusoku

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    Shingetsu-ryu is still extant and is taught alongside Koga-ryu kempo in Yamagata. The school is still a member of the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai. They have a small dojo and don't do embu as far as I know.

    It's not to be confused with Nanban Sato-ryu in Saitama, since they have lineages related to Fujita Seiko.
  3. bouli

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    Interesting...any idea where in Yamagata ?

  4. Bronze Statue

    Bronze Statue Valued Member

    Oh, ok. Thanks for that information.

    By the confusion, are you referring to confusion between Koga-regional kempo styles? Or regarding Shingetsu Ryu? (Is it the case that Shingetsu Ryu is not something that Mr. Fujita was associated with?)

    The reason I was curious about it was because I vaguely remember reading of some UK'ers teaching Shingetsu Ryu shurikenjutsu.
  5. Kogusoku

    Kogusoku 髭また伸びた! Supporter

    Fujita Seiko taught Nanban Sato-ryu, Koga-ryu kempo, Shingetsu-ryu shurikenjutsu and ****o-ryu karatedo. He also had some associations with Tenshin Koryu Kempo (AKA: Shinto Tenshin Koryu).

    The schools Fujuta Seiko taught are scattered over Japan now.
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  6. ScottUK

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  7. Kogusoku

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    Thanks Scott, I completely forgot about Inoue Motokatsu's line. I was mainly referring to Ueda Isamu's line. Both lines are jikiden from Fujita Seiko.

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