Sensitivity Training

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Brad Ellin, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. towag

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    Why not at all?.... if more people developed sense awareness, I'm sure there would be far fewer accidents and people would certainly be healthier as a whole. Practising MA does have that effect if its done with intent and purpose...
  2. towag

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    c'mon somebody take up the "challenge" :)
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  3. 47MartialMan

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    Sensitivity Training?

  4. towag

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    Ha ha.... about right...
  5. aiem

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    When I practiced my art everyday in my first year, I was surprised to find that I developed this awareness to some degree. My body reacted even before I was conscious in my mind that something was going to hit me or move me. I remember standing in line at McDonalds, just out from work and nothing on my mind but that fudge sundae. This guy started to move in front of me and my arm automatically raised halfway horizontally across my body to block him. He was apparently going to step back and bump me off balance, but all he hit was my steady arm and it was he who had to adjust his balance. I was genuinely surprised and I sort of smiled at him in apology. He was raising his eyebrow and looked mildly amused and put off.
    My sensei explained that this was the result of continuous training, and other classmates told the same thing happened to them - they reacted unconsciously to protect themselves.
    Sadly, I have had a minor injury and has been out of physical practice for some months now. I actually am stumbling again, though not like before I started my art, but this irks me all the same. Perhaps when I get back to training, I'll develop the sense again? I'll surely give the above suggestions a try, thanks for the post!
  6. aiem

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    I agree with the scientific view rather than the mystical one. Maybe there's more to that, but right now that is how I see it (being young in my art). Sure there are things that cannot be explained, but I think you cannot exclude hard physical science facts from things like this.

    Did I take up the challenge by agreeing with you? :hat:
  7. TaekwonPRO

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    This sounds like a great drill, but I don't know anyone at my school who would be willing to do such a thing.
  8. yorukage

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    The ear plugs idea is neat, that way you minimize sound also
  9. YouKnowWho

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    Do people see something interest in the picture in the 1st post?

    If person A on the left presses down person B's right arm on the right, A can use B's right arm to press down B's left arm, release B's left hand control on A's right arm, and free A's right hand to punch at B's face.
  10. Count Duckula

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    Is this like the 'prevention of psychosocial strain at work' training I have to attend at work next week?

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