Sensei Coyle (Koyo)'s Memorial

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  1. Blade96

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    btw who is the ballerina? Have it got anything to do with Koyo's granddaughter the ballerina e once told me about?
  2. Janco

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    I haven't been on here in a while and am truly gutted to hear of Bill's passing.

    I was fortunate enough to have the honour of training with Makotokai for a couple of months last summer, and like Wonder said previously, his mantra of "don't get hit" will stay with me! I remember one night after I'd been swung about like a burst wellie by his black-belt students, I was telling him about the amazing array of bruises he'd left on my forearms the week previous. As he walked away he just uttered the word "...ticklefest"! :)
    To me, that summed him up; tough as old boots, but tempered with wisdom and humour!

    My deepest condolences to his friends and family.
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  3. lorrainemccoll

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    Hi there, just wanted to say a massive thank u for sharing ur thoughts about our dad Koyo who right up till the end was "tough as auld boots" and his sense of homour NEVER EVER left him :).

    He is a very sadly dearly and unmistakingly missed gem of a gentleman and all ur kind words and thoughts are great to hear and share.

    Thank you all again
  4. LaZair32

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    R.I.P. Koyo.

    Gone but never forgotten
  5. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Hi dad just wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY 4 tomorrow, will be think of u like always but wish u where here. Love u n miss u more today than yesterday and will miss u even more tomorrow.

    Love you Lainybird xxx
  6. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Hi there peoples

    Hi there guys, not heard much from anybody of late so just wanted to let u all know that we're still here and still missing our dad like mad. Been looking through some auld pics and came across these 1s from my wedding day 17yrs ago and he still looks the same, hope u like :)


    p.s. hope all is going well at the club and ur still keeping up the good work x
  7. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Another pic of handsome dad

    Here's another pic of our handsome father :)

  8. Blade96

    Blade96 shotokan karateka

    He was a very nice man who everyone just loved....even online. :)

    Still missing you, Koyo. :)
  9. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I was greatly saddened to learn about Koyo's passing. He was always humourous and always talked a lot of sense.

    It's a great loss to MAP and I'm sure to his students, friends, and above all to his family. My sympathies go (belatedly) to them.
  10. Spinmaster

    Spinmaster Valued Member

    I've been visiting MAP now and again after various absences, and it came as a saddening shock to see this upon my return... despite the fact that I only knew him from brief exchanges in the Aikido forum, Koyo's kindness, extensive knowledge, and uncompromising spirit will always be an inspiration. RIP, Sensei!
  11. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Hello peoples it great to hear from some of u all again and to know that our dad is still missed and not been forgotten to soon, he should always b remembered always and forever with a smile n a laugh and tear in our eye.

    Thank u all for ur nice words as they do help us feel a tad better. Take care n keep in touch :)

  12. discoideum

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    I only recently found out about Sensei Billy's passing. So sad, he was such an inspiring character, a wonderful man, outstanding martial artist. Don't think I ever met anyone with anything but the greatest respect for him.

    Condolences to Jan and the rest of his family.

    He will long live on in the memories of those whose lives he touched.
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  13. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Hello there folks this is Sensei Koyos daughter Lainybird here, just thought i'd drop by and say HI and just to remind u that all ur comments and things r a great help whenever things seem down :(. It was my wedding anniversary the other day and was looking at some auld pics of that day and was delighted to see a familar smilling face staring back so thought i'd attach it and let u all remember and enjoy.

    Take care and hope ur all well

    Lainybird xxx

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  14. Simon

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    Lorraine, I'm sure you have had a little look around MAP and noticed your father is remembered in both peoples signatures and their references back to his posts.

    We, like you still remember the difference he made.

    RIP Koyo.
  15. slipthejab

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    Hi Lorraine,
    Your old man was an inspiration to all of us. He's gone but not forgotten here at MAP!

    R.I.P. Koyo

  16. Simon

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    Just been back and read the first few pages of this thread. Wow.
  17. embra

    embra Valued Member

    koyo still is a legend (legends never die) in Aikido, MAP and in Scotland.
  18. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Thank you all very much guys it is truley much appreciated all the support and words of comfort that we're receiving :), a happy man is what he was and a contented gentleman is now what he is because of all the good he's done and the respect he recieved x

    Thank you all again
    Lainybird xxx
  19. embra

    embra Valued Member

    Tribute to Slim from Dan Docherty

    In the Summer 2011 edition of TaiChiChuan and Oriental Arts, on page 42, there is a tribute to Slim written by Dan, as testament to the depth and breadth of respect that Slim was held by Martial Artists of all styles.

    Online versions of this magazine usually go up after a few months, but right now, its only in printed form.
  20. lorrainemccoll

    lorrainemccoll Valued Member

    Thank you so much Embra for that information and i'm sure to look out for that so i can have a good look and read it out loud for him to hear :), bet he would NEVER IN A MILLION YRS think that sooooo many people would be effected by his passing and would have such magnificant things to share n say about him..... WONDERFUL :) :)

    He's a very lucky gentleman to have the honour to have met personally or via links such humble giving people, his appreciation is passed on through us xxx

    Thank you ever so much
    Lainybird xxx

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