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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Sonshu, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Sonshu

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    I was lucky enough to go to the CAMA seminar this weekend and there was a Silat instructor there and all I have to say is he was REALLY REALLY GOOD!

    Steven Benitez - he was a very skilled martial artist, who's technique was fluid and it really openend my eye to this style - so much so that I think I will try to make some of his classes!
  2. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Hi Sonshu,

    I was there assisting him yesterday.

    If your interested in attending some of the regular classes, send me a private message or post it here.

    Glad you enjoyed the sessions!
  3. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook


    Thanks for your time and I will send you the message.

    It was really good!

    Cheers :D
  4. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook

    Trained with the Silat guys on Tuesday

    Was a good session and really enjoyed it.

    Will be sure to be going back on a regular basis! - cheers Wali and Co :D
  5. Sporran

    Sporran Silverback.

    I attended a seminar with Mr Benitez and his assistant Alvin at the Dan Inosanto seminar in Edinburgh last year, and was blown away by his skills.

    Unfortunately, I cannot make it to London regularly, or I would be learning from him as we speak. Guro Dan mentioned the following day how good he thought that SB's silat was. Praise indeed.

    I haven't been that impressed by anyone in years, possibly due to my lack of exposure to silat, but still....... very good guy.
    Also priase to his assistant. You can't get a good demo if one of them is crap.... :)
  6. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook


    He knows his stuff and Alvin was at the seminar and training with me on Monday night - glad for his time actually as it made things easier for me.
  7. Guru Darren

    Guru Darren New Member

    Selamat all,
    My name is Guru Darren. I am a certified teacher under Pendekar Sanders of Pukalan Cimande Pusaka. I am relocating to West Palm Beach this november. I will be giving a free week of training to who ever is interested in my art. I also do private lessons as well. You can find out more on our system by checking out my site at and my teachers site at any one intersted can email me at
    Guru Darren
  8. paulsilat

    paulsilat New Member

    Guru Darren,

    Good luck with your new venture. The start of something like this is always the hardest.

    Out of curiosity, how did you attain the title of 'Guru'? From my experience in Silat, this is a title that is not easily handed out, and reserved only for people who have truly demonstrated excellence in all aspects of life.

    I have been knows here to sound harsh and insulting, so please don't take my question the wrong way!;)

    Kind Regards
  9. Guru Darren

    Guru Darren New Member

    Selamat Paul,
    I attained the title of "GURU" from Pendekar William Sanders In the art of Pukalan Cimande Pusaka in the year of 2002, and worked very hard to obtain it. You can go to my teachers site and check out the teachers section to see that I am indeed a certified instructer and earned every bit of this title.

    What type of silat do you study?

    I hope this answers your question to your curiosity!
    Selam Hormat,
    Guru Darren
  10. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    Hi Guru Darren, I just checked out your site. Very nice! Hey, you're out of stock on the Blowongan Tunggal Keris stands!! Let me know when you get more in, I would be interested in purchasing one. Also, as a gesture of good faith, if someone orders a Talspi, well, you should just throw in a free Keris. Y'know, as a gesture of goodwill & all. (Kidding).

    Take care,

    Bobbe Edmonds
  11. Guru Darren

    Guru Darren New Member

    Hi Bobbe,
    Thank You for checking out my site I'am glad you liked it. I will contact you when I get more keris stands in. Buy a keris stand and get a free keris. (Joke) Do you train in silat? Were are you located?
    Kind Regards,
    Guru Darren
  12. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    I am located in Renton, Washington, Just outside of Seattle. I'm one of those "School in the garage" guys. I train Serak (Victor DeThouars), Mande Muda, and various other styles of Silat, as well as Kali & Wing Chun (just about anything else I can get my hands on).

    Bobbe Edmonds
  13. Guru Darren

    Guru Darren New Member

    Sounds like you have your hands full with all those systems. If you ever make your way down to Florida let me know, we can get together and do some training. Are you a keris collector?
    Selam Hormat,
  14. Bobster

    Bobster Valued Member

    I do collect Keris, as well as eclectic weapons of most countries. I focus on Philippines & Indonesia, though, as I am most prone to train with these. I have a special room in the house that is "my" room, drives my wife crazy. Ebay & trips to Indonesia are my biggest sources! You have some good variety on your site, and prices look good. It's great to see someone else supplying this stuff!

    Bobbe Edmonds
  15. Guru Darren

    Guru Darren New Member

    Well, if you ever have a keris that you are looking for and can't find let me know I can source it out for you. Every serious silat practioner has that one Room.
    Selam Hormat,

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