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  1. Gray

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    Yo. Share all your scars with us. Tell us where they are, how severe they are and how they happened.

    I only have one scar on my entire body, running from my hairline down to my eyebrow on the right side of my forehead. It's pretty big; 45 stitches were required. I got it by smashing into a desk as a young lad, splitting my head open to the skull. It's faded somewhat since then, but still noticeable.

  2. Shrukin89

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    I'm glad that you lived from that dude. :eek:

    The scars that I have is:
    2 small ones underneath my chin, I was in grade 2 or 3 when this happened. When I speed walked to the water fountain since we weren't allowed to run in the hallways. It was bare on the floor, and there was water everywhere underneath it. Slipped and threw my head back a little and hit the lip of the spout of that metal piece. My the back of my head then hit the floor. All I could see temporarily when I was on the ground, was the top view of the water fountain, but not myself laying on the ground. Got 6 stiches in all.

    I have a noticeable one on my upper left cheek, didn't need stiches for that one because a flap of skin was attached onto it.

    It's a weird and strange story of how I got it. But anyways, this is back in I think 2001. When it was in the winter at night time. When I went through, crushing solid blocks of snow that layed on top of the soft snow. The best blocks of hard snow was along the fences, since all of the snow lies up against it from the wind currents trapping the snow along the fences. So I went away crushing all of the snow along the fence for bordom relief, and I came about to this drain overhang (that pours out water when it rains) that was 2 feet away from the fence, and it was super sharp at the very end of the drain, I actually was looking away from it, until I came up to it and turned my head. There came about to be a gash of about an inch and a bit. And a big piece of skin hanging off. I never even knew how bad it was, when I got home, cleaned it out throughly with soap and water, and Hydrogen Peroxide, and put the flap of skin back on. I'm surprised it held up from me not getting any stitches. It was bleeding pretty good.

    And another scar on my lower right bottom ear right beside the ear lobe. They cut off my hairy mole that it was on. Only a couple of stitches :p

    And that's about it.
  3. freak

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    i got stepped on with a hockey skate on my left foot and know i can't feel more than half of my foot....i have a huge scar from it, it was about 40 stitches
  4. Falcore

    Falcore almost acceptable

    I'll start from the top I think...
    Got about 4 scars in my scalp, nothing really big except for a 3 inch once horizontal accross the back of my head - you can only see them when I buzz cut my hair.
    Got scars in each eyebrow, from headclashes while playing rugby.
    My elbows are basically covered in scar tissue - mostly from falls off motorcycles.
    Big one across my wrist from putting my hand through a glass window. Somehow managed to miss all major blood vessels, but it's still really prominant now, 12 years later. Quite commonly gets people thinking that I attempted suicide.
    Got a wierd dark brown patch on my stomach, no idea where it came from. Looks like a burn, but I can't remember getting it. Got two big long tag marks from playing rugby (rucking, anyone?), one on my lower beller, the other on my back. They're bot habout 5 inches long, about 1 cm wide, and show up a pale colour.
    My right thigh has my nastiest one - fall from a motorcycle onto rough gravel. The gravel got lodged into the muscle and tissue arter the leg was torn open, so they had to slice a fair amount of flesh out (couldn't be cleaned properly), then pull it all together and sew it up. Only 10 external stiches, and 6 internal, but looks nasty, lumpy as hell. And the skin on it feels itchy in humid weather.
    Ankles are all messed up, a few surgery scars (rugby), and a big burn running down my right shin onto the foot (another motorcycle accident).
    Boys will be boys I guess
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  5. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    1. on my knee - scrapped it while running at super speed when I was a little kid
    2. on my forearm - from when I picked a fight with a car
    3. on my shoulder - happened when the doctor injected me with something when I was very young and Sick
    4. my left leg - from when I picked a fight with a car
    5. on my face - a cut..dunno how it happened
    6. on the back of my hand - i think a girl dug her nails into me
    7. on my elbow - from when I was running at super speed as a child...same time as when I got that scar on my knee
    8. on my head - from when I picked a fight with a car

    and all these scars are very visible even today
  6. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    upper lip -- wagon tipped over into a ditch when I was 2. It's only noticeable when I let my whiskers grow.

    near collarbone -- fell off a cliff when I was about 11 and rolled a very long distance through desert shrubs. Ya, thorns. That hurt.

    forearm -- 4 or 5 inches long, broke both bones playing football when I was 13.

    near wrist -- where one of the bones popped through the skin. Ya, that hurt.

    hand -- played ball with a friendly cat. He accidently tagged me. Barely noticeable now.

    hand -- wrecked my bicycle on the sidewalk and lost some skin at age 18.

    shoulder -- same accident, took most of the trauma on the shoulder. Very big scar. I'm lucky that the injury on my chin healed.

    ankle -- fell from roof height a couple years ago and broke it.
  7. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    Here we go lol,

    I've got a rather large one on my chest where I've had heart surgery, goes from my chestbone to just to the bottom of my ribs, I also have a couple where the drains where for my lungs.
    One one my belly button for small surgery for a internal problem
    I have one all across my bikini line as I had major surgery through having an ovarian cyst (it burst).
    Have two scars on my kness as I had to have them done, I will need knee replacements but I can't until I'm old and grey (quite a few years to wait, at least lol. might get healed before that though lol.
    One on my foot as I was pushed into a metal box by a relative.
    cig burn due to someone putting a lighted cig on my right hand when I was a child.

    Some people have weird questions lol.
    lisa xx :D
  8. LUM

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    *Grabs Chest* Broken Heart
  9. Davey Bones

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    let's see:

    Right lower jaw: fell off a rocking horse when I was like 3
    right index finger: from slicing an onion
    right groin area: hernia reconstruction
    couple of burns floating around my body
    left shoulder: scar from a badly done shot from basic training
    right shoulder: three brand new scars from my distal clavicle resection from last week (they cut 5 mm off my collarbone)

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