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  1. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    Does anyone know where I can buy a sarong from (for training purposes)?

    Also, are they all the same size?
  2. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

  3. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    Thanks for that. I think the majority of ppl train in the "Kersen Mens Sarong" I might get one of them!

    God, I sound like a woman, but I don't know the first thing about them, and don't want to buy a ladies sarong!
  4. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    My sarong arrived through the post this morning and looks extremely long!

    I always thought Indonesian sarongs were short in length ie. only down to knees. This one I've got must be almost a metre in length!

    I want a mini-skirt, not a long dress!! :D
  5. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    LOL. Fold it in half :) All the sarongs I've ever seen are long. They're folded to train in.

  6. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    Thanks for your help!
  7. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    :) Not a problem. I love sarongs ... specifically, I love flexible weapon training - which I learned with a sarong.

  8. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    I've heard from other people I train at in my school that Cass Magda is quite proficient in the use of a sarong as a weapon. I would love to learn that someday, but I'm keeping myself busy learning sticks, knives and Silat! I'm trying to get my head around the tiga, and all the traingles at the moment!

    I've also heard that are many different ways to tie your sarong. I've seen it worn two different ways at my school. I'll have to learn them and make a website about it!
  9. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    I've not seen Cass's sarong work, but I would guess that he probably does have good stuff in that area. He would have gotten a lot of it from Pak Herman Suwanda of Mande Muda, too.

    Within Mande Muda, it's drawn from the Cipecut system.

  10. taliosarah

    taliosarah Valued Member

    Hello SteveJKDUK!
    I see Guru Mike has been of much help to you.
    Thanks for sharing that link Guru Mike. Only recently I realized there were many ways to get a sarung. {I'm so use to just getting one from our instructor(s)}
    Sarungs in general come in different sizes. We now offer sarungs via our site & the size we offer is rather large & designed to be used with the techniques taught by Tuhon Roberto Torres in the Talio Silat Sarung course. We already have our first generation of Talio Silat Sarung Instructors including myself. In the course, we learned lots, from some history to teaching others, being that this was an instructor's course.
    My understanding on how you can tell the difference between a men's sarung & a women's is... women's sarungs seems to usually have a broad pattern & patterns with flowers & such... men's sarungs tend to have patterns closer together like the stripes or checkers. Usually however if you are getting sarungs for training purpose most of the sarungs available will be sarungs for men.
    haha... Almost all the sarungs are very big, the difference in the style of wear is how one folds them. For training it is folded in half as Guru Mike suggested you do.
    Yes I too am enjoying my flexible weapon training between the whip & the sarung. :D
    Ah yes the langkahs will keep you busy & triangles too... especially in our style (it gets deep with the triangle concept).
    Yes there are several different ways to wear the sarung & it seems a particular way of wearing is common to a particular area. Women love the different ways to wear a sarung as an accessory.
    So Steve, how are you enjoying your silat & sarung training? Who is your teacher?
  11. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Re: Re: Sarongs

    Having recently seen (in person) some of the tube sarongs available from Red Treasure Box, I'll give an update. They will work for training. But they're not as long (i.e.: the tube's circumference is not as large) as what I've previously seen (all the sarongs I've used thus far in my training were gotten from Pak Herman Suwanda)

    I'll be checking out the selection on Tuhon Roberto's site (thanks for the heads up, Sarah) - question: are they all tube style, or do they require sewing?

    Another place to order them (and I've seen them in person) is - they've also got a nice selection of southeast Asian blades.

  12. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    Hi Sarah! Welcome to the forum! I've worn my sarong a few times now, and I have to say I really like it! Our school sells sarongs too, but was out of stock when I asked about them. Sarongs aren't the easiest things to find in the UK! Finding a good martial arts school is bad enough! :D

    Going back to the sarong, I did purchase mine from Red Treasure Box, and I have to say the circumference does seem slightly smaller than my other training partner's sarongs. The only reason I noticed this was because the folded "flap" at the front of my sarong seems thinner for other peoples! Mind you, I'm still trying to get used to putting on a sarong properly! However, I like the look and colour of mine (purple and green)! A few people have asked where I bought my Sarong from, and I have passed on the URL to them! Thanks Pesilat!

    I know there are other ways of wearing a sarong, but I haven't learnt them yet. I'll ask my teacher when I see him next. Sometimes, I see people wear their sarongs similar to a belt (so they can tuck their knife in!). I believe this is a Malaysian way of wearing it, but I could be wrong. I've also heard that the length of your sarong differs depending on style and geographic location.

    Sarah, the school I train at teaches JKD, Kali-Escrima and Silat, and is affilated with the Magda Institute in the US. I believe the website is at The majority of people at my school tend to train in JKD, but there are classes in Kali and Silat. The Silat I train in is called "Buka Jalan." I'm not sure what the influences are behind Buka Jalan though.

    Personally, I'm enjoying my Silat more than anything else. It's just so difficult to get information on it! :confused: I too am glad there is a Silat forum for me to learn from!

  13. taliosarah

    taliosarah Valued Member

    Guru Mike... yes we only offer the tube style being that's the style needed for training. :)

    Thanks SteveJKDUK for the warm welcome! :)

    When I looked at the sarungs from Red Treasure Box I did see that the measurements of their sarungs are smaller than ours. It seemed they sold only one size.

    Yes the sarungs have many uses including concealing weapons/items as you mention SteveJKDUK.

    I believe I seen that site before... what does Buka Jalan mean? What other information are you looking for about silat?
  14. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    I believe Buka Jalan means something like, "Opening the way." I also think the system itself is based on Guro Cass Magda's experiences in Silat, and draws its concepts from Bukti Negara, Cimande, Serak etc. I'm sure there are a lot of similarities between the different styles, but I don't really know enough about the systems to comment on that!

    Sarah, it must be great having Silat as part of your family! At what age did you start learning? Did you find the concepts difficult to grasp to start off with?
  15. taliosarah

    taliosarah Valued Member

    Yes it is great to have silat as part of my family! Silat has been part of my family since about, when I was 11 years old.
    Yes I do find some of it takes more time to grasp, like the foot patterns (langkahs) & the triangle concept my father teaches us.
  16. butterfly_knf

    butterfly_knf New Member

    :love: WOw- I'm impressed that many people actually like sarongs!(my fave-- my grandfather always wears it...and he often fell asleep with it also--)

    I never thought Western Silat practitioners like it?!?!
    Oh yes- they put a certain cozzy breeze through the waist, yep that must be the reason why everyone loves it.

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