Reasons why the Karate Kid remake will SUCK!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Van Zandt, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Eclectic_Fist

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    This. lol
  2. Theforgotten

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    So true, you make many good points that I am in total agreement with. I believe that some movies just shouldn't be remade. I think that the sequels to Karate Kid progressively got worse once the appeal of the initial gimmick wore off. To be fair, I don't think that the movie itself is going to be bad in its own right, I just think that taking the name "The Karate Kid" and linking it to the old movie is a major disservice to the old movie in that there is no Karate or Karatedo in this modern one whatsoever. I think that it is actually a disservice to the modern movie because people like me will judge it according to the old movie and not on its own merits, given that it is a remake and it uses the same exact title. The best thing to do would've been to give it a new and original title and just say that it was made in the spirit of the old movie.
  3. Theforgotten

    Theforgotten Drifting Aimlessly

    Also, calling it "The Karate Kid" when there is no Karate in it should do wonders to clear up the general public's misconceptions about the martial arts. How many people are going to sign up for Karate, thinking that what they are going to be getting is Kung Fu/Wushu? As a playful aside, nobody does Kung Fu and Hip Hop better than the RZA and Wu-Tang Clan. Yes, I'm old school :bow1:.
  4. Muawijhe

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    Oh for sure. I think the majority consensus is that they should not have called it Karate Kid. This film looks to be more along the lines of an "adaptation" than a "remake", and should be treated properly (usually done by giving it a new title, like with Hitchcock's Rear Window and its modern adaptation, Disturbia).

    But more importantly, it's a bold faced lie that insults us. I see a movie named Shoot 'Em Up, I'd best see guns a blazin'! If I go to see Sex and the City, and there are no cities having sex, I'm going to feel like my money was stolen from me. And Ninja Assassin pretty much summed up the cringe-fest that it was (must have been Koga Ryu "ninjitsu", hur hur hur). So why would it be any different with a movie titled Karate Kid? We have the kid, now where's the karate?

    Seems the only thing that is similar in these two is the title, and perhaps some scenes taken as parody (as seen in the trailer with Jackie Chan trying to catch the fly with chopsticks and resorting to a flyswatter). The whole lost-boy-finds-old-teacher schlock isn't unique to the franchise.

    And to be honest, it doesn't really matter that the producers are just out to make a quick buck. Who isn't, especially in cinema? And it's not a problem that Will Smith wants to make his kid a movie hero, that's got to be cool as a movie dad. And personal opinions aside, it's not intrinsically bad they're remaking the film. The only reason we all groan when we hear of a remake now (instead of rejoicing about remakes before they became the "in-thing") is because of all the crappy ones that have ruined the "remake genre".

    So, if none of the above are in of themselves bad really boils down to the start of my post. The fact that they are lying to us with the title, and insulting our intelligence (and not just those of a learned martial arts nature, but any consumer).

    That must be why, despite willing to give this movie a decent chance, I'm still frustrated and ranting on this forum about it. :bang:
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  5. Topher

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    Exactly. It's great if someone remakes a bad film and improves on it, or if they are inspired by a old film but do something different and interesting with it, but to just remake a film that doesn't need remaking, and worse, to live off it's name, is annoying.
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    I watched Karate Kid II last night on DVD. I wonder, have they have already started drafting the script for the next "Karate Kid II" ?
  7. Van Zandt

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    This remake shouldn't be called "Karate Kid" or "Kung Fu Kid." It should be called "Fed By a Silver Spoon Kid" because Jaden didn't even have to audition for the role :bang:
  8. oldyonkyu

    oldyonkyu Valued Member

    .....or "My Daddy bought me a Movie and the Starring Role Kid".
  9. Van Zandt

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    I can foresee Jaden Smith's next roles:

    Hancock 2
    I, Robot 2
    Independence Day 2
    Men in Black 3
    I Am Legend 2
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Who's Your Daddy?

    At least, that's how it'll go if Will Smith has anything to do with it.
  10. Muawijhe

    Muawijhe Dreams of Madness


    So true.

    And what's sad is they've actually begun dealings for Men in Black 3...
  11. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Groan :bang:
  12. Taiji_Lou

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    Did you read that in the tabloids.......?
  13. Topher

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    These two are actually being made.
  14. Van Zandt

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    Shoot me.
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    but who will take care of yah-yah and rodney, then?

    you can't just leave them at moi and mitch's mercy!
  16. Topher

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    Is this an pledge to adopt I hear?!
  17. Fish Of Doom

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    nah, brangelina would beat me to it
  18. Van Zandt

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    I haven't seen the Vincent Price version. Omega Man was fantastic, in a horrible, cheesy way. I enjoyed the Will Smith version, though they changed the fundamental meaning of the title, "I Am Legend." And there's a Mark Dacascos version as well, combining the original title with Charleton Heston's version: "I Am Omega."

    I'd love to see a perfectly faithful version of the original novel. But, at this point, I'm not sure there's much point. With at least four direct adaptations on the books, plus the more general fact that Matheson basically kicked off the "survival horror" subgenre with that book (which pervades most zombie movies, just for starters), the ground's pretty well trodden at this point.


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