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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by brahman, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. brahman

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    say your a firl and some guy is trying to rape you. you are iin no position to run and you know it will take a moment or so for someone to get to you if you start crazy screaming. now lets say he grapples you to the ground.

    would going into the guard and learning how to move your hips well be a good idea?

    i figure if you were still wearing clothes he would have a hard time getting them off . plus if you knew how to to do arm bar and stuff you might pull something off.

    hears another one,

    what about letting him get close and biting him? maybe not hard enough to draw blood, but if i got bit will trying to have sex that would seriously certain parts of my body go limp.
  2. slipthejab

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    brahman... where do you get this stuff?!?!

    if you're a girl and you get 'grappled' to the ground... then any sort of grappling is going to be more helpful than not knowing any. Will it save your little cookie from getting crumbled? Who knows... there are far too many variables to give an accurate answer... either way... but you sure as hell want to add as many things as you can that will stack the odds in your favor.

    You lost me on the biting part. First a bite isn't a fightstopper nor is it a rape stopper unless it's timed just right... err... you know what I mean.

    It's spelled girl not... firl.:D
  3. Hiroji

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    Hair pulling is a fight stopper. Especially in the genital region!!! :eek: :D
  4. ap Oweyn

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    I'm with slipthejab. Any ability you have to control the situation and your own positioning is going to be valuable in that situation. And that's what groundfighting is largely about. So yeah, to my mind, it's a no brainer.
  5. KickChick

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    I've moved your thread over to this forum ....

    slip is correct.... too many variable to consider, but yes moving your hips definitely does help when trying to escape a mount ;)

    In women's self defense I learned at least 4 basic mount escapes.

    As far as "screaming" you don't scream necessarily for someone to hear you. I believe we've been through that on several other threads here.

    And as far as biting??? I'm with slip on this also ;)

    Unless you have trained in Kino Mutai or at least know the proper angles and motion to target the body’s soft spot I wouldn't attempt biting as it will only make the attacker jerk away and come back at you more vigilantly ;)
  6. kmguy8

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  7. Ren-shi-shin

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    Why does it have to be a girl? what if YOU were getting raped, would your grappling skills help you get Bubba off your back?
  8. slipthejab

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    Most male on male rape takes place in the prison system. So what you need to sort out is where you fit in the hierarchy and keep your game cool before you end up in a place where you find yourself the fish. If you end up in the position to be hooked up then you're already too late. :D
  9. Angelus

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    In the street there are no rules.. especially in a situation like this. Bite, screech, scream, flail your arms and legs...do anything to get the guy of ..jab his eyes crush his balls ...just get out. knowing any fighting style can certainly be helpful.
  10. brahman

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    well i thought it would be usefull to bite an attacker on the side of the neck, that is if they get close enough, neck wise.
  11. migo

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    That's a nice find, thanks for sharing. Something useful for a friend of mine who has been informed that jabbing with a cell phone or dislocating the kneecap are viable strategies (the latter presumably would be, but she didn't have a clue how to do it).
  12. AciDRaiN

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    I taught rape prevention when I ran a MA school awhile back and have some experience in this field.

    First off, try to keep calm, don't panic, you panic and you'll lose any control of the situation that you might have.

    Yes, knowing how to move on the ground helps but not much. You have to remember, this man is probabley bigger than you, stronger than you and already has it in his head that hes going to rape you. If he surprises you and takes you to the ground before you have time to do anything don't fight him yet. He expects that. If you fight he might take any chance of getting out of the situation out of your hands by just hitting you and knocking you out.

    He has to take off his pants or atleast unzip them, and then he has to remove any clothes that are in his way from you. Wait for the right moment to strike, you don't want to just tickle him with a love tap, when his face is level with yours stick two fingers in his eye HARD, and when I say stick them in his eye I mean just that, don't poke, I mean up to your first knuckle in his eye and curl your fingers into a hook, you can hook the side of the eye socket and pull him off of you, this is where knowledge of ground fighting comes in handy since you'll know how to shift weight and get the guy off of you. I guarantee you that all thoughts of rape are out of his head now and he's only worried about that horrible pain in his eye. Losing a eye in such a violent manner takes the fight out of people, I know, I've done it before.

    You have to remember he doesn't care if your in pain, he doesn't care if your scared and he doesn't care if he has to hurt you to get what he wants. If you move your hips around in a futile attempt to make him try harder to get your pants off he'll just club you on the head and make it easier on himself.

    As soon as he's off of you, run to the nearest public place you can find and call the cops. Chances are he'll be caught when he goes to the hospital for a massive eye injury.

    To prevent something like this entirely the most important thing is to not put yourself in bad situations. Something my girlfriend does not seem to understand. A lot of girls these days are very ignorant and think "he's my friend he'll never do that", bad news, thats crap. Most women who get raped are raped by men they know. Going to parties is all good and fun but make sure you have someone there you trust and do not let yourself drink to heavily and do not accept drinks from people you do not trust, I recommend getting them yourself. The scenarios will never be the same but I highly suggest you enroll in a agressive self defense style that teaches very brutal ways of getting someone away from you or off you incase they take you to the ground.

  13. Oversoul

    Oversoul Valued Member

    And if he elects to subdue you fully before removing any clothing?
  14. Kagome

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    I completely agree with slipthejab.... bitting someone is in no way a method to defend yourself... and also if yu eer find yourself in that situation im pretty sure thats not going to be the first thing thats going to pop into your mind...

    I pretty sure that even if you did bite him hed get pretty mad and hurt you more, wich in the end is also something your trying to prevent something from getting worst then it aready is

    ...its just a tought...
  15. brahman

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    i think im about o get yelled at for what i am about to say but.............

    Your not wrong....
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  16. Leo_E_49

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    You've got a better chance of being able to fight someone bigger than you on the ground if you know groundfighting.

    I'm pretty sure that him having positional dominance over you is more dangerous than him hitting you. If you get positional dominance quickly, there should be no way he can hurt you by hitting you anyway.

    A viable technique, I suppose, as long as he hasn't tied up your arms. You said he was stronger right?

    A ground fighter doesn't just "move their hips". They learn a number of very effective transitions between set positions on the ground. Doing things like escaping mount and passing guard are preliminary learning in most groundfighting MA.

    Have you trained in an groundfighting MA yourself?
  17. oldshadow

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    I would like to add a couple of things to this thread. First I have taught/written women’s self-defense and rape prevention courses quite a few times in the last 25 or more years that I been teaching.

    1- In most case if a weapon is not used to intimidate the woman into compliance then the initial attack will be intended to. That is they will not most likely just try to get her cloths off by holding her down. They will most likely attack with violence to get the point across that it would be better to cooperate and prevent more damage. To this end a very hard punch or two or more to the face or something like this will most likely be the first thing the women will have to deal with. This will come fast and the attacker will try to have the element of surprise. You must train them/yourself to survive and deal with this.

    2-Good groundwork is important. The chances are very good the woman is going to end up on the ground.

    3-Biting is a part of the defense plan but is not a plan in it’s self. It can be used effectible but is hard to use if you do not have 100% commitment to it the same as a eye gouge. The most likely target will be somewhere on the attackers face. To have the effect needed you will need cause some major damage and you will need to be taught how to do this. I taught how to bite/tear off the upper lip, the tongue, the nose and the ear. All of these if done right will distract the attacker and give you a chance to make a more effective counter attack. I can go over how this can be practiced if people are interested.

    I don’t want this to get too long so I will end this for now. I will answer any question I can on this subject. I must state this here and now. You cannot learn any of this by a book or here. You must have good instruction and practice, practice and more practice.
  18. Shrukin89

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    You can always use your personal items, car keys, metal nail files would work pretty good, but I doubt that you would have the time to search your purse for it.

    Other places where you can stick your fingers in:
    and Eyes

    Other options without the use of hands:
    Spit in eyes as a distraction, then quickly excecute a kick, anywhere from the stomach to his shins.

    Reason why is that he'll use either 2 of his arms to wipe off the spit from his eyes. Which would protect his upper body but will leave him unaware and open on the bottom half.

    If the man is wearing an earring on either ear or both ears, I know this may be sick but, rip it off. When it comes to a serious situation do what it is best to escape.

    If a guy is coming and hugs you from behind. Kick backwards on the shin rather than stomping on his toes, he may wear steel toe boots. If you want to stomp right on the foot aim for all other parts but the toes, if he is not wearing steel toe boots. http://education.yahoo.com/reference/gray/illustrations/figure?id=268

    Then headbutt right to the nose, afterwards or you could put that combination the other way.

    You are right on that part and as a side note:

    Negative Side-

    Biting may or may not be effective, because, you may get whacked in the face from the reflex of him pulling back, his hand.

    You may lose some teeth after when trying to bite him.

    Postive Side-

    If he has hair, pull it back so his neck goes back. For an added effective attack. Bite on his neck. The neck is sooooooooo vital. Just don't suck his blood no you aren't a vampire.

    Here's a link on how dangerous human bites actually are :eek:


    But not to forget even if you are getting raped and you want to escape won't the guy get mad anyway, because he wants to have is own way with you.

    There are actually more postive outcomes than negative outcomes in biting.

    In the animal kingdom we were mean't to have teeth to eat, chew, grind, as well to protect ourselves

    I'm guessing the amount of pressure that a human can deliver in a bite would be at least 400 PSI. You would be able to bite through thick skin. Just the way the teeth are shaped, that tells the amount of pressure.

    They compared Bruce Lee's kick that it would be like getting hit by a car going at 30km/h or 40km/h. I'm guessing that would have a instant penetration of like 3 or 4 tons of pressure. So 6000-8000 PSI.

    He kicked his 300 pound punching bag and touched the ceiling of where it was hanging.

    The amount of pressure for a 150 pound person running (sprinting) was calculated at a 1000-1500 PSI range.

    But anyways the amount of pressure delievered using your teeth on a person can be a great advantage to use in a rape situation as well as the others above.

    And great suggestions people :p
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  19. redsandpalm

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    I can't remember the source, maybe Matt Bernius could help out here, but I read somewhere that most women who put up a violent and spirited defense escape these kinds of attacks. Not sure how the numbers are compiled on that but I think it's fair enough.

    Guys are more scared of girls that go pyscho than we like to let on.

    Also remember;
    It's easier to run with your skirt up than your trousers down! :D
  20. imperial_guardz

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    That looks like a great vid...wow...

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