R.I.P. Neil Peart - A true legend

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    With a heavy heart I heard that RUSH drummer/Lyricist Neil Peart passed away today. Everyone has that one band/artist that you latched onto at a young age and never let go of...for me it was Rush. 7 live concerts, every studio release on cd, an entire summer spent listening to Moving Pictures every day multiple times, the soundtrack of some of the best times of my life. Not only was Neil the greatest drummer ever, but he wrote lyrics that were deep and meaningful. Rest in peace to a true legend and many thanks for the joy and happiness you brought to me, my closest friends and millions of others.
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  2. aaradia

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    Crushing news to me.:(

    I played drums when I was younger. Neil was an amazing drummer. One of the best of all time. (And I just read in an article he was influenced by another one of my favorite drummers, Keith Moon.)

    Not only that he was an amazing writer. RUSH has always had some of the most amazing intelligent lyrics. I think his lyric writing is overshadowed by his drum skills, but I hope history remembers his skill with the pen as well.

    I saw them as my very second concert ever. They were phenomenal. I can truly say his solo was one of the best of the many concerts by varying artists I went to in my youth.

    Add to that that it makes me particularly sad that he died of brain cancer. This is what took my mother many decades ago. It isn't a good way to go............... I will leave it at that.

    Seriously bummed at this news.

    This is my favorite RUSH song.

    Here is a clip showing off his amazing talent and hard work.
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  3. Xue Sheng

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    Rush was my favorite group, saw them many times in concert. Most impressive drum solos I have ever seen were done by Neil Pert

    R.I.P. Neil Pert
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  4. wcrane

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    Currently listening to Vapor Trails. I suppose I was drawn to this CD today because the VP tour was the last time I saw the boys live. I also believe this was the first CD released after a hiatus, and rumours of the end of the band, due to Neil losing both his wife and daughter in a short span of time. Neil was a rare individual, almost seemed like he operated at a higher level than most of us. A true Grandmaster of the drums and master of life.
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    Yeah...I've been listening to Rush for days, in mourning. Ginger Baker and Peart gone within months of each other. So much energy and passion, it'll be a long time I think, before we see an equal to either men rise... But I have my hopes up. Music never dies.
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  6. Mitch

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    An incredible drummer, lyricist and a very interesting man.

    I think it's telling that, whilst many rock bands are riven by feuds between ego driven monsters, Rush remained friends. Geddy was asked if he still saw the others after Rush finished. He said that of course they did, he and Alex had recently gone to stay with Neil for 3 days to just hang out. Not bad after 40 years working together.

    Red Barchetta remains one of my favourite songs of all time. Thank you Neil.
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  7. Mitch

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    This is a great article about them, around the Farewell to Kings album. Well worth a read.

    One thing they always did was to push themselves in terms of their skill. They were always seeking to expand their a abilities.

    As an illustration, a friend of mine had his 50th birthday celebration last year. As part of it he booked a live band of no mean repute, who asked what he wanted them to play. With months to go before the date he asked for Rush.

    6 weeks later they got back to him and apologised, because all the songs we'd asked for were too difficult for them to do.

    The real story behind how Rush made A Farewell To Kings | Louder
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