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Discussion in 'Mental Health and Addiction' started by ClaytonPag, May 31, 2017.

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    May someone assist me to with a very little question.
    Half a year before, I got identified as having the candida
    I want to test a few diet against Candida.
    In the Internet, a lot of information for this situation.
    However , experiences often diverge. And I could not find the right decision for me.
    Possibly the forum members may propose an established diet or perhaps a lot of tested recipes against candida?
    I'll be very thanks for every help

    Many thanks!
  2. SpikeD

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    I have spent a lot of time on this and also found conflicting info from different websites but i can tell you what worked for me.
    General rule of thumb, and helped me a lot, is to remove all refined sugars from your diet.
    This means removing 90% of ready/packaged/tinned foods from your diet. On top of that remove as much starchy foods, grains etc. as feasible from your diet. I ultimately had a boring bland diet for over a year ( except for when i fell off the wagon several times).
    One food i would highly recommend is cauliflower rice. Truly awesome with almost no cauliflower flavour if made with ginger and garlic.

    http://candidaspecialists.com/restore-nutrients-cauliflower-rice/ I altered this recipe to suit myself. I used sea salt opposed to himalayan pink salt as it is just a ridiculously overpriced variation on sodium. I omitted Nori sheets because eewwww and i refuse to pay for amino's as yet again overpriced and over hyped. Also KTC make a coconut oil that is dirt cheap compared to the "fancy" organic brands and is no different.

    Bottom line, no sugars, High fructose fruits, starch or packaged foods. Lots of leafy greens, meat, apple cider vinegar (not malt etc) and water.
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    seems like serious pseudo-science.

    question for the op, have you consulted an m.d.?
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    There are a lot of modern pseudo science sites covering a lot of real life situations. That doesn't mean that the situation is made up just that people like jumping on bandwagons particularly if there is money to be made.

    I presume the op wasn't referring to a skin ailment but a gut issue. Research into the gut biome is still in its infancy and as such makes any information difficult to assess, even more so when the sources talk of rubbish such as "blah blah amino's" and "super virgin oils grown in a loving environment" etc. However, an overgrowth of candida in the gut does have some basic symptoms that can be tested through a trial and error approach and means you don't have to pay anyone any money for a Anti-Candida recipe book or some magic herb that will cure you.

    It has taken me two years thus far of often crippling stomach issues that the doctors and hospital are either unable or unwilling to help, to gain some level of comfort and normality. My own trial and error approach was the key to reducing my symptoms.

    Whilst i whole-heartedly understand and agree with pseudo-science bashing, I am a passionate advocate of it, there is a nugget of truth to some of the claims whilst many of the wilder claims (regarding asthma, skin, blood and behavioural conditions) are unproven at present, the limited research that has been done in this area does show potential.

    Edit: Oh and that link is absolute bullturd just pimping their wares.

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